TBLF Extra 15 (Ch. 115.2): A Wonderful Love Story in the Republic of China

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The heavy rain continued for three days. After the rain stopped, the old man Ji drove out Ji Rang, who had been in the room and lying dead, and asked him to go to Qi’s medicine clinic to make an appointment with Qi Ying.

Ji Rang had been in the room these days at war with his own ideals, so he didn’t sleep well, and his whole person looked pathetic. When he went out, he was hit by the dazzling sunlight, making him feel dizzy and almost unable to stand firm.

He dared not drive and asked the driver to take him to the clinic.

When the car was halfway through, Ji Rang saw Qi Ying buying flowers at a street flower shop.

He asked the driver to stop, straightened his collar, touched his hair, cleared his throat, and finally opened the door and walked over.

Qi Ying was squatting among a bunch of flowers to pick and choose. She wore a white and cyan skirt today. She looked very beautiful. Ji Rang walked behind her, but didn’t know how to say hello, so he waited for ten minutes, but Qi Ying still didn’t notice him.

Ji Rang couldn’t stand it anymore, and said dissatisfied: “Which flower do you want to choose after so long?”

When Qi Ying turned around to see him, she was stunned for a few seconds before showing a polite smile, and getting up to say hello: “Master Ji, why are you here?”

Ji Rang cleared his throat, and then cleared his throat again. After a long time, he squeezed out four words: “To buy flowers.”

Qi Ying smiled, took the flowers she chose, walked aside to settle the bill, and was about to go out.

Ji Rang was anxious: “Hey, don’t you have anything to say to me?”

The little girl paused, then turned her head, the dragonfly on her earrings shaking in the air, spreading its wings, she looked at him a few times, and her voice was soft and sweet: “Master Ji, your eyes are blue, your complexion is puffy, and your lips are a bloody color. These are symptoms of mental fatigue, and a typical deficiency of spleen and stomach, I suggest you see a doctor.”

After speaking this, she walked out of the store with flowers in her arms.

Ji Rang: “???”

Ah, I’m so angry, I’m so dizzy again.

Ji Rang slowed down for a long time before catching up.

Qi Ying had already walked to the corner when she saw him catching up. She kept walking. She just glanced at the flowers in her arms and said softly: “Master Ji, I know what you are going to say. Don’t worry, I don’t want to marry you. As long as a period of time passes and they see our firm attitude, they will no longer pursue this matter.”

Ji Rang was taken aback, and was suddenly dissatisfied: “You don’t want to marry me? Why don’t you want to marry me? How can I not be worthy of you?!”

Qi Ying: “…”

This person was not only bad-tempered, but also unreasonable!

Looking at the little girl who left angrily, Master Ji didn’t understand what he had done wrong.

When playing polo with a friend a few days later, the friend said to him: “I saw your fiancée at school that day. I took a special look; her feet are not small!”

Ji Rang pushed the man off the horse with a pole.

The next day, he ran to the school.

When he found Qi Ying, she was walking with a young man in a tunic suit and glasses, talking and laughing. Ji Rang hid behind the tree and saw the man holding an English textbook in his hand. When the two passed by, he heard the man saying: “would you like had dinner with me?” (Would you like to have dinner with me?)

The girl’s soft eyes opened wide, her lips pursed and she smiled shyly, and said embarrassedly: “I…I don’t understand.”

The young man smiled and said, “It’s okay. You just started to learn the twenty-six alphabets. Take your time and I will teach you.”

She obediently said: “Well, thank you for teaching me.”

The two talked and laughed and walked away, and Ji Rang was still behind the tree, dying of anger.

What need is there to learn English!!! Was it so easy to learn English!!! If you are a Chinese, you can speak Chinese!!!

Qi Ying didn’t come back until the sun went down. When she reached the entrance of the alley, she saw the young master in a fancy dress sitting on the steps with a book in his arms.

The afterglow of the setting sun fell on him, shining on half of his profile, while he looked lazy and extraordinarily handsome.

Seeing her come back, he stood up quickly, the lazy expression on his face was also taken away, and he looked particularly serious. Qi Ying approached him hesitantly, and asked in a low voice, “Master Ji, are you waiting for me?”

Ji Rang stuffed the book he was holding in her arms.

It is an English dictionary.

Qi Ying looked at him suspiciously.

He raised his chin slightly, his face was arrogant, but his eyes were a little hesitant, then he said pretentiously: “I heard you are learning English?”

Qi Ying nodded and asked, “How do you know?”

Young Master Ji waved his hand impatiently: “It doesn’t matter!” He glared at her a few times, looking a bit fierce: “Which teacher are you looking for? His accent is not authentic at all!”

Qi Ying tilted her head to look at him: “But I only know him well. He is my father’s patient.”

Ji Rang immediately proudly said: “You know me now; I will teach you.”

The little girl looked suspicious: “You?”

The young master jumped: “Don’t look down on people! I have stayed abroad!”

Qi Ying originally felt that it was not good to have contact with other men, but the young master in front of her was now her fiancée so she would be able to contact him freely.

After a little thought, she agreed.

Ji Rang felt triumphant.

After that day, Qi Ying would go to Ji Mansion to learn English with Ji Rang three days a week. She had never been to school since she was a child, and her father had taught her to read and write. A few days ago, she watched a foreign movie with her friends in her boudoir and became interested in foreign literary works. Only then did she want to learn English to watch and read many of such works.

Ji Rang’s study had many foreign masterpieces.

She studied and watched every day. She didn’t know that Master Ji stayed up all night to prepare his English every day in order to teach her.

Damn, blame the young and frivolous him for being too playful.

But fortunately, he still had the foundation from living abroad. When he read the sentences in English to Qi Ying with a standard accent, she always praised: “Wow, you are so amazing.”

It was worth staying up late!

But in fact, with the reputation of the Qi family, there was no shortage of suitors around Qi Ying.

Although the two families had decided on a marriage, everyone knew that the young master of the Ji family disagreed with this marriage, and sooner or later he would blow this matter up. Young people who had ideas about Qi Ying often came to visit to brush up on their presence under the pretext of seeing a doctor.

After Ji Rang found out, he stopped sleeping in every morning instead he ran to the Qi’s pharmacy early and sat at the door with a chair and blocked any young man from entering the house.

He was so famous that everyone was afraid of him and did not dare to face him. As a result, many of her father’s patients were also driven away.

Father Qi: “…”

Qi Ying: “…”

She called him to the backyard and asked angrily, “What do you want to do?”

Master Ji was very calm: “Exercising my rights as a fiancé.”

Qi Ying: “…” She found it incredible, “Don’t you disagree with this marriage? What are you doing now? You don’t want to marry me, and now it’s like this again, do you want me to not be able to marry a good person? Why are you so bad!”

The eldest master was almost vomiting blood with anger. He thought he was already very obvious, but he just didn’t want to slap himself in the face. After all, he once swore to heavens that he would not marry her, but now… he was ashamed to speak and wanted to use action. And the result was that he was misunderstood by her.

Ji Rang jumped: “I’m so bad! Do you know that I’m so bad now! I just want you not to marry anyone! No one but me should dare to marry you!”

Qi Ying was speechless by these words.

She closed the door and ignored him for three days.

Ji Rang was worried all night and ran to the clinic the next day. The door of Qi Ying’s room remained unopened until the third day when the young man living next door sent a little milk dog over.

His dog gave birth to puppies and gave one to Qi Ying.

Ji Rang hid behind the courtyard door to see how she was holding the little milk dog talking and laughing with the young man, and then he thought of her face to him, where she was always mad.

That night, while Qi family was asleep, he carried a little milk dog, jumped over the wall; and changed the dog.

The next morning, Qi Ying, who was going to feed the dog, took a look. How did her dog change color???

Ji Rang, who was squatting in the yard and watering the flowers, said: “Is there? Isn’t it the same color? It may be that the little milk dog shed fur and its color faded.”

Qi Ying stared at him angrily: “I don’t want to talk to you!”

The shameless young master came over and said, “I bought two movie tickets. It is a remake of the foreign work you like. Let’s go see it together?”

Qi Ying: “Won’t! Won’t go!”

Ji Rang: “I bought candies for you to eat.”

Qi Ying: “…Is it the hawthorn flavor?”

Later, Ji Rang and Qi Ying got married.

Those who were waiting to see Master Ji’s reaction were shocked.

When he saw his friends in front of whom he vowed not to marry, they all laughed at him, but Master Ji said very righteously: “The great Russian writer Vozzi Vovsky said that love is fleeting, and we must be brave to seize love, experience love, embrace love.”

The brothers were dumbfounded.

After returning home, Qi Ying rummaged through Ji Rang’s study, but could not find the great Russian writer he was talking about.

She ran to look for Ji Rang, “Can you show me the Vozzi Vovsky’s work that you were talking about?”

Ji Rang went to the study to open a drawer, and shamelessly took out the love letter he wrote: “Here you are.”

Qi Ying: “…”

She later learned that what he said was: I, myself, Wowski.

This unlearned person!!!

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