MGSGW Ch. 237

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Lin Mumu’s action of lighting the fire was missed, and after she succeeded, she went downstairs in a panic.

Yun Ting smiled wryly, he seemed to be teased by the little girl.

Yun Ting touched the wet mark on his face, and looked at Lin Mumu who was trotting away, his mood brightening inexplicably.

But soon, his good mood sank to the bottom.

Xiao Du originally drove to pick up Yun Ting, but he received a call from Yun Ting and temporarily changed his mission to follow Lin Mumu. Chief Yun personally issued the task order: “Pretend to be deaf and dumb, and you are not allowed to say a word! If you speak up, you will be fined with half a year of special training.”

Pretend to be deaf and dumb?

So when Xiao Du saw Lin Mumu, he rushed to meet her, but he didn’t speak.

Lin Mumu glanced at him, knowing that Yun Ting must have explained, so she didn’t say much. Yun Ting took Xiao Du to drive up and down, and he must have recognized his character and ability. Lin Mumu had no doubts about the person Yun Ting recognized.

Lin Mumu casually stuffed the dog in her arms to Xiao Du, asking him to help her hold it, and then threw her schoolbag to Xiao Du, who held it in his hand.

Such a follower made them look a bit like a boyfriend and girlfriend.

It seemed that it was the first time for Xiao Du to carry a bag and hold a pet for a girl. This feeling seemed a bit strange, especially when there were pointing eyes around her, as if they were criticizing her.

Especially since Xiao Du was quite good, and some comments could still be heard in his ears.

Lin Mumu didn’t care about other things, and went to Fang Tianyong’s residence as soon as possible, and called Chen Fangya by the way.

“Lin Mumu, why are you calling now? Have you gone back to school?” Chen Fangya’s voice was a little nervous and blah blah, obviously she wanted the people around her to hear that Lin Mumu had gone back to school.

“What about you? Where are you?” Lin Mumu asked back.

“Zhou Qiang was worried about Fang Tianyong, so he insisted on staying with him. Although Fang Tianyong is abominable, he is also pitiful, so I stayed with Zhou Qiang for the sake of treating him to a meal. I will forgive him for the time being. Don’t worry, Lin Mumu, I will definitely enlighten this idiot Fang Tianyong with my three-inch tongue. Even though he is a scumbag, he is still willing to listen to Zhou Qiang’s words.”

“Come here.”

“Are you stupid? The deputy director he invited will come over soon, do you want to go into the tiger’s mouth?”

“It’s okay, just don’t mention my husband’s name.”

“I know, he is the official of the state. It’s confidential, I can’t say his name casually, otherwise I will be in danger. Brother Lin gave us the popular science.”

“Well, then I don’t need to worry, wait for me.” Lin Mumu hung up the phone, feeling warm in her heart.

It seemed that her master and senior brother had been silently caring for her during the time she didn’t know.

Yun Ting had a special status, and often had to perform some special tasks, and also held a lot of military secrets in his hands. If it weren’t for the fact that he had enough meritorious service, it would be impossible for such people to live in the city. They usually lived in the military area.

But as Yun Ting’s family member, it was also the easiest to become his weakness, so everyone who came into contact with Lin Mumu’s identity should know and keep it secret.

Whether it was Professor Lin, Lin Tianlang, or Aunty Wang at home, they all had relevant awareness, but Chen Fangya and the others were just ordinary students, and they were the easiest to leak.

Lin Mumu didn’t think of reminding her of this kind of thing, she was a little dazed. Unexpectedly, her senior brother had already done it.

Lin Mumu suddenly understood why Fang Tianyong, a person with a gloomy personality, was willing to listen to Zhou Qiang’s words. It was because Zhou Qiang, a senior brother, did a good enough job and gave him his full heart.

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