KHSW Ch. 144

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Xiao Nuo slowly stopped crying and sobbed softly, the tip of his nose was still a little red, and his little face looked cute, “Are you really not going to eat me?”

Hearing the little guy’s soft voice, the pain in Ling Xi’s heart turned into softness, she must take her child away.

“Yeah, mothers won’t eat their own children.”

“You are lying, master said that ‘mother’ is a poison. She is more terrifying than a tiger. The tiger still doesn’t eat her own children, but she is different. She doesn’t even spare her own children.” The words Master said were repeated.

Ling Xi was surprised, how could someone educate children like this?

There was an indescribable anger in her heart, who knows if this monk might have been involved with Ou Mengxue.

“Master, Master.”

The old monk was practicing meditation, but was suddenly interrupted by Xiao Nuo, so with a slight sullen look on his face, and two points of reproach in his tone, he said, “Xiao Nuo.”

“Master, there is someone called ‘Mama’ looking for you.”

“Don’t talk nonsense.” The old monk had a serious face.

But then he saw a woman and a small bald head behind him.

The old monk became alert and got up immediately, “Amitabha, is the female benefactor looking for this poor monk?”

“Xiao Nuo, can you and Xiao Pang go there to play? Mom has something to ask your master.”

Xiao Nuo only thought that “Mom” was her name, so he took Xiao Pang to the house, “Xiao Pang, please accompany me for morning class!”

When the two children entered the house, Ling Xi spoke with determination, both in her eyes and in her tone, “He is my child, the child I lost four years ago.”

The old monk looked at her carefully, “Amitabha, the female benefactor is probably mistaken. Xiao Nuo’s mother is someone else.”

Hearing what he said, Ling xi began to doubt herself again. The feeling just now was clearly so strong. Besides, she could see Xiao Nuo’s appearance clearly! She was convinced that it was her own child!

There was a thing called “telepathy” between mother and child, it must exist, somewhere, there was something pulling her towards him.

“No, I’m sure, he must be my child. Four years ago, my child was stolen by a woman.”

The old monk turned around and slowly closed his eyes, but in his mind, he back to the night he rescued Xiao Nuo.

Ling Xi looked at the old monk with hatred in her voice and tears in her eyes, “She replaced my child with a dead baby. I always thought that my child was really dead until three months ago, I learned the truth, she said it herself that a monk took him away.”

There was a trace of exhaustion in the old voice, “Yes, if the poor monk had not intercepted her in time, the child would have been thrown into the river and drowned by her. The monk thought to himself, how could there be such a cruel mother in the world, so he brought the child back and raised it, but he didn’t think that it was the child stolen from the benefactor.”

“What? How dare Ou Mengxue do this?” Ling Xi was frightened when she heard it. She originally thought that Ou Mengxue just wanted to steal her child, but who would have guessed that what she wanted was to murder her poor child.

Ou Mengxue, you can do whatever you want to me, but if you dare to hurt my child, I can’t let you go easily. I want your…life to be worse than death.

Immediately, she took out the recording pen she carried with him, “Master, listen, do you still remember this woman’s voice?”

Ou Mengxue’s voice came from inside, “Didn’t you trust me before? You can rest assured with me investing for you. The stock I have seen has a good prospect, and you can make a steady profit without losing money…”

That’s right, she recorded all of this, so she wasn’t afraid of taking a bite back then.

“That’s right, it’s her, it’s the old man who was confused.”

Only then did Ling Xi realize that she had misunderstood the old monk, her eyes were hazy, and she knelt down with a “thump”, “Thank you Master for saving my child’s life and raising my child, if it weren’t for you, my child would have been killed. When it comes to that woman’s poisonous hand, our mother and son had been separated from yin and yang in this life, and I will always remember the kindness of the master in my heart, no matter what the master asks, I will do it.”

“Hurry and get up, the female benefactor. It’s better to save a life than to build a seven-level pagoda, let alone saving a baby.”

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