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“Xiao Shen stay for dinner.” Mother Gu greeted Shen Yujin with a smile.


Shen Yujin, who was still disgusted with the clothes just now, ran over immediately, and then gave the gift he had bought to Nuan Nuan.

“You girls like dolls, this is for you.”

This was the bjd doll[1] he had managed to snatch from his cousin. That guy treated these things like his own son and daughter. It was not easy to grab one.

Exquisite bjd dolls looked amazing no matter the makeup or the clothes on them. This kind of dolls were generally much better looking than real people. The only drawback was that they couldn’t move.

When Nuan Nuan was holding the bjd doll with shining eyes, in fact, in the eyes of others, it looked like a more delicate and smart beautiful big doll holding a small doll, both of which were quite beautiful.

“Thank you, Brother Jin.”

Nuan Nuan’s eyes turned into small crescents, and she called out Brother Jin sweetly.

Shen Yujin exaggeratedly covered his heart and said no thanks needed.

It made the little girl smile.

While eating, Shen Yujin finally understood why the old man of the Gu family was in such good spirits, it was really too good to watch Nuan Nuan eat! If the old man of his family could eat as much as Grandpa Gu in one meal, he must become strongwe.

Shen Yujin sighed warmly as he watched her eating her meal, her round cheeks and her eyes full of happiness.

“One day, Nuan Nuan should also come to my house as a guest. If my grandpa watches Nuan Nuan eat, he will definitely be able to eat two bowls of rice at once like Grandpa Gu!” Mother Gu and Grandpa Gu immediately laughed.

“Okay, you, Grandpa Gu also wants to take Nuan Nuan out to get to know those old guys.”

Mother Gu complained in her heart, what kind of acquaintance, he clearly wanted to show off.

Nuan Nuan’s affectionate little eyes looked at everyone blankly, and before they could figure it out, she laughed and felt the weight of a palm on her head, her big brother sitting next to her was rubbing her little head.

Nuan Nuan tilted her head and slightly arched her head, pursed her lips and raised the corners of her mouth subtly, revealing a milky and sweet smile.

Today was Friday. In the afternoon, Nuan Nuan went to pick up her youngest elder brother from school with her eldest brother, and then went to Nancheng Noble Academy to pick up her fourth brother.

Wearing a black peaked cap, the cool Gu Mingli stood leaning against a green tree at the school gate, with white Bluetooth earphones plugged into his ears, while casually standing there in a blue and white school uniform, he seemed to be exuding a youthful atmosphere and a kind of unruly ruthlessness, his pair of long legs seem to have nowhere to place, such a lively boy was what many campus girls yearned for with throbbing hearts in adolescence.

However, the cool and rebellious classmate Gu Mingli didn’t notice anyone, and kept his head down while playing with his mobile phone.

“Fourth brother.” Gu Mingli, who was originally wearing earphones with an air of ‘no one can come near me’, suddenly raised his head when he heard this soft and milky voice calling him fourth brother, and his handsome and aggressive face suddenly appeared in the public’s view. He faintly heard a lot of little girls excitedly discussing such words as handsome.

Nuan Nuan lay on the car window with small hand raised to wave to Gu Mingli. A pair of clear and translucent little crescent moons seemed to crush the warm light under the warm sunlight, so beautiful and gentle.

Gu Mingli took off the earphones, walked over with his long legs, and tapped Nuan Nuan’s forehead lightly with his fingers.

“Thought you forgot.”

Nuan Nuan shook her head and explained softly, “No, I went to pick up my little brother from school.”

Gu An’s hairy head came closer, with a childish face, his eyebrows were flying high, and he looked at Gu Mingli provocatively, looking like he deserved a beating.

“Nuan Nuan came to pick me up first, what does this mean, it means…”

“It means you are stupid.”

Before Gu An finished speaking, Gu Mingli cut off the conversation, and Gu An bared his teeth and claws in anger.

“You’re stupid! You’re the most stupid!”

Gu Mingli didn’t bother to argue with this little idiot, he glanced at the position in the car, it was very good, there was no place at the back.

Why was the eldest brother here?

He muttered and sat in the passenger seat, and everyone went to the Gu family’s old house.

Gu An learned that all of them had gone to plant trees in the morning, and immediately clamoured to take his sister along again.

Nuan Nuan ate the big grapes fed by the fourth brother, and nodded happily with her round cheeks, “Of course, we will go tomorrow!”

Then the next day, after breakfast, except for Gu Nan, everyone went to plant trees together for half a day.

Gu Nan finally went to work under the watchful eyes of Father Gu.

“I’m so tired…”

Gu An, who had been planting for less than half an hour, was exhausted and turned into a dead dog. He shook his arms and looked at Nuan Nuan with ‘what a monster’ expression on his face.

“Aren’t you tired?”

He couldn’t believe that he couldn’t compare to his little delicate sister!

Nuan Nuan shook her head, happily put the Chinese cabbage seeds in a small soil nest that Rhubarb had dug out with his claws, and then raised her small hoe and pushed it in the soil.

“Not tired.”

After finishing speaking, she happily went to order seeds.

Gu An: “…”

Don’t be so energetic and make me look like a waste!

Gu Mingli…he was a little tired too, this was also a young master who hadn’t ever planted flowers, but it was quite interesting to experience, especially seeing that beautiful and soft little girl bouncing around in the soil like a little rabbit.

The experience activities in the morning were over, and they didn’t go in the afternoon. Gu An was in front of the cat’s nest, looking at the two little milk cats who were purring, and wanted to rub them.

“You’re so stupid, you can’t even walk.”

The disgusted and stupid little milk cat looked around with big eyes that were as clear as transparent glass, walking up and down with its four limp little paws, and easily tripped and fell over.

The milk-yellow kitten was poked on the forehead by Gu An’s finger, and immediately stumbled down in the cat’s nest, waving its four milky little claws wildly.

Nuan Nuan stretched out her hand to help it up, and after standing still, the two kittens who had just opened their eyes meowed, and tremblingly moved towards Nuan Nuan with their four paws that were not yet stable. While moving, as long as they stood up and took two steps, they were guaranteed to fall down.

Gu An laughed unceremoniously, “Why are you so stupid?”

They took two steps back from the beating, and then sat down as a kid.

It also raised its furry head tremblingly, looking at everyone with a particularly blank look.

Gu An laughed again, the corners of Gu Mingli’s mouth rose, and he said stupid.

Nuan Nuan felt it was so cute, she stretched out her finger and poked lightly on the chubby belly of the little milk cat, it was soft.

Gu An also tried to poke it, and then looked at Nuan Nuan’s small face and said seriously, “It’s a bit like my sister’s face.”

Nuan Nuan puffed her cheeks, “It’s not.”

With a serious face, “If you don’t believe me, try it yourself?”

Nuan Nuan blinked her eyes, and really touched her face with both hands.


Gu Mingli also knelt down and pinched her. When Mother Gu came over, she saw her son and nephew pinching her good daughter’s face. The little cheeks were red from pinching, and the big eyes were watery and innocent, as if being bullied.

Mother Gu: “…”

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