KHSW Ch. 304

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Hearing Ling Xi’s words, Shen Bingqian actually began to waver, “What you said…is it true?”

Ling Xi naturally wanted Shen Bingqian to destroy the relationship between Ou Mengxue and Chi Jiayang, so that she could also taste the feeling of being robbed of her husband by the “little three”. In her previous life, she was just too tired to live.

Wasn’t this a punishment for the two of them?

It was just not enough…

“I’ve said it all, this is a rumour, the truth of the rumour, you will only know after you try it yourself.”

Shen Bingqian immediately immersed herself in her fantasy, and she had already cast aside her thoughts of wanting Ling Xi to disappear from this world.

If this rumour was true, maybe she should be Mrs. Chi now, how could it be Ling Xi and Ou Mengxue’s turn?

No wonder Brother Jiayang took good care of her when she entered “Star Charm Entertainment”. Maybe it was true that he liked her?

Inside the dormitory for the first class of recruits.

Liming was lying on the bed, laughing foolishly, causing Yu Jiayin and Xu Yizhi to “look sideways”.

“What’s wrong with you?” Yu Jiayin thought he was stimulated by something.

Liming quickly suppressed his smile, as je sat up on the bed, “Brother Jiayin, let me ask you, do you like sister Xi?”

As soon as these words came out, Xu Yizhi’s eyes immediately fell on Yu Jiayin.

Yu Jiayin’s face was calm, “She is not only a very good dancer, but also a very smart entertainer. I think it is difficult for others to ignore the brilliance of her body? But don’t think too much, I just admire her talent.”

Hearing Yu Jiayin’s answer, Xu Yizhi gave full marks from the bottom of his heart. It would be fine if he simply admired his wife’s talent, but if he had “evil thoughts” in his heart, he must let Ling Xi wear a wolf-proof sprayer.

Liming breathed a sigh of relief, “What about you, Brother Jingyu?”

Hearing him ask him, Xu Yizhi never forgot his identity as “Chi Jingyu” and raised his eyebrows slightly, “She is my… relative, so what do you think?”


Liming and Yu Jiayin automatically understood that they were brother and sister. No wonder Ling Xi didn’t choose him when doing cardiopulmonary resuscitation training. It turned out that they misunderstood what Chi Jingyu meant.

This was undoubtedly a “surprise” for Liming. He really wanted to ask him if Sister Xi was married, but he had promised Sister Xi before that he would not tell others about it.

Then he stretched out his arms again, looking at the two rows of teeth marks.

Xu Yizhi swept his eyes and saw the tooth marks on his arm clearly, and immediately took out the medicine box, “Thank you for Ling Xi’s matter.”

Hearing the words of “Chi Jingyu”, Liming thought that he had guessed right, he must be sister Xi’s brother.

“Brother Jingyu, you don’t need to help me treat the wound, I want to keep it.”

Hearing Liming’s words, Xu Yizhi suddenly raised his head, he knew this kid’s intentions were not pure.


Liming’s ears were slightly tinged with red, which spread to both sides of his cheeks, “It’s nothing, I just thought this experience was unusual and wanted to keep it.”

Yu Jiayin had already seen what Liming was thinking, so he just showed a faint smile and continued to do his own thing.

Xu Yizhi obviously didn’t believe it, and pulled Liming’s arm with displeasure, “I’d better help you deal with it.”

Liming struggled desperately, “It’s really unnecessary, brother Jingyu——”

However… In the end, he could only mourn silently in a certain corner, brother Jingyu’s strength was too great.

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