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The boss ran away, and the rest of the younger brothers also dispersed. All the students around were blank, wondering why Wang Pengyu suddenly ran away. Chi Fang didn’t stop him from leaving. Instead, he turned his head and said to Pang Zifei: “Help me ask the teacher for a leave, and I will go out with Yu Mo. “

“Ah? Oh, good.” Pang Zifei answered blankly.

Except for Yu Mo’s hits to Wang Pengyu, he stood quietly beside him in the corridor all the time. The whole person drifted away from the crowd but looked colder than ever.

Chi Fang took him out of the teaching building. There was no one on the playground, and there was snow on the ground.

“So, what’s the matter?” Chi Fang stopped under a tree and looked back at Yu Mo.

Yu Mo paused, his gaze shifted aside subconsciously, but Chi Fang moved aside with his gaze, “Well?”

In just three days, Yu Mo’s entire body was thinner, and his momentum was stronger than ever. Chi Fang was really worried, and couldn’t help asking, “What’s wrong?”

“Grandpa… passed away.” Yu Mo whispered.

Chi Fang was stunned. In his previous life, he started to pay attention to all kinds of things after taking over the Chi family, but at that time, the Yu family had already disappeared.

“You…” Chi Fang paused, he didn’t know what to say.

Yu Mo stretched out his hand, pushed the snow off the horizontal bar, and sat up with his arm supported. He did not look at Chi Fang but raised his head and stared at the snowy sky. Because of the falling snow, the sky was a little gloomy, and the sun was not visible.

“I have lived with my grandfather since I was young.” Yu Mo whispered, “Although grandpa was very serious, he… treated me very well.”

Chi Fang did not speak, and sat on the side of the horizontal bar, quietly listening to Yu Mo’s words.

“Grandpa liked to drink tea and taught me the tea ceremony, but I didn’t like it very much. Instead, I preferred to fight. Grandpa sent me to learn Sanda.” The horizontal bar was very cold by the snow, but Yu Mo couldn’t feel it at all. “Later, I came to the city to study with my parents, and only went back to see my grandfather every Spring Festival.”

Chi Fang listened silently.

“I…” Yu Mo’s voice became softer, “I always thought that Grandpa would always be there, so I never took the initiative to go back to see him, and rarely talked to him.”

He always thought that meeting once a year was enough.

“But he isn’t here anymore.” Yu Mo said softly.

Chi Fang turned his head to look at this young boy, his eyes were still dazed, “You are sad.”

Yu Mo lowered his head, staring at the footprints printed in the snow on the ground in a daze, “This is what it is. Am I sad?”

Depressed, heavy, out of breath, and acting as if there was no way to be happy anymore.

“People… birth, old age, sickness and death are all normal,” Chi Fang closed his eyes, thinking of the scene when he sent away his family members in his previous life. “You have no choice but to protect your relatives while they are still alive. Stay with them.”

But he didn’t.

Yu Mo lowered his gaze and slightly tightened his fingers holding the horizontal bar, feeling regret for the first time.

After a while, he suddenly said, “Mother asked me if I want to study abroad.”

Chi Fang was taken aback and turned to look at Yu Mo.

There was no expression on the surface, as if it was just words spoken casually.

Chi Fang recalled that after he was divided into classes in his previous life, he hadn’t heard of anybody called Yu Mo, and in their college entrance examination, the number one winner was a girl, so… Yu Mo went abroad after the first year of high school, until he came back in the fifth year. No wonder no one knew about Yu Mo’s existence before.

If Yu Mo went abroad, he wouldn’t be able to play with him, not to mention that there was still the time difference, so maybe there will be less contact with him. Thinking about it this way, Chi Fang was a little bit disappointed, but still suppressed the emotions in his heart, and replied, “En.”

“But I refused.” Yu Mo calmly said, not even realizing what kind of bomb he had dropped.

Chi Fang turned his head abruptly, and the whole person was stunned, “You refused? Why…”

Yu Mo’s eyes lightly swept across Chi Fang’s body, turned his head, and jumped off the horizontal bar, “It’s too cold, we should go back.”

“No, wait.” Chi Fang hurriedly followed Yu Mo and asked: “You really refused? Why?”

Yu Mo just walked quietly to the teaching building, listening to Chi Fang being noisy. The sound of noise caused the strained expression on his face to finally loosen.

Why did he refuse to leave? Actually, Yu Mo couldn’t explain it clearly. But when his mother asked, his first thought was that if he left, Chi Fang would definitely be sad. If someone bullied Chi Fang, he wouldn’t be able to protect him. Moreover, Chi Fang’s tuition has not been completed yet. What if there was a question that he was not be able to do in the future? What’s more… His eyes dimmed. If Chi Fang was gone one day, will he regret his current situation?

So, he rejected his mother.

When he refused, he suddenly felt that he had been living in a strange world before, and that he was pulled out by Chi Fang.

After Chi Fang asked a few times and Yu Mo didn’t speak, he could only rub his nose silently, and stop talking. He still had some sentimental thoughts in his heart, maybe it was because the boss couldn’t bear to leave him?

He was a little bit happy thinking about it this way.

But did he change Yu Mo’s future?

When the two of them slipped back to the class, the head teacher was already standing on the podium, but one was the first in the school year again and the other was the student who made the most progress. The head teacher didn’t say much and waved his hand to let the two quickly return to their seats.

Chi Fang’s grades still caused a great disturbance in the school year. Fortunately, after the final grades were released, the winter vacation were held, otherwise Chi Fang was expected to be watched by a group of people.

Chi’s family spent Chinese New Year at their own home, and the next day they went to Mr. Chi’s to have a meal. The Chinese New Year this year was earlier than usual, and the Chinese New Year was more than half a month away from when the holidays started. Chi Fang collected the things in the small apartment and moved back to the villa.

The New Year was about to come, and there are not many things to be done in the company. Chi Zheng and Chi Yan could also stay at home and rest. As soon as Chi Zheng finished sending the message to Xu Guang, he saw his little brother rushing past the two people, “Big brother, second brother, I’ll go out.”

As soon as the voice fell, the door was closed.

Chi Zheng’s face turned black, and he knew that his little brother had gone looking for Yu Mo again.

On the contrary, Chi Yan seldom came home because he had been busy before. He didn’t know what happened to Chi Fang. He was a little puzzled, “Where did he go?”

Chi Zheng fell back and said uncomfortably, “Went to the Yu family home again.”

Chi Fang went out and saw Yu Mo who was already standing at the door waiting. He smiled embarrassedly, went down the steps taking two steps at a time, and ran to Yu Mo, “I’m late. Sorry.”

Yu Mo shook his head and wrapped the scarf around Chi Fang’s neck.

“But I didn’t expect that you would actually like watching movies.” Chi Fang smiled, then got into the car behind Yu Mo, and said hello to the driver with a smile.

Yu Mo paused and nodded silently.

He actually didn’t have much interest in movies, but he just happened to see Chi Fang talking in the space, looking for someone to watch the movie with him, so he accepted.

As the Spring Festival was approaching, the quality of the movies that dare to choose to be released during this schedule were all of high quality. Chi Fang chose an action movie, thinking that even if the plot was not good, it was okay to just watch the fight.

However –

“Punch is too slow.”

“The waist and abdomen are not strong enough.”

“The bottom half is unstable.”

Chi Fang looked at Yu Mo silently, and pulled his mouth, “This is just a movie…”

Yu Mo saw that Chi Fang’s eyes were no longer on the movie. The uncomfortable feelings in his heart faded a little, “The acting skills are not good, and the fighting is not good, it is better to find someone who learns martial arts to see a real fight.”

Chi Fang sighed deeply.

After watching the movie, Chi Fang’s whole person was a little faint. Although he liked the movie very much, he really couldn’t refute what Yu Mo said. He could only be sullen in his life.

The fourth floor of the mall had a lot of gourmet food, and two people chose a noodle restaurant. After Chi Fang ordered the noodles, the person lowered his head to play with the phone silently, and when the noodles came out, he just started to eat the noodles quietly. Yu Mo looked at Chi Fang a little nervously, wondering if Chi Fang was angry.

Chi Fang was not angry but was a little depressed and didn’t want to talk.

After eating, he planned to go to the light show near the city center at night, but Chi Fang didn’t want to go anymore.

“Yu Mo, or—” An ugly duckling appeared in front of Chi Fang. The plush looked like a child’s doll. “What is this?”

“Give it to you.” Yu Mo took the duckling and passed it to Chi Fang.

Turning his head, Chi Fang saw countless of the same models of the claw-grabbing machine nearby.

Yu Mo looked at Chi Fang a little nervously.

Chi Fang sighed, not feeling sullen now, raised his eyebrows, and asked, “Did you catch this?”

Yu Mo nodded.

Chi Fang didn’t believe it, he pointed to the obviously nice little rabbit on the other side, “Then you catch that.”

Seeing that the Chi Fang was not angry anymore, Yu Mo didn’t hesitate to throw in coins, controlled the mechanical arm, and pressed the button without hesitation after reaching an angle. Chi Fang stood aside and stared suspiciously, his forehead touched the glass, he clearly saw that there was still a distance between them, and he didn’t believe that he could actually catch something like this.

However, after the robotic arm fell, it actually caught the little rabbit. The little rabbit was tremblingly lifted up. It clearly looked like it was about to fall off, but it was so strong that it was thrown out when it reached the delivery port.

Chi Fang was holding two small dolls with a blank expression, “Is this… so simple?”

Yu Mo nodded: “If you can calculate the angle well.”

Chi Fang didn’t believe it, and tried it twice by himself, but he didn’t catch anything. Chi Fang refused to accept it and threw two more coins into it. As soon as he grasped the lever with his hand, he felt a warmth behind him.

Yu Mo held Chi Fang in his arms, holding Chi Fang’s hand with his right hand, while gently manipulating the control lever. When the control lever moved to a certain position, Yu Mo released his hand and whispered in Chi Fang’s ear, “Press.”

The voice was low, with a hint of youthful vigor.

Hearing him talking, Chi Fang subconsciously pressed the button on his left hand, the robotic arm fell, and he grabbed a rabbit doll and came up. Chi Fang dumbly picked up the doll and hugged it in his arms. He still hadn’t figured out what happened. Behind him, Yu Mo had taken a step back, but he still seemed to be able to feel Yu Mo’s breath falling on his neck.

His heart was pounding.

Chi Fang held his neck blankly but realized that this hand was also held by Yu Mo just now, he put it down abruptly, and the temperature on his face couldn’t drop.

What’s wrong?

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