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This dance by Xu Maomao had turned the entire pet circle in city B into a dance frenzy. They didn’t care about whether they were from the third or fourth ring or even the sixth or seventh ring, they didn’t care about making two or three or even four or five subway changes and bus trips. Any pet lover who had seen the group dance video of Little Apple, which was popular in the circle of friends, couldn’t wait to come and watch it in person.

This was not surprising at all. It was said that when the first Michelin restaurant was selected in city S, the people of city S were also similarly fanatical. Even the high consumption of waiting in line for half a year did not stop them from flocking to it, not to mention that it was free to watch Little Apple!

So in the next few days, Xu Maomao received batch after batch of believers. If he was in a good mood, he would dance. If he was in a bad mood or tired, he would collapse on the display stand to rest. Even so, the believers were satisfied, and those who were close to him would swipe twice, and their enthusiasm for him tended to last forever.

The love value surged to 3 million in just one week, which was much faster than the live broadcast, and the popularity did not fade until a week later, but a group of stupid fans had already been scoured, and they had to watch it every three to five times, this was now Xu Maomao’s stable source of income.

Xu Maomao thought about it and decided to learn a new dance when he got tired of dancing Little Apple.

Except for Shen Yu, the other staff in the pet store also doted on him, brushing and feeding him often, and gradually raising him to become lazy. Dry coarse fiber cat food and light hair remover were not as palatable as cat food. When serving canned wet food, Xu Maomao always didn’t like to eat it. Unless they fed it with their own hands, he would never take the initiative to lick it. Among all the clerks, Xiao Guan liked to feed him the most. Even feeding cat food into his mouth one by one was her habit. Xu Maomao was the closest to her except Shen Yu, until she accidentally touched some unspeakable part of him, which made Xu Maomao jump up in shock. From then on, he never wanted to get close to her.

Shen Yu thus inexplicably and secretly repelled the invisible competitors and became the unshakable overlord in Oscar’s harem.

His cat could only be petted by him! Just let others watch!

Shen Yu found that his possessiveness was indeed becoming more and more terrifying. He attributed this change to the fact that Oscar was too good, unlike the silly cats outside, so his abnormality was not his own responsibility, heh.

In the recuperation area, there were a few overweight fat cats and a fat Erha, but because Xu Maomao danced with the group of pets at least once a day, those spherical animals were wasted and thinned by the intense exercise.

Once the therapist made a total calculation, that they had returned to their normal weight, their recuperation was at an end.

Shen Yu decided to send them back to their master’s house, and when they left, they reluctantly said goodbye to Xu Maomao. The cats were put into the take-out cage and taken away directly, but the fat husky was still too big, so the owner put a collar on it and prepared to take it out while walking.

It was a pity that after a few days, the Erha had already unilaterally established a friendship bridge with Xu Maomao – although the aloof Xu Maomao had never had any communication with it except leading the dance, since he had to be hugged and touched by various people every day, his itinerary was very full!

The Fat Erha broke free from his master’s leash, and crawled barkingly in front of the puppet cat, which was much smaller than him: “Wooooow!”

Xu Maomao’s ears moved slightly, struggling to distinguish the dog language as it said—

—He had found that he could understand multiple languages now, but some species had too low of an IQ so understanding them was a little difficult.

——For example, this erha…

When the fat erha saw that he didn’t respond, he became anxious: “Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” You must come and teach me!

Xu Maomao: “… Meow.”

Fat Erha: “Wow, woof!” Mr. Cat, I will prepare a meaty bone to treat you!

Xu Maomao: =. =

I say, big brother Erha, haven’t you heard the saying that cats eat fish and dogs eat meat, and Ultraman beats little monsters? If you want to treat me, at least it has to be dried fish~

The Fat Erha seemed to want to say something more, but its owner couldn’t wait to take it away. Brother Erha clawed at the glass door with his paws wide open, screaming heart-piercingly, he was acting out a cat-dog version of parting between lovers with Xu Maomao!

The Fat Erha seemed to be in love with the cat here, and its owner felt both ashamed and funny, and said angrily: “Hey! You have reproductive isolation, and you are still a eunuch, you are not allowed to act wild!” Then he pulled it away, leaving its involuntary scratches on the ground.

Xiao Guan laughed while mopping the floor: “Haha, did it fall in love with my Oscar?”

Shen Yu: … When did it belong to you? It’s my home’s pet, mine!

Xiao Guan proudly picked up Oscar, pursed her lips and wanted to kiss it, but before she could kiss it, Shen Yu reached out to fish it away, and said with a grim expression: “You are forbidden to kiss the cat, it’s unhygienic.”

The naive Xiao Guan: “It’s okay, I don’t dislike it.”

Shen Yu said coolly: “Don’t get me wrong, I mean you are not hygienic enough.”

Xiao Guan: … So you are such a stingy Manager Shen!

Shen Yu carried the cat into the office, looked at it for a while and thought critically, only I can kiss such a smart kitten.

Then he smiled slightly and moved his lips close to Oscar’s little nose without saying a word: “Chirp.” Suddenly, it was spread out like a big pie on his desk.

Shen Yu poked at the pie, and said with a smile, “Don’t be a mascot today, I’ll give you a break to play with the computer. I heard it’s very enlightening. I hope you can practice to become smarter.” He thought that Oscar was a cat that had become a master, but he never thought that Oscar was just a master of drama, and there was in fact a big living person living in it.

Due to Shen Yu’s selfishness, Oscar’s time to attend the stage had been reduced by more than half, so when he had nothing to do, he hid in the office and broadcasted live secretly. Fortunately, Shen Yu was always busy with many things during the day, and the sound insulation in the office was very good, so his live broadcast went smoothly, and his assets climbed higher and higher, and soon approached five million, not far from opening the red envelope group mall!

The advertisement of the nursing center was completely launched because of Phoebe the cat and Xu Maomao, especially the rating of the service of pet weight loss on Dazong was particularly high. Soon, the Valley of the Wind pet store welcomed a group of new customers.

On this day, Xu Maomao was finishing his dance, and had returned to the office sweating profusely to be with Shen Yu. He nestled in Shen Yu’s hand and watched him process the documents, while eating the thick fiber cat bar in his hand.

In the outer hall, a customer walked into the pet shop with a sturdy takeaway cage.

The guest was a young man, probably because his pet was afraid of the cold, so the cage was covered with a thick quilt. When he came in, he breathed out and sighed, “It’s so warm.”

Xiao Guan and Xiao Song came up to meet him, and asked: “Brother, is there anything I can help you with?”

“Well, my cat has… not been doing well recently.” The young man quickly looked around the pet shop and was a little disappointed when he found that the mascot of the shop was not there.

Xiao Guan took the initiative to help the guest lift the quilt and open the take-out cage, and then she saw a round-headed orange cat crawling out. Judging by its appearance, it might be a combination of a garden cat and a British short. Although it was not a rare breed, it was still very cute, and it looked very energetic and smart. The hair all over its body was well groomed. Xiao Guan asked: “What’s its name?”

“Oji, it means prince in Japanese.” The young man stroked Oji’s round head, it snorted uncooperatively, pushed its head upwards forcefully, and then twitched its nose against the table, apparently looking for some smell.

Xiao Guan observed it for a moment: “It’s very strong, it shouldn’t need recuperating, right? Did you bring it here to take a bath or have a grooming session?”

At this time, Oji seemed to have found his target. It meowed in a high-pitched voice and was about to jump off the pet table. The young man quickly held it down, reprimanded it in a low voice, and said embarrassedly: “It is neither depressed nor a picky eater. It can still eat and sleep well.” After a pause, “I also gave it a bath to get rid of the bugs, so it’s very healthy.”

Xiao Guan smiled: “Then why did you bring it here?”

The young man scratched his head, took out his phone and opened a video which released the sound of the noisy little apple.

Oji was taken aback for a moment, and then he walked around to the owner’s hand with ease, squatting down to watch the video, with a very serious expression on his face, as if the owner was showing it some state secret.

“To be honest, my family’s Oji was very excited when he saw me watching this video recently. Later, I printed your Oscar rubbings on a photo and showed it to him. He can watch it all day with fascination. So I wanted to bring it here…to have some contact with him, I wonder if it’s okay?”

It turned out to be a little fan of Oscar, but she didn’t expect that the fan this time was not a human, but a cat.

Xiao Guan joked: “Then you have to buy a handshake ticket for your cat, our Oscar is not easy to be approached by customers now.”

The young man nodded foolishly: “Okay, how much is it?”

Xiao Guan followed his words and said: “One hundred and you can touch the little hand, two hundred and you can kiss the little face, and for three hundred you can dance together. What kind of service do you think you need from Oscar?”

“…” The young man thought it was true, so he hesitated for a moment and said, “Then…then let’s dance together, can I transfer money from Zhifubao? I forgot to bring cash, and I don’t have any change on WeChat…”

“Hahahahahaha!” Xiao Guan laughed heartlessly, tears from laughing so hard were on the verge of coming out from her eyes.

The young man watched her laughing in confusion, and then Xiao Guan explained with tears in her eyes: “Just kidding with you! We don’t charge money, but let’s see if Oscar agrees, hey, you and Oji wait a minute, I’ll ask my Lord Oscar for his opinion!”

Xiao Guan quickly ran into the office to ask Shen Yu for instructions. After Shen Yu heard about this incident, he felt that there was nothing wrong with it, so he asked Oscar for advice.

“There’s a cat outside the door who wants to see you, do you want to go?”

Xu Maomao thought it wasn’t a big deal, although he wasn’t interested in cats, what if the cat’s owner had a lot of love points to give to him! So he flicked his hind legs, got up with a grunt, and swaggered out of the door following Xiao Guan.

Xiao Guan: … Seems like something’s wrong? Has the communication between Manager Shen and the cat always been so smooth?

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