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Although Qin Yize was very popular, he had never had any scandal since his debut. In fact, his character was not arrogant, but he adhered to the principle of “talking less and doing more”. He rarely showed up in public at ordinary times. He had a serious face when being interviewed. Over time, reporters and fans consciously assigned him the character setting of a “cold male god”.

As a result, as soon as this photo was exposed, the Internet exploded in an instant –

“What about the high-cold male god? How can he smile so tenderly?” “The eyes are full of love, I don’t believe this person is not his lover.” “Everyone is not blind, when has Qin Yize been so gentle with people? I am so envious of the person walking next to him!” “It turns out that he has a lover, no wonder there have been no scandals in the past few years, it seems that Qin Yize is quite infatuated!” “Like the single-minded Alpha!” “When will you get the certificate? When will you have a baby?”

Qin Yize: “???”

Where did you find “love”? Infatuated” and “unique”??

Seeing that the comments were getting more and more deviated, Qin Yize’s brain was full of pain, and he simply put his head on the table with a “pop”: “Nonsense!”

Li Xin came over and sat opposite him, and staring at him, he asked: “Tell me honestly, who is this person?”

Qin Yize frowned and explained in a low voice reluctantly: “Director Xi’s nephew, I just met him on the day of the premiere.”

“It’s not like your personality before.” Li Xin glanced at the photo thoughtfully again, and tsked, “You look really gentle in the photo, no wonder your fans think that he is your lover.”

“…” Qin Yize rubbed his eyebrows with a headache. Li Xin looked at his depressed look, then he took a deep breath to calm himself down quickly, and advised: “Don’t worry too much, fortunately there is no real evidence for this scandal, everyone is just guessing, don’t make any response. I will let the public relations department handle it, and everyone will naturally forget about it in a few days.”

“Yeah.” Qin Yize nodded displeasedly. At this moment, the communication meter suddenly lit up, and it was a text message –

“Yize, I’m sorry, I didn’t expect to be photographed secretly by the paparazzi when I went to buy the books, this will cause you trouble. Do you need me to explain it?”

Qin Yize was in a very bad mood at first, but after seeing this message, he suddenly felt a lot better, and the original haze on his face was also swept away, he took the smart communication device and quickly replied: “I should say sorry, it’s okay. Thank God you didn’t let the paparazzi take a clear picture of your face, otherwise you would probably be fleshed out. Today’s incident didn’t scare you, did it?”

Luo Ning, who received the news, smiled slightly and replied, “Even if I was fleshed out, I’m fine. It’s not scary, after all I’m not an insider. It’s you, who will participate in the selection of the best actor at the film festival recently. I hope this incident will not have a negative impact on you.”

“This kind of scandal will soon be forgotten, you don’t have to worry about it.”

“That’s good. You go first, I won’t disturb you.”

“Well, you also go to bed earlier, good night.”

He waited until he ended the conversation, then Li Xin, who had been staring at him, finally couldn’t help it. He asked, “Who are you talking to?”

“It’s Lin Luo, who was having dinner with me today. He sent me a message to apologize.”

Li Xin touched his chin and thought about it for a moment, then asked boldly, “You and him, is there really nothing?” Don’t say it’s a misunderstanding by the masses, even Li Xin, who got along with him day and night, rarely saw such a gentle expression on Qin Yize’s face.

Qin Yize only felt inexplicable about the agent’s questioning, and raised his eyebrows: “I’ve only known him for three days, what do you think it can be?” Seeing that the other party was questioning, Qin Yize explained patiently, “Xiao Luo likes to read very much. When he got to know I read suspense novels, he gave me two books today. We met and talked most about novels. He is not an insider, so I chatted with him very easily. You can rest assured that we are just book friends.”

Qin Yize showed the two hardcover novels sent by Luo Ning to the agent, Li Xin was relieved, and he put his heart back in his stomach, as he said, “Of course I don’t object to you making friends, but next time you go out, be careful when you eat, don’t be photographed by the paparazzi.”

Qin Yize nodded: “I understand.”

Li Xin went to deal with the scandal, while a tired Qin Yize went back to the bedroom and took a shower, and was just about to go to sleep, when, the communicator lit up again, it seemed to be a video connection request from Yu Lan. Qin Yize felt a pain in his head when he saw his mother’s familiar face, but he didn’t dare to refuse, so he had to bite the bullet and connect the video.

Yu Lan’s face quickly appeared on the holographic screen, with a smile on her face, and she said softly, “Yize, your lover’s height and appearance are impeccable, and his temperament is also very good. He is polite when he speaks. The first time I saw him, I liked him very much, he is really a special match for you.”

Qin Yize: “…”

He only said “Thank you, auntie goodbye”, and you could see that he had an outstanding temperament and was polite, and also that he was a special match for me? Are you worried that no one wants your son, so you can’t wait to hang up the “Promotional products, all 30% off” signs and go to the streets to sell me? Qin Yize really doubted whether he was picked up from the garbage.

Yu Lan’s voice interrupted Qin Yize’s thoughts: “I think he’s really good, you have to take good care of him, don’t worry about the dowry, mom will help you prepare it. Discuss with him and put the wedding on the agenda as soon as possible. Mom can rest assured when you have settled down.”

Qin Yize’s mouth twitched for a while: “Mom, I’ve only known him for a while, isn’t this too fast?”

Yu Lan said earnestly, “Fate can’t be stopped. I fell in love with your father at first sight, and we got the certificate within a week of knowing each other. So, time is not a measure of affection, if you really like it, your mother doesn’t mind you getting married as soon as possible. “

Qin Yize was speechless for a moment, but he endured it again. He continued asking: “Mom, you are not curious about his family background, whether he is Alpha, Beta or Omega?”

Yu Lan smiled: “As long as you like him, he can be anyone, and Mom will not object to it.”

It’s all to the point of “it’s okay if he is a person”, which showed how worried his mother was that he won’t be able to marry a wife. Qin Yize didn’t want to continue talking about the problem that bothered him, so he simply ended the topic: “I’m going to bed first, Mom, you should rest early as well.”

After lying on the bed, Qin Yize tossed and turned but couldn’t sleep, so he simply took Xiao Luo’s gift out. After reading his new book “Digital Code”, he was really attracted by the suspenseful storyline. When he saw the dawn, he realized that he had simply finished the whole book in one breath.


Because there was no real evidence for the scandal incident, and Li Xin found a public relations company and asked the water army to guide the direction of public opinion, soon, everyone was attracted by the bigger news that a certain star was stepping on three boats, and Qin Yize’s matter was left behind. Qin Yize also learned to behave well after being secretly filmed by the paparazzi last time. He didn’t go out these days and concentrated on studying the script of the new drama at home. Li Xin finally saved some trouble.

But Li Xin didn’t know that every night, Qin Yize would have a video chat with his new friend “Xiao Luo” to exchange “reading experience” and discuss the plot direction and characters of the novel.

That night, Luo Ning just planned to have a video chat with Qin Yize, but Luo Fei suddenly visited, Luo Ning had no choice but to take a book, and pretend to be reading, as he asked with a smile: “Brother Huang, you came to me for something. Is it?”

Luo Fei coughed lightly, with a helpless expression on his face: “General Louis, the commander of the Long Snake Army, helped his son Major General Benjamin propose a marriage, and asked the emperor to approve your and his son’s marriage contract. This time the emperor is really serious. I can’t help you push it.”

Luo Ning frowned slightly: “Who is Benjamin? Why haven’t I heard of him?”

Luo Fei said: “This major general is young and promising, and his uncle and grandfather appreciate him very much. Moreover, he is outstanding in appearance and has a good character. He is worthy of you in every aspect. That’s why the royal father will consider it carefully this time and has asked him to meet you at the palace on Christmas day. I think the royal father intends to match you this time, so I immediately came to inform you.”

Luo Ning: “…”

Father, you are so busy with government affairs, so don’t worry about my marriage, okay?

Luo Ning’s head was as big as an ox, he put down the book in his hand, and looked at Luo Fei sincerely: “Brother Huang, help me think of a way?”

Luo Fei was helpless: “Do you think father is stupid? After averting so many marriage proposals, the royal father knew that the two of us were colluding, so he transferred me away. I will leave tomorrow and go to the Ryan Planet with uncle for half a month.”

Luo Ning couldn’t help laughing: “It seems that I can’t escape this time.”

Luo Fei patted his brother’s shoulder lightly and said, “You can try to get in touch with Benjamin, maybe you will like him?”

Luo Ning rubbed his eyebrows with a headache: “I’m really not interested in tough generals, and I can’t talk to them at all.” Speaking of which, he suddenly thought of a person – Qin Yize.

Qin Yize was the only Alpha who could chat with him over the years. The two exchanged their reading experience every night. On the surface, they were book friends, but Luo Ning actually regarded him as a “confidant” in his heart. The last time he saw his mother, he seemed to have mentioned that the family was urging him to get married. Maybe he could give him an idea?

That night, Luo Ning connected to Qin Yize’s video communication again and asked directly, “Yize, I remember you said that your family was urging you to get married. How did you deal with it when the urging was the worst?”

Qin Yize had a splitting headache when he mentioned this topic, he couldn’t help rubbing his temples, and said, “In the beginning, I used various excuses to get rid of it, but later I found out that those excuses didn’t work, so I recently gave a strong dose, and told my mother directly that I already have a lover and I am dating. Although my mother is still urging, but it is much better than before, at least she will not let me go on a blind date.” Qin Yize looked at him with a frown and asked: “What? You also have this trouble?”

Luo Ning shrugged helplessly: “Well, the family is also planning to introduce me to someone.”

Qin Yize suggested: “Perhaps you can try my method, just say you have a person you like and you are dating him, this can save a lot of trouble.”

Luo Ning’s eyes lit up: “It’s really a good idea.”

Qin Yize originally thought that Xiao Luo’s family should be a wealthy family in the business world. His parents were urging him to marry and finding excuses to deal with it would always drag on for a while. He never thought that Xiao Luo’s father was His Majesty Caesar, whom everyone admired.

His Majesty Caesar was not as easy to deceive as his mother Yu Lan.

Luo Ning was playing tricks in front of His Majesty and couldn’t eat, so he had to walk around.

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