MGSGW Ch. 219

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Lin Mumu was not stupid, so why would she send herself to the door to find abuse?

“You child, you have your own opinions since you were a child. You can make up your own mind. Remember, you have to protect your own wife.”

“Obey!” Yun Ting gave a military salute.

“Go back.”

The old general looked at Lin Mumu again: “Little girl, you promised to teach me how to grow flowers. Next time I will go to your shop to help you. Don’t mind then that this old man is long-winded.”

“No.” Lin Mumu was not hypocritical, and smiled boldly.

“Well, then I won’t worry. People should find some fun for themselves at my age.” The old man withdrew while humming a little song.

Yun Ting and Lin Mumu were left alone so they started running around the periphery of Yan University again.

Running on this side, Yun Ting’s eyes fell on Lin Mumu from time to time.

After running half a circle, Lin Mumu felt uncomfortable being stared at by him, so she turned her head and gave him a blank look.

Yun Ting suddenly accelerated, and ran away without a trace. Lin Mumu also took the opportunity to rest on the spot for a while.

Yun Ting was very fast, and came back in two minutes, with a bunch of fat and big snow clouds in his hands.

“What is this?” Lin Mumu looked curiously at the piece of white, like clouds and snow, which exuded a sweet smell.

“Cotton candy.” Yun Ting was also taken aback for a moment, but he didn’t expect that the foodie Lin Mumu hadn’t even eaten cotton candy.

Whether it was a marshmallow or a lollipop, it was sugar anyway.

Lin Mumu quickly took it, biting into it with big mouthfuls.

Seeing her eating, Yun Ting couldn’t hold back, and took a bite from the other direction.

Fortunately, Lin Mumu was greedy for food but didn’t protect food with her life, so he could take a bite as soon as she took a bite. It was just that she was afraid that Yun Ting would snatch her candy, so she naturally ate faster.

After a while, a large ball of cotton candy turned into a small bare rod.

“Too good at eating!” Yun Ting concluded.

“It’s obviously the cotton candy that’s puffy. It’s not as big as a piece of candy when it’s compressed.” Lin Mumu didn’t admit it, and refuted repeatedly.

Yun Ting just listened to her making excuses with a blank face, and then pretended nothing happened, and the two continued to run in harmony.

Lin Mumu suddenly felt that she had really found an ice cube?

No matter what, Lin Mumu’s motivation doubled when she thought of returning home after running, and her running speed was much faster.

After breakfast, Lin Mumu insisted on going to school by bicycle.

It was just a few steps away, and it was good to go to school by bicycle.

As a result, Lin Mumu was riding a bicycle in front, followed by a limited edition black AD car. At the beginning of the 21st century, when private cars were not yet fully developed, it was good to have a car. This kind of high-end car, no one even dared to think about it.

There was such a one behind her, which was really eye-catching.

Fortunately, Lin Mumu had a big heart and completely ignored the existence of this person.

Yun Ting’s car did not drive away until Lin Mumu’s bicycle disappeared inside the school gate with “Yanjing University” written in four large golden characters.

Lin Mumu came early, so she could go back to the dormitory and bring Wang Ma’s chicken porridge and side dishes to Chen Fangya and the others.

When Lin Mumu returned to the dormitory, apart from Liu Yuanyuan who had gotten up early to recite English, the two little lazy cats were still lying sleeping on the bed.

“Wake up, let’s eat!” Lin Mumu roared, and opened the lunch box, the strong smell of rice forcibly abducted the two bedridden girls.

Seeing the two girls who were about to go to the table, Lin Mumu hurriedly stopped him: “Go wash up first. If your suitors see your slovenly appearance, many of them will disappear.”

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