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The clerk Xiao Guan cleaned the glass display case in front of the door in advance. There used to be a naive beckoning cat there, but now she removed it and put Xu Maomao on it as a mascot.

The first day Xu Maomao appeared in the pet store attracted crowds of spectators. After all, his press conference had not been over for a few days, and his popularity and exposure were still at a high level. Friends gathered in the pet store, no matter whether they had pets or not, everyone came to see this strange cat that could even dance on Little Apple, and the door was so crowded that nobody could get through.

But these onlookers were different from the media people at the press conference that day. Their quality was uneven. Many people didn’t understand the habits of pets.

Too many flashing lights made Xu Maomao’s eyes water, but the desire for love value overwhelmed everything, Xu Maomao consciously stood on the platform while rubbing his eyes and was extremely obedient. This made Shen Yu and the shop assistants very distressed, such that they shouted at people angrily: “No flash!”

It was very useful for the handsome man who was nearly 1.9 meters and a group of shop assistants and sisters behind him to show their power, and the crowd finally calmed down. But after the pet shop opened for business, they wanted to come in and have close contact, so Shen Yu had to limit the number of people entering the shop, and strictly prohibited them from touching their cats without consent.

Even looking at a cat required so many rules and regulations. When he said it, he thought it was some kind of fan meeting for a traffic star. However, this did not dispel the enthusiasm of the cat lovers. They probably realized that what they had hurt Maomao’s eyes. So, people who wanted to see Xu Maomao began to line up consciously.

Xu Maomao, who encountered this kind of battle for the first time, was a little panicked, especially when those little fans were staring at him with bright and hungry eyes, Xu Maomao felt that he would be eaten alive by them any moment. In addition, when he was a human being, he was also an otaku who lived and died in an empty house, and social phobia had quietly pervaded his life, resulting in a greatly reduced level of activity.

Shen Yu caressed gently: “Afraid? Do you want to go to rest?”

Xu Maomao wanted to rest, but the love value of these people was too considerable!

He just squatted there quietly, and they spread their love crazily, with a love value as high as one or two hundred, and with a little licking of paws, flicking his big tail, even squinting his eyes, meowing and yawning, he could gain three love values ranging from hundred to five hundred.

Xu Maomao was so happy that the whole cat face couldn’t help laughing (>^ω^<).

Shen Yu heaved a sigh of relief. He could clearly see that Oscar’s tension was gradually dissipating, so he felt that the therapist’s point of view that “it needs interaction” was correct. And the therapist also said that although it was very popular now, everyone was popular for three minutes, and there would not be so many viewers after a while, so they should seize this good opportunity now to make Oscar happy, and by the way, pull popularity for the pet shop.

The therapist stood up at the right time: “Look at how excited it is, we can ask the next group of people to make some simple requests and interact with it physically.”

Shen Yu nodded and said to the guests who were about to enter the door, “It can understand some simple instructions, try it.”

But he secretly hoped that Oscar would ignore them, hum!

Possessiveness was a horrible little feeling, but he had to sacrifice it so that Oscar could have a good time.

The people who happened to be in the interactive session went crazy with joy, while the people who missed it heard that there was still a show, and suddenly they were not reconciled so they went to the back of the queue again. They also wanted to play with Mao Mao! So the line that was finally shortened was extended again…

The first group of poeple to enjoy such benefits was a woman approaching Xu Maomao happily with two children who just reached her knees.

“Mom, it’s looking at me~” Dabao pointed at Xu Maomao and said in surprise, “Can I touch it?”

Xu Maomao stared at his dirty paws stained with fruit juice and took a step back in disgust.

The woman blamed him: “It’s all your fault that you didn’t wash your hands after eating the oranges. Look, even cats hate you!”

Another younger child, maybe only three or four years old, stared at Xu Maomao with big, sparkling eyes, suddenly, a surprising request was made by her.

“Scratch the balls! Mom, I want to watch the cat scratch the balls!”

Everyone at the scene: “…”

Xu Maomao meowed in surprise as if someone had stepped on his tail, and his moan seemed a little tense.

The woman blushed, “Little girls are not allowed to say such things!”

“Mom, I want to watch it scratch balls, just like Crayon Shinchan’s Xiaobai[1]!” The little girl was probably too young. She was still ignorant, so she went to catch Xu Maomao.

Shen Yu decisively took Xu Maomao away, and the woman was so ashamed that she covered her daughter’s mouth and apologized again and again: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, she is ignorant and scared your cat.”

Xu Maomao shrank his legs aggrieved, and suddenly realized there was a question, in fact, if you convert it to an adult human, he could be regarded as streaking, and his balls and other things had been exposed long ago, okay~! Fortunately, he is a cat QAQ

The family was quickly invited out, and then another group entered. It was a combination of a father and a little boy. The little boy looked smaller than the little girl. They didn’t know if he heard what the little girl said just now, but he also said amazingly when he came up: “Dad! I want to watch the cat lick the balls!”

Xu Maomao opened his eyes in horror: “Meow!”

However, everyone except him frantically started roaring with laughter.

Xiao Guan covered her face and said: “Why are they all fixated on the balls of our store’s treasure?”

Shen Yu glanced at Xu Maomao: “It never licks his balls, at least I haven’t seen it.” Showing off his naked body, he was obviously very curious.

Xu Maomao: “…”

Wooooo Stop playing!

Then Xu Maomao simply stopped cooperating, and squatted coldly on the soft cushion, no matter how soft and cute the guests behind him were, and even Shen Yu who came to coax him was ignored. Although everyone was in a good mood by just looking at the cat, they still hoped to interact with it when they really came. They were immediately very disappointed and expressed strong dissatisfaction with those two little kids.

It was all the fault of the kids, the cat was very happy before them!

Shen Yu frowned his handsome eyebrows, trying to mobilize Oscar’s emotions. When his eyes fell on its shrugging head and its aggrieved claws, he suddenly had a flash of inspiration, and very cleverly turned on the music player, then he found the popular square dance song on the bad street.

Immediately, Xu Maomao’s famous song – Little Apple was played in the pet shop without any agreement!

“You are my little apple, I can never love you too much…”

Xu Maomao trembled, because he practiced this song for too long, especially in the few days before the live broadcast, which could be said to be sleepless nights. So when he heard the music, his first reaction was to jump up and down instinctively and uncontrollably!

And because of the hard practice for a long time, it was very standard and every movement was tightly stepping on the rhythm,

Everyone was startled, and then there was a burst of laughter that was about to overturn the roof!

Xu Maomao, who had come to his senses, stopped dancing in embarrassment, and stared at Shen Yu angrily. He never knew that the male god was so wicked that he would trick him into dancing!

However, Little Apple didn’t stop and was still clamoring happily, Shen Yu’s eyes also encouraged him.

Xu Maomao curled his lips: “Meow.”

You have to dance with me.

The shit-shoveling officer who understood cats looked at his cat master for three seconds and seemed to get what he meant. Shen Yu hesitated for a moment, then raised his foot and tried to take two steps – of course he didn’t jump on the little apple, that would look so stupid, he just danced the tango to the rhythm of Little Apple, which was a social skill that the rich second generations must master. Shen Yu’s body was slender and fit, and his casual posture was really pleasing to the eye.

Xiao Guan and the therapist immediately understood Manager Shen’s purpose. In order to cheer up Oscar, the heartless Xiao Guan also wriggled joyfully, singing while twisting: “You are my little girl, Oscar moves! Get up, yo hey!”

Although her actions were eye-catching, they undoubtedly set off the atmosphere.

Xu Maomao’s hidden dancing soul was immediately mobilized, and with a big meow, he bravely focused on a dozen pairs of eyes indoors and hundreds of pairs of eyes outside who were eager to come in and suck cats, and happily danced on his four soft and tender paws.

Heavy gasps sounded from inside and outside at the same time, and the overly surprised people applauded one after another!

The temperature of the pet shop suddenly became hot!

In addition to him, there were three or four ignorant cats in the store, two short-legged corgis, a cream-colored lop-eared rabbit, and a fat guinea pig that could hardly support its weight. Driven by him, they were also provoked to dance.

People who came to see the cat had naturally seen its dancing videos, but now not only could they watch the live broadcast, but they could also watch group dances! This completely blew up their expectations. The leading puppet cat, followed by a large group of small dance partners of different breeds, viciously poked everyone’s G, spot, making them all feel precariously cute.

“My god! Isn’t this a cartoon that despises Nenny?”

“It may also be the scene of Pokemon, everyone wants to become a master!”

“I, I can’t do it anymore, I think I’m going to suffocate!”

Several cat lovers were deeply moved. They were so cute that they beat their chests and choked their necks like a horse leader. Their heartbeats had accelerated as if they were running 800 meters.

Xu Maomao was shy at first, but when he saw a large group of companions following him in a decent manner, he suddenly became happy.

Look! I’m not the only one who can dance the Little Apple, they can too!

——It can be said that they are very similar.

After the song was over, the sound of increasing love value hit the bell like a machine gun.

[Gained 299 likes from Xu Xiaohong]

[Gained 400 likes from Mi Lihua]

[Gained 500 likes from Zhu Qiao]


Some people posted the video to their Moments while watching, so there were still some IDs such as “Liuyun Jiujiu” and “Zhairot Shuangxiu” with a small amount of value-added. Xu Maomao was happy to follow the little wasp swimming in the honey oar, feeling that every breath of air wafting with strong love value would drown him in happiness, making him feel beautiful and drunk.

At this time, among the brisk bells echoing, there was a ringing sound that was clearer and louder than other sounds. It was also the unique ding ding ding when the love value increased, but the tail sound was longer and even sticky. After the jingle, the amount was played into the ear.

[Gained love value from Black Lightning +10000]

10,000! Xu Maomao opened his eyes wide and almost fell off the high display stand.

He had only received a maximum amount of eight or nine hundred so far, and he couldn’t even break the line of one thousand, but the most he ever received from Shen Yu, the shit shoveling officer who loved him and was gentle to him, was only one hundred. This amount made him open his eyes.

Could it be that this person named “Black Lightning” was the kind of cat lover who was in a particularly high mood?

Xu Maomao quickly glanced at the people outside the door scrambling to look at him through the glass door, trying to find traces from their eager faces. However, nothing was found, and no one was found to be particularly special.

A piece of greenery behind the crowd hid a black four-legged animal the size of a cat.

Except for the white gloves on its paws, the hair on its whole body was black and thick, glossy and smooth, its ears were pointed and there was a little golden edge on the top, it could be called very handsome and unrestrained.

It was lying in ambush in the corner, staring at the pet shop calmly, with a concentrated expression like a black panther locking its prey.

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