KHSW Ch. 305

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After a few snowfalls, the city begins to became colder and colder. How could a cold city warm people’s hearts?

Yao Ru flicked her hair irritably. She had been looking for clues about Ling Xi these days, but someone always obstructed her.

Hearing the phone ringing on the bedside table, she picked it up, “Hello? What’s the matter?”

Suddenly, her pupils snapped, “You mean you found that woman? But this ‘mosquito’ is too small and doesn’t have much flesh, and it’s not enough for Ling Xi to quit “Haihu Bay”… you mean to say… ok, you can try it, just because she is not here now, I have already asked, she has gone to record a reality show, the time is two months, so you can let go and check.”

After hanging up the phone, Yao Ru’s mood obviously improved a lot, but her body twitched, and she felt restless, “Ha, huh…”

When she tremblingly pulled out the small box from under the bed, she opened it and saw that the small bag inside was already empty.

Yao Ru couldn’t help feeling painful, “Why is it gone? How can it be gone?”

Seeing her empty inside, she couldn’t help but beat her head, “Ah… ah…”

Her mind was blank now, but she just felt like she was in pain, and she only wanted to get the medicine as soon as possible.

Picking up the phone with trembling hands, “Brother Xiao, I’ve run out of medicine, I’ll buy some more from you, don’t worry, I won’t let anyone know.”

Yao Tiantian, who was still asleep in the other room, immediately got out of bed and ran over after hearing her mother’s voice.

“Mom, Mom, are you okay?”

When Yao Ru saw Tiantian, she tried her best to control her body, but she still trembled slightly, “Tiantian, don’t come here, go to sleep.”


“I’ll tell you again, hurry up and go, if you don’t obey, I’ll let your alcoholic father take you away.”

When Yao Tiantian heard this, she immediately started crying, “I don’t want my father, my mother is bad.” After speaking, she ran back to her bedroom while crying.

A person huddled in the corner of the bed, hugging the doll rabbit, “Little rabbit, mommy has become so scary, doesn’t it mean mom doesn’t like Tiantian anymore? Mom just said that daddy will come and take Tiantian away. Tiantian is the best! I’m afraid of my dad, Tiantian doesn’t like a drunk dad.”

“What did you say? Disqualified me from flying just because I have an arm injury?”

“This is an order, and it must be carried out.” The captain also felt sad, but after all, this was the meaning of the flight academy. They not only required physical fitness to meet the standard, but also require good physical fitness in all aspects. Because of Ling Xi’s forearm injury, they had the right to refuse.

Hearing what the captain said, Ling Xi felt a little disappointed, but it didn’t show on her face, “Yes, captain.”

After Xu Yizhi heard about this, he immediately went to look for Ling Xi, but he searched the entire army camp, but he didn’t see her figure. Could it be that she had gone back?

When he rushed downstairs to the female soldiers’ dormitory, he happened to see Shen Bingqian and Bing Yanyan coming downstairs.

“Have you seen Ling Xi?”

When Shen Bingqian learned that Ling Xi was not qualified to enter the flight academy, she was secretly proud, but regretted that Ling Xi did not disappear.

“Ling Xi has never come back, and we are going to find her! By the way, Mr. Chi, is it true that Ling Xi has been disqualified?”

Hearing Shen Bingqian’s words, Xu Yizhi’s eyes darkened, and he turned and left.

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