RCFS Ch. 267

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But soon, Zhang Xiong willingly contributed Awesomeness XP. Not to mention Zhang Xiong, everyone here began to contribute Awesomeness XP continuously.

Because of Ye Yunxi’s technique.

Top tea art!

From choosing tea to choosing water, from preparing tea to dividing tea, she did it to the extreme with every action and even every look in her eyes was perfect!

By comparison, that woman’s tea art just now could only be regarded as making tea!

Ding! Awesomeness XP +10+10+…

Zhang Xiong was completely convinced, and he finally understood why the emperor in the nightclub looked down upon them. With such a special assistant beside him, who was so perfect that even his hands were itching, to him these women below were all not worth the competition!

After waving his hand and dismissing the people, Zhang Xiong watched Ye Yunxi make only a cup of tea and hand it to Di Junxie.

The man curled his lips, sipping tea in an elegant manner, with a satisfied look on his face.

Zhang Xiong swallowed his saliva and couldn’t help but say: “Young Master Emperor, can you give me a cup?”

The Young Master didn’t even raise his head: “I am the only one in the world who can drink this tea.”

My wife brewed it, and other men could only covet it. If you want to die, you can drink it.

“But since you can’t come up with anything good, I don’t have to stay here.”

After taking the last sip of tea, Di Junxie stood up, put his windbreaker on Ye Yunxi, and left arrogantly.

Zhang Xiong was anxious. He had something to talk to Young Master Di about tonight. Now it was okay. It didn’t matter that a woman didn’t fall in Young Master Di’s eyes. He also made him angry. If he left, what else could he do? Who could he find to keep him safe?

“Young Emperor, Young Master, stay!”

Zhang Xiong chased him all the way out. Seeing that the man was not stopping, he simply gritted his teeth and followed him back to the hotel.

However, Di Junxie still ignored him, just threw him into an empty room, threw the room key to Ye Yunxi, and turned around to leave.

Zhang Xiong chased him out, but there was no shadow of the emperor. He only saw a beautiful girl standing in front of him.

For some reason, fair skin and even Long Tuan Shengxue flashed through his mind. Zhang Xiong seemed to be possessed and rushed toward Ye Yunxi!

“Baby, one bite, let me kiss you, you can seduce people more than those women!”

Before the last word was uttered, her long legs raised and kicked sideways, sending the person flying away hard.

The moment his blood flowed out, Zhang Xiong went crazy.


This woman looked so slender and weak, why should she be so fierce!

Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!

Are you stupid! Do you think our host is easy to push down just because she is small? Do you know that she will destroy you to ashes in a matter of minutes!!!

People not far away rushed back when they heard the noise and immediately held Zhang Xiong down.

“Touching my woman?”

Young Master Di’s beautiful brows knitted together: “Destroy his eyes!”

From the moment this stupid pig kept staring at his woman, he wanted to do this!

Now, he was actually tampering with her right under his nose?

The bodyguard took out the dagger and slashed it hard!


Before the scream could be heard, it was blocked. The doors and windows of the room were closed tightly. Except for the blood stains on the ground, no one noticed it at all!

“Young Master Emperor! Young Master Emperor, I was wrong. I came here to cooperate with you. Doesn’t the Ji family want to buy the bar here? I will give you the Black Gold and am just asking Master Emperor to give me a shelter!”

The man on the road, now everyone was looking for his whereabouts, just for a list!

A list of everyone involved!

“If I kill you, the Black Gold will anyway be mine, so why go to all this trouble?”

Why, do you want to gain something by misdirecting his people?

Dream on!

“Then, what do you want, Young Master Di? I can give you anything except my life!!”

Emperor Di raised his head indifferently, his black eyes were as deep as ink, and his aura was fierce, like a sharpened sabre, filled with murderous intent.

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