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Don’t worry about it anymore, Su Yemu also wanted to see the marshal’s demeanour, but unfortunately, there was nothing but the draft of the military department, not even the photos of the two generals.

Marshal He is as mysterious as ever.

I was hooked by the story about General Yue, I really want to see what Marshal He looks like.

I heard that Marshal He is at the top on the interstellar assassination list. Foreigners want to kill Marshal He, so they must not post photos.

Some people say that Marshal He is tall and fierce, with a big beard, long hair, wolf eyes that glow, and canine teeth.

Canine? Su Yemu thought of A Sha, and his shoulder suddenly ached.

Professor Li was about to go out while everyone was chatting with Su Yemu, when Erha just walked in, Professor Li patted Erha on the shoulder, and leaned into his ear: “Your grandfather is back.”

Erha: “?”

The previous one, wrong, wrong, I heard that Marshal He has a hulking back, a cross scar on his face, a voice as loud as a bell, and long canine teeth.

I heard from my mother that he looks ugly and has a cruel personality, which can stop children from crying at night.

Su Yemu: ‘Hey, hey, you are young people of the new era living in the interstellar world, how can you listen to rumours?’

Erha’s face turned pale in an instant, and a picture popped up in his mind: In the dark and windy night, a ghostly man sitting on the sofa, with his fangs outstretched, being cold to the four-year-old boy, as he said, I’ll eat you.


Being patted behind him, Erha turned his head dripping with cold sweat, his pale lips trembling like a sieve.

Jiang Xiaoyu was puzzled: “What’s wrong with you? You don’t feel well.”

Erha shook his head, came back to his senses, and murmured ‘it’s okay’, Professor Li snorted softly and left.

When I came, who let you hide, I was stopped by Jiang Xiaoyu and you didn’t come out to help me, hum!

Su Yemu checked the time, it was already 4:20, it was really late.

“Then let’s start!”

Su Yemu took out the ingredients: “Today I’m going to make lotus root eyebrow soup[1], sweet and sour pork tenderloin[2], boiled mustard greens[3], and hawthorn syrup.”

The hawthorn syrup was given to Grandpa Zong and Boss Hei. Today, it was supposed to be used for the lottery draw, but he forgot it, so he will make it up now.

Today’s senior brother and second senior brother appear as shadow panels as always.

Hey, there is one less, where is the bad old man?


The previous one, do you still need to ask? It must be the history professor who came to trouble Bobo! He is really bad.

“Don’t worry, everyone, Professor Li didn’t trouble me, he just asked me about Chinese history, by the way, respect the old and love the young.”

Follow orders!


Everyone: Hello, teacher!

Professor Li stood at the door of the kitchen, seeing everyone reluctantly accepting his existence, he snorted, then snorted again, and said, “Boy Ye, you asked the terminal to delete the screen I just appeared on.” Su Yemu nodded.

He gave the command to the terminal, and a barrage of bullet screens will appear. This old man is very bad, he cannot delete it, and he must keep it as evidence.

Professor Li yelled angrily: “You guys, don’t think that I don’t know that you are students of the School of History, just wait for me.”

As soon as this kind of message finally disappeared, Professor Li snorted again, those bastards, don’t you just want to keep the video and report him to the principal for not doing his job properly? After teaching them for two years, he knew what they would want to do with his tail up.

033 No. 2: Chirp, chirp

Su Yemu first soaked the mustard greens in cold water, and then started to cook the soup. The eyebrow beans had been soaked for three hours before. Su Yemu washed the pork bones and put them into the casserole, then added the soaked eyebrow beans and lotus root peel, he patted it and cut it into pieces, he put them into the pot together, he covered the neck of the casserole with cold water, he brought to a boil over high heat, then turned it to low heat and let it simmer.

“The eyebrow beans must be soaked in advance, otherwise it will be difficult to stew.” Su Yemu said as he took out the tenderloin and cut it into strips.

Bobo, I have already started to learn how to make soup, but the taste is still not good, I always feel that the soup is not as tasty and rich as Bobo’s.

Yes, I also learned it, although the taste is not as good as Bobo, but my family loves to drink it, and if I drink too much, my skin feels better.

I also feel that the skin is much smoother, better than using those expensive treatments.

The live broadcast room was suddenly occupied by such comments, and the younger generation in the hologram silently watched, thinking: Why do they sound like my mother so much?

“The casserole should be evenly heated and sealed well, which can maximize the deliciousness of the ingredients, so the taste will be added. I went to Grandpa Zong’s today. If everything goes well, a batch will come out in about ten days. I announced it in the live broadcast room before. All the names left behind have a share.”

As soon as Su Yemu said this, he received a wave of kisses from his mother fans, and the terminal adjusted the voice to play the message. When the kiss sound came out, Su Yemu’s face instantly turned red.

They could still play around as young girls. These mother fans were actually not very old, some of them were only a few years older than him. As a grown man, it really made him a little bit at a loss.

Poof, secretly poked a smile.

Hahaha, does Bobo like a girlfriend who is older than you? Brother me too.

Do you think I’m the only one who will marry Bobo?

Same as above, you have to attack hard to be worthy of Bobo.

Don’t be like that before, I’m a girlfriend fan, and I’m younger than Bobo. When you say that, I start to worry that Bobo will be taken away by the big bad wolf.

Don’t do this, what about me a daughter fan? I’m still waiting for father Su to cook for me!

I said, that’s enough, there are our gourmet fans here, don’t mess with CP, Bobo belongs to gourmet fans.

Chinese studies fan ginseng, Bobo belongs to Chinese studies.

Yo, what about Chinese studies? Bobo obviously belongs to the live broadcast room.

Raise my hand silently, and ask in a low voice: Do you have any panda fans?

The above all go away, Bobo clearly belongs to history. PS: Stretch your head secretly, someone is not here!

Someone outside the kitchen: Humph!

Su Yemu: Belongs to history? I’m still alive!

The front all walk away, Bobo is the general attack.

Su Yemu nodded emphatically, that’s right.

There was a lot of quarrelling directly, Su Yemu was live broadcasting, he was cutting the tenderloin that looked as long as a finger, added shredded ginger and garlic, a small amount of sugar, pepper, cooking wine, egg white, stirred evenly and marinated for ten minutes.

Su Yemu took out the hawthorn and started to boil the hawthorn syrup. There were two big pots, enough for 80 servings. The topic of ‘what faction does Bobo belong to’ was still being argued in the live broadcast room.

“Stop arguing, I’ll be angry if you keep arguing.”

Su Yemu said, arguing is good, but it hurts after a long time.

People: Bobo is angry, saying that Bobo’s girlfriend is all to blame. Beat!

A certain brother: Woo, even through holographic technology, it will also hurt.

Su Yemu let the sugar water boil, and mixed the starch and flour in proportion to make a paste.

He heated the pan, added a large amount of oil, 70% of the oil is hot, he rolled the marinated tenderloin in the batter, and then fried it in the pan. When frying for the first time, if it was a little yellow, you could take it out of the pan and put it aside until it was all fried, then put it in the pan for the second time and fry until golden brown.

Like a small golden mountain, the aroma of the glistening yellow fried tenderloin was wafting, making everyone’s mouth water.

It’s so fragrant, so crispy, so tender, I’m at a loss for words, I like it every day, until I’m out of words.

The more you chew, the more delicious it becomes, but you always feel that there is something missing?

The one in front is short of wine!

After the tenderloin is fried, he thickened it with cooking wine, sugar, balsamic vinegar, tomato sauce, starch and other ingredients. The sauce was boiled in the pot, he added the fried tenderloin, stir-fried it evenly, and the pot was ready to serve.

Sweet and sour, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, those who heard it drooled, and those who ate it couldn’t stop.

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