KHSW Ch. 285

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Shen Bingqian secretly laughed in her heart, this time, it was not certain whether you will be able to go back alive!

One night a few days ago…

Ou Mengxue went to her, “Bingqian, have you asked Ling Xi? What does she think of your album?”

“Maybe Ling Xi hasn’t heard of it yet!” The album had been released for so long, but Ling Xi didn’t call her as she expected, or asked her to question her face to face, so she took it for granted that Ling Xi didn’t hear it because she was too busy.

Ou Mengxue laughed, “You are so naive and cute. How could she not know with your album being so popular? But with your behaviour, it is plagiarism in the entertainment industry. Once someone finds out, your career in the music industry will be ruined.”

“It’s over.”

Shen Bingqian was naturally nervous. She thought it would be fine as long as Ling Xi had no proof, but later she realized that she was really naive. After Ou Mengxue’s investigation, it turned out that Ling Xi had already registered the copyright of those songs, that was to say, as long as Ling Xi wanted to, she could take her to court at any time.

It was precisely because of this that she had a terrible idea… As long as Ling Xi had an accident, she could keep those songs as her own forever.

Ou Mengxue seemed to have read her mind, “I’ll arrange for you to participate in a reality show! This is the list that has been submitted. If you want to go too, I can arrange it.”

When she saw Ling Xi’s name on it, she was slightly delighted.

“Participating in this program will bring you a high salary. At the same time, your life will be in danger. Accidents may happen at any time. I need to explain this clearly to you in advance. If you agree, I will sign up for you.”

Shen Bingqian hesitated… In the end, she still accepted the statement and agreement…

A program where accidents could happen at any time was unprecedented. If Ling Xi had an accident on the program, the program team would bear full responsibility.

Immediately retracting her thoughts, Shen Bingqian looked at Ling Xi “gratefully” and nodded desperately, “Okay, you don’t need to tell me, I will definitely destroy those songs.”

“Woo—” At 5:30 in the morning, the assembly horn sounded.

“Why so early?” Shen Bingqian sat up from the bed in a daze, still looking like she was still asleep.

Ling Xi and Bing Yanyan had already washed up before the horn sounded, and when they heard the horn sound, they immediately packed up the quilts and ran downstairs.

Bing Yanyan looked back at Shen Bingqian, saw that she was lying down again, and shouted anxiously: “Bingqian, it’s time to assemble, don’t sleep.”

Shen Bingqian didn’t care, she closed her eyes and lay on the bed, “You go first, I’ll sleep and come later!”

Bing Yanyan was in a hurry, so she followed Ling Xi and ran down.

They all arrived at the assembly point as quickly as possible, but since Ling Xi couldn’t tell which one was the squad leader, she had to slow down and follow closely behind Bing Yanyan.

It was still dark at the moment, only the dim light shone quietly on the road.

The captain saw that the recruits arrived very quickly, and his prejudice against them lessened a little. If it weren’t for the instructions from his superiors, he would definitely not have come here to bring up a group of star recruits.

Soon, his eyebrows twitched, “The squad of new recruits, report the number.”

“One, two, three, four, five.”

Liming was the last to report the number. He suddenly had a feeling of participating in military training. Didn’t they say that they could be pilots? Why were they in military training now?

However, he would soon know whether this was “military training”.

“Why didn’t Shen Bingqian come?”

“Reporting to the captain, Shen Bingqian is still asleep. I called her, but she told us to come first.” Bing Yanyan explained.

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