KHSW Ch. 284

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Ling Xi slightly curled her lips, and an unpredictable light flashed in her eyes, “Aren’t you afraid that your own reputation will be ruined after I say it?”

After all, Shen Bingqian’s acting skills were still not superb enough, she looked at Ling Xi slightly dodging her eyes, in fact, she wanted to make progress by retreating, and from what Ou Mengxue said, Ling Xi used to like this the most.

“Of course I am worried. I am worried that everything I have now will be lost. It is because I am very scared that I have been afraid to face you, but I have figured it out now. Instead of living in fear, it is better to put everything out in the open, all I have to do is to accept those online violence and quit the music scene, or even die, what else should I be afraid off?”

Ling Xi understood what she meant. This was like “moral kidnapping”. If it was revealed that she had embezzled her own songs, any accidents that happened to Shen Bingqian would be her own fault and responsibility.

This was really more and more like Ou Mengxue’s style of doing things. In her previous life, Ou Mengxue used this method on her, so that she repeatedly forgave Ou Mengxue’s mistakes, moral kidnapping, and memory killing… How could she be the same in this life? Would she make the same mistake?

Shen Bingqian deliberately said these words in front of Bing Yanyan, just to make her a “catalyst”, so that she could not easily say cruel words because of the presence of others.

Bing Yanyan felt a little unbelievable, “Is there anything you can’t think about? Even dying?”

Tears welled up in Shen Bingqian’s eyes, “No, you don’t understand, those songs are bigger than the sky for me, becoming a singer is my lifelong dream, but they don’t like my songs, I really have no choice but to do such a stupid thing, if I can’t sing in the future, I’ll lose everything, and I’d rather die than live.”

Bing Yanyan was a little moved. For herself, acting in dramas was something bigger than the sky. At the beginning, her family unanimously opposed her acting, saying that her impulsive personality was not suitable for entering the entertainment industry. If she could no longer act, what was the point of her living in this world?

Thinking of herself and others, she could understand why Shen Bingqian acted like this, “I understand your feelings, but even so, you can’t steal other people’s things to pass off as your own!”

Seeing Bing Yanyan’s soft heart, Shen Bingqian secretly rejoiced, but her face still had a sad look on her face, “I really knew I was wrong, I didn’t expect things to develop to this point, Ling Xi, please forgive me this once?”

Looking at Shen Bingqian’s disgusting face, Ling Xi seemed to have seen the scene of Ou Mengxue kneeling and pleading to her in her previous life…

“Ling Xi, just give her a chance! As long as she doesn’t use your songs in the future.”

Bing Yanyan’s heart softened, and she began to talk for Shen Bingqian.

Ling Xi glanced at her lightly. She didn’t expect Bing Yanyan to be fooled so easily. Although she was impulsive and had no evil intentions, she originally thought that they would become good friends, but… it was still a while before she could become Ling Xi’s friend.

“Well, since Bing Yanyan has said so, I will give you one last chance…”

“Thank you Ling Xi, thank you Yanyan, I will definitely not do it again.”

“However, I have one condition. When we go back after recording this show, you must destroy all the songs I gave you.”

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