TBVSR Ch. 75.2: Evening Party

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The Midsummer Night Dance Party was very lively, many celebrities had come, Esmera’s high-level officials also showed their faces, as well as Bu Xi’s mother and grandmother.

This was the first time Jiang Yu met Bu Tanyan’s mother.

An old woman with grey hair and elegant demeanour, wearing a navy blue cheongsam, surrounded by many chief artists from the Ballet Association, talking to her, clinging to her… Jiang Yu had heard from Jiang Manyi that the Bu family loved to control Bu Tanyan, and was very strict, and she was forcefully trained as the heir of the family, regardless of her wishes.

This was why Bu Tanyan was so rebellious.

Not many students were participating in the midsummer evening party this time.

The total number of new and previous students in class ABC did not exceed 40, while almost no students in class DEF participated.

They had no part in the competition, and they were not qualified to participate in such a high-class dinner party.

There was no absolute equality in this world. In Esmera, even though family background could not determine everything, ability could still determine reputation and status.

Each student had a nameplate with the name of the teacher they were representing on their chest, with the class written on it as well.

Jiang Yu was recommended by Teacher Xue Jiayi and was the only student representing Class F to participate.

Therefore, at the ball, every time a former student came over and tried to get acquainted with her, he would look at the nameplate on her chest and know that her “level” of Class F and thought that she was not qualified to make friends.

Jiang Yu was very calm about this, in her opinion, this was very good.

Ability determined status, better than money and wealth determining her status.

Otherwise, Xue Jiayi, who came from a low-level background, would not have climbed to such a high position.

Xue Jiayi came to Jiang Yu’s side and told her: “The dance competition will adopt an elimination system. Everyone will take turns to dance up in order. The symphony will not stop. You have to choose the dance moves according to the music style. If you can’t keep up, or if you don’t conform to the style, you will be eliminated.”

“Eliminate to the end, and the one left will be the final champion.”

“It sounds like we’re playing a game.”

“It doesn’t sound like a serious competition.”

Xue Jiayi became serious and solemnly said: “But you don’t look at who is standing in the audience. Needless to mention the mother and daughter of the Bu family, but the chief of the association and the artists of the major troupes, you are qualified to dance in front of them. Can you still say that this is not a serious competition?”

Jiang Yu took a deep breath nervously: “I will do my best.”

“Don’t be afraid, this time Bu Xi is here, you don’t have to compete with her, you can’t beat her anyway, as long as you are better than those two apprentices of Bai Shuyi, that’s enough.”

She was talking about Shen Aoqing and Wen Lun.

As long as these two were defeated, Xue Jiayi would become more qualified than Bai Shuyi to be Esmera’s chief.

“The game won’t start for a while, you can go to the dining table to eat something to replenish your energy, but don’t eat too much.”

“Okay, Teacher Xue.”

Jiang Yu went to the buffet table, ate a piece of chocolate, and replenished her physical strength.

At this moment, Bu Xi came to her side, pulled her and said, “Come, I’ll take you to meet my mother.”

“Ah, this…”

Before she had time to refuse, Bu Xi had already pulled her and pulled her in front of Bu Tanxiang.

Bu Tanxiang and Bu Tanyan were biological sisters, she was the older sister and Bu Tanyan was three years younger.

Of course, Jiang Yu had also heard of Bu Tanxiang. When she read Bu Tanyan’s resume in a celebrity magazine, she had mentioned this sister.

The magazine said that she and Bu Tanyan had been a pair of sisters since they were young. They both studied ballet and achieved outstanding results when they were young.

Later, as they grew older, the gap between the two began to widen. Bu Tanyan had an outstanding ballet talent, but she was free and loose by nature and didn’t like to be restrained.

But Bu Tanxiang was just the opposite. She was passionate about ballet, listened carefully to the teacher’s words, and behaved well. However, her talent was limited. After reaching the maximum level of diligence, it was difficult to improve. Later, she gradually gave up ballet and began to participate in family affairs, becoming a capable family head like Wang Xifeng.

Bu Xi pulled Jiang Yu to Bu Tanxiang, and warmly introduced: “Mom, this is my new good friend. I mentioned her to you, my classmate Jiang Yu.”

Jiang Yu said politely: “Hello, Auntie.”

Bu Tanxiang was wearing a classic Chanel jacket with a small fragrance style, which showed a bit of elite temperament in her fashion. She didn’t look at Jiang Yu, but her eyes fell on the nameplate of class F on her chest, with a faint expression-“Oh, you’re good.”

Jiang Yu knew that no parent would want their child to play with a child with poor grades, and Jiang Manyi was a typical example of this kind of parent.

But every time Chen Wei came to the house, she greeted her with a smile because Chen Wei had good grades.

Parents were all like this, and Bu Tanxiang was no exception. She glanced at the nameplate, understood it, and then raised her head to look at Jiang Yu.

However, the moment she saw her appearance, Bu Tanxiang trembled visibly.

Bu Tanxiang was indeed taken aback, it was as if Bu Tanyan was back.

But when she looked at Jiang Yu again, she felt something was wrong.

This girl was so young, about the same age as Bu Xi, how could she be Bu Tanyan’s look alike.

Bu Tanxiang concealed her gaffe, and said solemnly to Bu Xi: “The competition is about to start, you are still here to socialize, your grandma will scold you again when she sees it.”

“Got it.”

Bu Xi looked at her mother and knew that she didn’t want her to have more contact with Jiang Yu, so she made it boring for herself, and pulled Jiang Yu away: “Don’t mind, my mother is like this, she thinks you are in class F, so…”

“It’s okay, my mother is also like that.”

“Hahaha, let’s shake hands.”

It was no wonder that Bu Xi’s mother was like this, the students in Class F were the most common type of dancers on Esmera’s stage.

Throughout her life, she may not be able to have a name, but could only be the background of the stage.

These so-called artists and chiefs naturally looked down on her.

However, Jiang Yu entered class F at the beginning because she was angry with Bai Shuyi. She never thought that her strength would become the background board of the stage.

Soon, Xie Yuan’s car drove over and stopped by the lawn of the dance party.

Most of Esmera’s top management went up to welcome him politely.

Mrs. Bu was calm and relaxed, and acted as if she hadn’t seen him.

Bu Tanxiang’s expression became a little subtle.

Back then, the Bu family had heard about the matter between him and Bu Tanyan.

Especially after Bu Tanyan’s death, this kid rushed to the morgue, demanding to see her dead body, and the Bu family almost dispatched all the security guards to stop this bastard.

Later, they watched Xie Yuan’s career grow bigger and bigger, and he became an upstart in Beicheng, even surpassing the wealthy marriage partner they had carefully selected for Bu Tanxiang.

Later, he even did not hesitate to viciously compete with the Bu family, and bought the majority of Esmera’s shares at a high price, which made the Bu family feel extremely embarrassed.

So meeting each other was like meeting a stranger.

Xie Yuan had never participated in this kind of ball, because Esmera was just one of his many assets, and he never bothered.

But he heard that Jiang Yu would perform at the dance, so he hurried over here.

He just wanted to see his daughter’s performance.

From childhood to adulthood, he had missed too many shining moments in her life. Now, Xie Yuan would never miss any of her moments again.

Bai Shuyi stepped forward and said softly to Xie Yuan: “Mr. Xie, the competition has been postponed for half an hour. If you say start, our ball competition will officially begin.”

“There is no rush.” Xie Yuan waved his hand.

“Okay, okay, when Mr. Xie is ready, we can start at any time.”

Xie Yuan scanned the lawn: “I’m going to see if Xiao Yu is ready.”

Bai Shuyi: “…”

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