TBLF Extra 16 (116.1): Demon Princess × God of War

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In recent days, there had been constant friction between the immortal and demons.

One said you crossed my boundary here, and the other said you killed my mount there. It was all trivial things, but it was endless.

In fact, everyone knew that since the battle between the immortals and demons 100,000 years ago, the two realms of the immortals and demons had reconciled and lived in peace for many years. Now, this had reached a period of saturation, and mutual hostility had overflowed again, and their disapproval of each other was reaching its peak.

So, the Heavenly Emperor said to Ji Rang, who enjoyed the title of God of War across the world, to go investigate and find out how to solve this matter and try not to do it without starting a war. After all, the gods were still peace-loving.

The God of War, who received the order of the Emperor of Heaven, washed his face, carried his sword, and hacked his way from the Southern Heavenly Gate to the Demon Realm, lifted the roof of the Demon Lord’s bedroom, and said to the Demon Lord who was still watching the beautiful women dancing below: “Let’s fight.”

So, the second war between immortals and demons broke out.

The Celestial God of War and the Demon Lord fought for three days and three nights at the junction of the demon and the immortal realms.

This war once again caused great damage to the vitality of the immortal and devil realms. The Emperor held the Queen Mother and cried: “I also specially ordered him, that we want peace, he must be peaceful! Look, you see what he has made of my six realms. What is this like? What is the title of the God of War, I will just call him the God of Death!”

The culprit did not feel guilty about it at all.

He was a god who was born when the world was born. At that time, there was chaos all around. He had been fighting as long as he could remember. According to him, there was no problem that could not be solved by a fight. If there was, then fight again until the opponent was killed. Fight them until they were convinced.

In the beginning, he hit everyone who didn’t please his eyes. Later, the Heavenly Emperor gave him the title of God of War, and he said that he would put the heavy responsibility of protecting the creatures of the Six Realms in his hands, so he gradually began to fight with a purpose.

Now that the Six Realms were peaceful and there was nothing to fight him, only the Demon Lord could still be seen, so it was worth fighting.

Ji Rang patted the spire of the Demon Tower, and lazily said to the demon lord sealed inside: “Come out early, we will fight again.”

The Demon Lord was so angry that he yelled: “You wait for me!”

Ji Rang waved his hand and walked back holding his sword. He noticed a shallow demonish energy from behind the stone next to him.

He didn’t even think about it, struck out his sword and the big rock turned into dust on the spot. In the flying dust, the little girl in the red dress fell to the ground, looking at him in horror.

The God of War tilted his head to look at her for a while, and asked, “Little demon, why are you hiding here? Want to sneak attack on this deity?”

She shook her head in a hurry, stammered and said: “The road… passing by…”

Ji Rang smiled, retracted his sword, walked slowly over, and squatted down in front of her: “You have a demon energy that is similar to the Demon Lord, who is he to you?”

The little girl consciously couldn’t hide it, so she lowered her eyes in resignation, and whispered: “Father.”

Ji Rang raised his eyebrows meaningfully: “Oh? You are the little princess whom the demon king regards as the jewel in his palm? Are you here to avenge your father?”

The little girl shook her head repeatedly: “No! I can’t beat you; I just wanted to come and see my father…”

Ji Rang glanced at the black Demon Sealing tower behind him and pulled the little girl up from the ground, “It’s okay, he will be out in some tens of thousands of years.”

The little girl shrank her neck, looking small, and said with her voice soft: “Know… I know… Then, then I’m leaving…”

Ji Rang laughed, holding the person’s wrist, he dragged the person into his arms: “You’ve been caught under the eyes of the deity, still want to leave?”

Qi Ying: “Ah, ah, help, the Demon Commander, come save me!”

The Demon Commander hiding in the dark shivered: “I’m sorry, little princess, Wuwuwu, the minister is not the opponent of this God, the minister will return to the demon world to summon his men and will find a way to rescue you!”

So, the little daughter of the Demon Lord was captured by the God of War.

She was still young, in the mortal world, she would just be a fourteen-fifteen-year-old girl. The God of War bound the demon energy within her casually.

The servants of the God of War thought that the master had brought a little immortal back from wherever the master came back from. The first time they saw the master have physical contact with the woman, although he only held her wrist, they were shocked to the high heaven.

They were all guessing where this little immortal came from.

The fairies were envious and jealous, only “the little immortal” felt bitter in her heart.

The little princess of the dignified Demon Realm was trapped in the Temple of War by an enchantment and became the prisoner of the God of War. How many demons would be heartbroken if this news were to be passed on to the Demon Realm!

But the instigator didn’t think he was imprisoning her. He wondered: “The deity gave you food and clothes, and let you sleep in a bed. How is it called imprisonment?”

The little girl said angrily: “Then you let me go!”

Ji Rang sat in front of her and made tea unhurriedly: “You can leave if you want, the deity didn’t stop you.”

Qi Ying’s eyes lit up and she started to run while carrying her skirt. When she reached the door, she thought of something and turned around angrily: “You first remove the barrier outside the temple!”

Ji Rang didn’t even lift his eyelids: “That’s not okay. That is the defensive barrier that I have carefully arranged for three thousand years. If it is removed, what if a monster comes in to assassinate the deity?”

Qi Ying found it simply unbelievable: “Which monster can beat you among the lands? You are obviously using an excuse to imprison me!”

Ji Rang made the tea, poured it in a cup in his hand and tasted it slowly. He said, “This enchantment has always been there, and it wasn’t only put up when you came. Don’t make too much of it.”

Qi Ying cried with anger.

In fact, this was also normal, just ask the Heavenly Emperor, which one of the people who had reasoned with him had not been made to cry by him.

Qi Ying couldn’t get out of the enchantment, so she could only stay in the Temple of War and observe in secret. She found that the fairy servants in the hall could enter and exit normally, and they didn’t look like their cultivation was very powerful.

After observing for a period of time, Qi Ying discovered that this should be related to the jade medallion worn on their waist.

So, while Ji Rang was away, Qi Ying stunned the fairy maidservant who was delivering her meal, took the jade medallion from her waist, and ran to the door eagerly.

It turned out that she still couldn’t get out.

T/N: Is it just me or is the setting of this extra really similar to the Chinese drama Ashes of Love? BTW that is another amazing drama, which you can check out but it’s a little long and there is a lot of angst but it is really interesting and also it is adapted from a novel so there’s that…

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