KHSW Ch. 286

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The captain calmly said, “Go and call Shen Bingqian, we’ll wait for her here.”

“Yes.” Bing Yanyan originally wanted to put the quilt on the ground, but she was afraid of getting it dirty, so she carried the quilt upstairs and called Shen Bingqian.

After a quarter of an hour, they finally saw the figures of Bing Yanyan and Shen Bingqian.

When Bing Yanyan and Shen Bingqian were about to enter the queue, the captain growled, “Get out.”

The two of them looked confused and walked out slowly.

The captain tried his best to suppress his anger, “Report before entering the queue.”



The captain did not let them join, “Shen Bingqian.”

“Here.” Shen Bingqian was so sleepy that she wanted to yawn, but she tried her best to hold back, and the cold air flowed straight into her neck.

“What are you doing here?”

“Reporting to the captain, recording a program.”

The captain said angrily: “Wrong, you are here to be a soldier, but you don’t have the slightest sense of being a soldier. There are so many people waiting for you two here, a full 15 minutes and 45 seconds, and you have no sense of time.”

The air was so still that only the breathing of the crowd remained.

“Now that you’ve come to the military camp, you are no longer celebrities. You have only one identity. The recruits of the Shenying training camp. This is not a place where you can come and go whenever you want. As long as you are still here, you must obey the orders here, and you are absolutely not allowed to disobey, do you hear me clearly?”

“Understood.” The six said in unison, and behind them stood a group of veterans.

“Speak louder, I didn’t hear you.”


“Join the queue.” The captain then let Shen Bingqian and Bing Yanyan enter the group.

“Today, our first training task is to carry out a five-kilometre cross-country run with a weight-bearing quilt.”

Five kilometres? Hearing this news, Shen Bingqian’s drowsiness was scared away.

…Five-kilometre cross-country run with a load, especially in the cold winter, was a huge challenge for the six people who just entered the camp for the first day.

Shen Bingqian first walked up out of breath, “No, I can’t run anymore.”

As she spoke, she gasped for breath.

The squad leader ran over after seeing it, “Shen Bingqian, right? It’s only 500 meters, let’s run.”

Shen Bingqian looked at the monitor, coughing and panting, “Squad monitor, I really can’t run anymore, I’ll walk over.”

…Ling Xi seemed to be tireless, breathing evenly and running all the way forward.

Bing Yanyan had gradually fallen behind as well.

After another 1,000 meters, Liming looked at Ling Xi who was running ahead of him in surprise, “Sister Xi, you run so fast!”

He was a little out of breath now, but Ling Xi was still full of motivation.

Ling Xi heard Liming’s voice, turned her face slightly, and said with a smile: “It must be because you don’t exercise well, so now you can’t run as fast as me.”

Stimulated by Ling Xi, Liming instantly felt motivated, “Sister Xi, let me run with you!”


“Chi Jingyu” looked around for Ling Xi’s figure. When he turned around and saw Liming and Ling Xi running together, his eyes flickered slightly.

“Ling Xi.”

Seeing the particularly conspicuous golden hair, Ling Xi knew it was Chi Jingyu without listening to his voice.

“It seems that your physical strength is not bad!”

“Chi Jingyu” imitated someone’s way of speaking, and squeezed between Liming and Ling Xi, “Of course, do you want me to carry the quilt for you?”

“I’m not that delicate yet.”

Seeing Chi Jingyu sandwiched between them, Liming felt a little lost and slowed down involuntarily.

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