MGSGW Ch. 153

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“Phew, we’re finally home.”

Seeing that Yun Ting was about to hug her again, Lin Mumu hurriedly opened the car door by herself, and ran into the room like flying.

She seemed to have felt his anger, so she hurried to the kitchen, “You promised to leave me a bowl of chicken soup, you can’t deny the working people the right to eat.”

“Heh~” Yun Ting laughed out loud, watching Lin Mumu’s vivid appearance from behind, his world became brighter.

It seemed that he really couldn’t go after her?

Lin Mumu finally felt at ease, and took the time to drink chicken soup, but she wondered why Yun Ting didn’t come?

So Lin Mumu took a small bowl of chicken soup and tiptoed towards the study like a thief.

Yun Ting had appeared behind her at some point, and snatched her bowl.

“Huh?” Lin Mumu was dumbfounded.

Can foodie’s bowls could be grabbed casually? I’m in a hurry with you every minute!

“Yun Ting!”

“Good girl, open your mouth.”

Seeing Yun Ting scooping up a small spoonful of soup from the porcelain bowl and preparing to feed her, Lin Mumu opened her mouth obediently. But he actually! Turned the spoonful of soup into his own mouth.

Lin Mumu was in a hurry, then he looked at Yun Ting aggrievedly. What about the food that was agreed to be given to me? How can you steal it?

Yun Ting suddenly held Lin Mumu’s face and kept approaching her, then skilfully pried open her lips and teeth, taking a mouthful of chicken soup, followed Yun Ting’s mouth and the soup flowed into Lin Mumu’s mouth.

Lin Mumu opened her eyes wide, stared at Yun Ting fixedly, opened her mouth and swallowed subconsciously.

She didn’t realize how ambiguous they were just now until the action was over.

Lin Mumu lowered her head in embarrassment, but Yun Ting’s lips fell again.

She cooperated resignedly, anyway it was still the same bowl of chicken soup~~ just a different way of eating it.

Hmph, don’t eat for nothing!

Seeing Lin Mumu’s half-stupid gentle appearance, Yun Ting knew it was almost over.

The little fried hair had turned into a kitten, and the cooked little wife could be eaten.

So much so that Lin Mumu, who had been tossed all night, couldn’t remember how she was fed chicken soup and how she landed onto the bed afterwards.

How did things change from being a foodie to being eaten~~and eating and eating.

“No more, I’m so tired.” Lin Mumu begged softly.

But Yun Ting didn’t answer, hearing that Lin Mumu’s voice was still powerful, he continued to toss her fiercely, wishing to swallow her whole.

“Yun Ting, let’s have a baby.” When the love was strong, Lin Mumu said winkingly.

He was delighted by her words, and he continued to increase the strength and speed of his charge, triggering waves of gentle cheers.

A flash of fireworks suddenly exploded on the dark lake surface, the extreme brilliance caused Lin Mumu to be scalded, and with a flash in front of her eyes, she fell into a deep illusion.

He brought her to the peak, and finally fell asleep with his arms around her contentedly.

It was not until the next morning that Yun Ting gave Lin Mumu the answer she wanted: “We won’t have children until you graduate from university.”

“Then you still…” Lin Mumu blushed when she thought of the hot feeling last night and felt flushed, afraid to look up at him.

“Don’t worry, I still have this method.” The method he said was to make the essence flow out of his body through acupoints afterwards.

Lin Mumu blinked and had an idea again, so why doesn’t she just run away after finishing the next time, and don’t give him a chance to do it?

“Hey, don’t make trouble.” As if guessing Lin Mumu’s thoughts, Yun Ting patted her head helplessly: “I promise you won’t have the strength to escape from my palm.”

“…” What he said seemed to be true. Lin Mumu was far inferior to Yun Ting in terms of physical strength, and every time she was tossed to death by him, she was in high spirits.

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