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Yu Mo calmly looked at Chi Fang beside him.

Since they were in the mall just now, Chi Fang had been unwilling to stay longer. He was absent-minded when they left the mall. He always hesitated and looked at Yu Mo from time to time, as if he had something to say to Yu Mo, but he didn’t know how to say it. He almost even hit a telephone pole one time.

Yu Mo knew what Chi Fang wanted to know, but it was not the time to say it yet.

As the Spring Festival approached, private fireworks were not allowed in the city, so a light show was held near the market square.

There were a lot of people who had come to see, and Chi Fang had been following Yu Mo all the time and would be squeezed away if he didn’t pay attention. It snowed again a few days ago, and he could not feel his shoes as soon as he stepped on it. Chi Fang was anxious, slipped and almost fell on the ground.

Yu Mo stretched out his hand to hold the person, before he could say anything, Chi Fang jumped aside, “I, I, I, I, I’m fine!”

He looked like a bunny with exploded fur.

Yu Mo calmly retracted his hand and nodded.

A large area in front of the market square was enclosed. Chi Fang and Yu Mo couldn’t move forward when they reached the bridge. They could only stand by the bridge. The water surface under the bridge had frozen into ice, and the ice surface was exposed in some places, reflecting the light on the it, and it looked like a light was lit under the ice surface.

Chi Fang was standing by the bridge, looking forward curiously, half of his body was already sticking out unknowingly.

It was no small matter to fall down.

Yu Mo frowned, took a step forward, reached out and pulled Chi Fang back, “Dangerous.”

Chi Fang’s ears were red, and the place he touched by Yu Mo seemed to be on fire. He tried to shrink back, but all around him he was surrounded by people, Chi Fang had nowhere to hide, so he could only retract back silently and stand motionless by the bridge.

Yu Mo stared at Chi Fang for a long while before he retracted his gaze.

At eight o’clock, the fireworks started on time.

The square suddenly lit up, and colorful fireworks rushed into the sky. After reaching a height, they burst and bloomed into flowers in the night sky. Chi Fang raised his head and stared at the fireworks. When he was a child, he used to set off fireworks, but when he grew up, there were very few of such instances.

Chi Fang looked up at the fireworks, his eyes gleaming slightly, it was clearly night, but Yu Mo could clearly see every detail on Chi Fang’s face. The moment the fireworks exploded; the light reflecting in Chi Fang’s eyes trembled slightly. The eyelashes were frozen and on the tip of the reddish nose, a piece of snow fell gently, and some fell on his cheeks, and then melted.

Yu Mo didn’t even look at the gorgeous fireworks in the sky, as his eyes were filled with Chi Fang.

“It’s so beautiful…” Chi Fang couldn’t help saying.

Yu Mo paused and replied, “Yes, it’s beautiful.”

After the fireworks show, Chi Fang began to hide from Yu Mo. It happened to be winter vacation, so he flew out with Pang Zifei to play, or accompanied his second brother to see friends. Anyway, he just didn’t have time to go to the next door to see Yu Mo.

Yu Mo knew this clearly, so every day he went fishing alone with a fishing bait and fishing rod. The lake was frozen, and only the old man whom Yu Mo had seen before would go. Seeing that Yu Mo was interested in fishing, he took the initiative to teach him how to do it.

Yu Mo’s patience was very good, and he didn’t have the impulsiveness that young people had. The old man had only taught him a few times, and Yu Mo was already able to catch fish by himself. It was just that every time he caught a fish, it would eventually be put back in the lake.

The old man didn’t understand, and asked Yu Mo curiously.

Yu Mo just shook his head and said, “This is not the fish I want to catch.” It was just that the one he wanted to catch recently hid rom him, so he could only be patient and wait.

On the New Year’s Day, Chi Fang’s family gathered together. Chi Zheng and Chi Yan couldn’t cook. They were thrown outside to paste couplets. Chi Fang and Mother Chi were busy working in the kitchen. Father Chi tried to help but was finally caught by Chi Fang. The two mother and son firmly pushed him out.

It was messy enough at first, but Father Chi helped to add chaos.

When the couplets were pasted, Mother Chi and Chi Fang had everything ready. Chi Fang was holding a big bowl with dumpling fillings, and he called the other three men over to make dumplings.

Chi Yan’s face turned dark when he heard that, let alone making dumplings, he couldn’t even boil water.

“Can’t you buy quick-frozen ones?” Chi Zheng asked helplessly, picking up a dumpling wrapper.

Chi Fang shook his head earnestly, “No, quick-frozen dumplings are not as delicious as making your own wrappers.”

The younger brother said so, so Chi Zheng gritted his teeth, and began to try to fill the dumplings with the dough in his hand and wrap them up. Mother Chi looked at the clumsiness of the several men, and sighed, but she didn’t stop her little son from doing tricks.

Several people were battered by making dumplings. Father Chi was okay. He also made dumplings when he was young. But Chi Zheng and Chi Yan didn’t know whether they were making dumplings or buns. Some looked like one. Some looked like the other and some looked like gnocchis.

After Mother Chi finished rolling out the dumpling wrappers, the men were sent to the kitchen to boil water.

Mother Chi looked at the smile in Chi Fang’s eyes and shook her head, but Chi Fang was also a little unhappy at home recently. She didn’t ask him about it. But Mother Chi also thought it was pretty good like this.

They got the dumplings out of the pot and fried the hot dishes. The family sat down around the dining table.

The dumplings served had obvious differences. Mother Chi’s were upright and round, and Chi Fang’s were delicate and lovely. As for the other three people… they were all hideous. Father Chi opened a bottle of wine and drank with the two eldest sons. As for Chi Fang, because of the last time he drank, his mother temporarily banned him from drinking.

After eating, it was already nine o’clock in the evening. Chi Fang helped clear the table and glanced at the cell phone that didn’t move.

The invitations that Yu Mo sent to him in the past few days was rejected by him with various excuses. He didn’t know what Yu Mo thought, but he hadn’t sent a message to him for three days.

Chi Fang held the phone and sighed deeply.

He actually didn’t know why he avoided Yu Mo. From the night of the fireworks show, he was inexplicably afraid to see Yu Mo. Chi Fang subconsciously touched the roots of his ears, always feeling that he could still remember the feeling when the heat of Yu Mo’s breathing touched his earlobes, his face couldn’t stop getting hot…

“Brother, who do you miss? You blushed.” When Chi Zheng saw Chi Fang alone in a corner in a daze, he slipped over to take a look. Chi Fang didn’t know what he had thought of, and he made a blushing face. He didn’t know how many cups he had drunk.

Chi Fang put away the phone fiercely, and subconsciously retorted, “Nothing.”

A hint of surprise flashed in Chi Zheng’s eyes, “Eh, there is a real situation? Who is it? Is she beautiful? Is she cute? Isn’t she super cute? The cute one?”

Chi Fang was dizzy by Chi Zheng’s series of questions, and pushed the person back into the sofa, “Nothing! Don’t ask!”

Finally, he drove Chi Zheng away. Chi Fang didn’t have the heart to think about the questions. He hesitantly turned on his cell phone, stared at Yu Mo’s chat interface for a long time, and then tapped a few words lightly.

Chi Fang: Happy New Year.

Yu Mo: Happy New Year.

Chi Fang looked a little surprised at the two lines of characters that jumped out at the same time, Yu Mo also showed to be typing, but he didn’t send a word for a while. Chi Fang sighed deeply and took the initiative to send a sentence.

Chi Fang: Have you eaten yet?

Yu Mo deleted the line that he had just typed: Eaten.

Chi Fang: What did you eat?

Yu Mo: Dumplings.

Chi Fang couldn’t help but smile, reading Yu Mo’s reply. He sat down in the corner of the sofa, watching the party with Mother Chi and the others while sending messages to Yu Mo.

Chi Zheng turned his head, saw the smile on Chi Fang’s face, raised his eyebrows. Chi Xiaofang definitely has someone, but he didn’t tell his second brother yet.

Yu Mo and Chi Fang talked until night, and neither of them talked about the previous few days, as if they had acquiesced about something.

After a few days of the New Year, Chi Fang was very busy. There were many relatives in the Chi family. Although they didn’t usually communicate very much, they still had to visit relatives during the New Year after all.

On the contrary, it was Yu Mo. Because of the previous incident, Mother Yu had been harassing Yu Mo, and she was really annoyed. Coupled with the fact that Grandfather Yu had just passed away, a few people in Yu’s family felt a little restless. Mother Yu discussed with Father Yu and the family spent the New Year at home, and after the New Year, they only went to a few relatives’ homes to visit.

The school started on February 20th. Not long before school started, Yu Mo asked Chi Fang to go out together to buy the study equipment.

This time Chi Fang did not refuse.

In the morning, Chi Zheng saw that Chi Fang was about to go out. He was a little surprised, “Someone asked you to go out to play?”

Chi Fang didn’t notice his expression. He bent over to find the shoes in the shoe cabinet, nodded, “Going out with Yu Mo. Going to buy notebooks and tutorial books.”

Chi Zheng frowned, with some doubts in his heart. Just asking someone to buy a notebook, then why go out on this day…

“I’m going out.” Chi Fang got dressed, talked to Chi Zheng and left.

Chi Fang really didn’t realize what day it was. When he was walking down the street and found that there were couples everywhere, he realized that today was February 14th, the western Valentine’s Day.

The streets were full of lovers, and two boys like Chi Fang and Yu Mo were rarely seen out. Chi Fang glanced at Yu Mo quietly. Could it be that Yu Mo deliberately chose today?

Just looking at Yu Mo’s appearance, it seemed that he hadn’t noticed any abnormalities around him.

It should be my own illusion, right?

Chi Fang thought and followed Yu Mo into the bookstore. Chi Fang had now read most of the junior high school courses, but there were still some more difficult knowledge points, and Chi Fang was still not sure about them.

Yu Mo chose two tutoring books for him from junior high school and bought several teaching assistants for the first year of high school. After a delay in selecting books, Chi Fang carried a pile of books out of the door of the bookstore. It was already one o’clock in the afternoon. Yu Mo glanced at the time and asked, “Should we go to eat?”

It seemed…there was no problem?

Chi Fang hesitated and nodded.

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