MGSGW Ch. 154

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The two ate something casually, and Lin Mumu pushed her bicycle to go to school.

“You don’t need to accompany me. The school is so close, I’ll go by myself.”

Lin Mumu skilfully stuffed Baozi into the basket, and got on the bicycle. Even if Yun Ting wanted to drive her off now, it was too late.

“Yun Ting, goodbye~~”

Lin Mumu rode a bicycle and waved her hands at him.

“Heh.” Yun Ting looked at Lin Mumu’s back riding a bicycle, and chuckled softly.

Lin Mumu got up early, the sun had just risen, and many people were still sleeping late. The trees on both sides of the street fluttered against the morning light. Occasionally, there were a few old people practicing Tai Chi and young people jogging in the morning. The heat from the breakfast stall formed a swallow in the morning view of Beijing.

Lin Mumu couldn’t help thinking that ten years later, the proliferation of private cars would add a layer of hustle and bustle to this tranquillity, and she felt a little melancholy, but she couldn’t change anything, she could only develop along with the times.


Baozi seemed to have woken up, and suddenly straightened up, letting out a cry of joy.

Lin Mumu’s bicycle basket was filled with a layer of soft cushions, and now it had become a small nest for the bun.

But Baozi had always been quiet and well-behaved on the road, why did he suddenly bark today? Was he still excitedly waving his paws at the back?

“Hey, don’t make trouble. I can’t save you if you fall.” Lin Mumu taught Baozi a lesson.

“It’s okay, I’ll save him.” A familiar voice came.

Lin Mumu tilted her head subconsciously, and saw someone wearing casual clothes, running to catch up with her bicycle.

Not to mention that Yun Ting had a really good figure, he was tall but not too bulky, and he didn’t have a bad face. It felt just right. If he was thinner, he would feel weak, and if he was bulkier, he would be too muscular.

With his current figure, it happened to be the kind that girls were least resistant to. Especially his running posture which was very standard, gave people a sense of visual enjoyment.

Abbreviation, delicious food.

Lin Mumu was a little excited, and immediately lost her mind.

As a result, student Lin Mumu, who was originally riding a bicycle well, fell over when her body tilted.

Fortunately, Yun Ting had quick eyes and quick hands, so he grabbed the bike and picked up the little girl who was about to fall.

Well, it was enough to support the bicycle. He was really just a handy thing, and he habitually hugged her in his arms.

“You let go.” Lin Mumu helplessly glanced at the guy who took the opportunity to eat tofu, but in fact, it was just now that she wanted to be beautiful and delicious.

After Lin Mumu regained her composure, she got on her bicycle again, and Yun Ting was running beside her, neither fast nor slow, just parallel to her.

The most pitiful one was Baozi, when he saw Yun Ting hugging Lin Mumu, he was overjoyed and walked between them. But now that Lin Mumu was back in place, it wanted to rub against Yun Ting, but Yun Ting threw him into the bicycle basket.

The whole set of movements was proficient and natural. He really didn’t understand how this guy Yun Ting trained.

“Why are you here?” Lin Mumu asked knowingly.

“Morning exercise.”

Yun Ting said, “Wherever you go, I run.”

The picture was surprisingly harmonious.

“Go to school, what time do you go to school today? I have something to do during the day, so I’ll pick you up in the afternoon.”

“The three professional classes in the morning are over at eleven o’clock, and I have two college English classes in the afternoon. I’m going to continue to go to the store to make flowers and plants.”

“Go home for lunch?”


“Okay, I’ll pick you up at noon.” Yun Ting nodded.

Before Lin Mumu could refuse, Yun Ting had already accelerated in the opposite direction.

What about morning exercises? There was no reason to run back and forth, he was obviously looking for an opportunity to send Lin Mumu off.

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