RCFS Ch. 62: Junyao’s Exam 2

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Wang Tingting and Sun Chao looked at each other and seemed to have no other choice.

Otherwise, Junyao really won’t think much about their current achievements.

“For the remaining two days, just do the questions as I said.”

After making the plan, the several talents left.

“Sun Chao, what were you doing with that trash?” Someone asked subconsciously, on hearing this Sun Chao frowned: “It’s not trash, it’s Ye Yunxi, we are making a review plan.”

“Review plan?”

“What review plan, that to with that trash? She definitely won’t pass the test, hey, don’t get too close to her, be careful before she pushes you into the ditch!”

“I know what I’m doing, my goal is Junyao!”

Wen Yan and several people laughed loudly: “Junyao? If you work hard, and that too with Ye Yunxi, that’s really…”

They would definitely hit the streets!

“Hey, let’s go, Sun Chao must have been brainwashed by that trash, he won’t be able to pass the test, there will be a time when he cries!”

“That’s it! Who can’t find that trash!”

“She was kicked out by the Ye family. Is Sun Chao crazy?”

The giggling voice got farther and farther, but it made Sun Chao extremely angry.

He must be admitted to Junyao and show these people!

After a few days of intense study, the exam came.

Junyao’s exam was a national unified exam. When the exam paper was handed out, Sun Chao only glanced at it, and the whole person was stunned.

This, these assessment questions were almost indistinguishable from Ye Yunxi’s assessment questions!

And the last tactical question was indeed a coordinated operation of the three armies of the sea, land and air!

Oh my God!

He could do it all!

Sun Chao’s hands trembled a little. For the first time in his life, he suddenly understood what it was like to know everything!

That’s how it felt to win by lying down!

Super cool!!!

Yunxi, you are really awesome!

[Ding! Awesomeness Exp +10! 】

The same situation happened to Wang Tingting and Helian Moxie. They were so excited when they saw the exam paper, they tried their best to answer the questions while admiring Ye Yunxi.


Exam Deity! It’s all right, that’s what it feels like!!

Cool to death!

Yunxi, I love you, ah!!!

[Ding! Awesomeness Exp +10! 】

[Ding! Awesomeness Exp +10! 】

While most people were still thinking about it, the group of three who were close to Ye Yunxi had already written almost half of it.

They must have worked so hard!

This sentence popped into everyone’s head.

This year’s questions were not easy, ah, could they really get into Junyao?

While they were distressed, someone around them started to submit the papers. Everyone raised their heads subconsciously. Sun Chao and Wang Tingting turned in the papers!

How else can you say that Ye Yunxi is not trash, how can you submit papers so early?

Did you finally find that you couldn’t answer all of them?

While laughing, Ye Yunxi also handed in the papers, and the three walked out of the classroom.

“Yunxi, the military exam is tomorrow.”

Wang Tingting was a little nervous.

There should be no problem with today’s test paper, but in tomorrow’s test, Yunxi didn’t know what would be tested, so she was very nervous.

“Don’t worry, tomorrow’s exam, do whatever you are good at.”

Wasn’t that a military test?

Could they use their skills at will?

“…I’m good at spending a lot of money…” Sun Chao twitched the corners of his mouth silently: “This, is this okay?”

“Okay, you can bring some more cash tomorrow.”

Sun Chao: …………

Hey, Yunxi, you are not joking, right?

This works too!!!

What to do with the money? Bribe the examiner?

You will be disqualified from the exam!!!

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