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For a while, Fu Yuanzhou didn’t know how to answer Xie Lin’s question, but Yu Fei also looked over and asked, “Indeed, Yuanyuan, why do you hate Lorenzo? He did anything bad to you?”

He didn’t want to speak for Shen Xigou, he just wanted to find out the reason, so as not to let it affect himself.

Also, he was in trouble. Lorenzo knew that he had bought that kind of medicine. Although the problem was not serious, it was not very honorable of him. If Lorenzo used that as a pretext to blackmail him…

Yu Fei’s eyes dimmed, and he lowered his head to think about what to do in order to clean this mess.

Fu Yuanzhou answered him: “I heard something about Shen Xigou, and found that he is a very problematic person. I want to stay away from him.” He hesitated for a while, but still said, “Xiaofei, you’d better not be too close with him.”

It was actually not good to persuade people to stay away from their friends. Fu Yuanzhou had quite a bit of experience with this.

He trusted his friends and couldn’t listen to others say bad things about his friends, even if the person who said those words was another friend.

The more Xie Lin asked him to stay away from Shen Xigou, the closer he got to Shen Xigou. At that time, Xie Lin didn’t have any evidence to prove that there was something wrong with Shen Xigou. He thought that Xie Lin simply didn’t like Shen Xigou, so he would ask for this. He naturally couldn’t give up important friends for this reason.

Now that he thought about it, Fu Yuanzhou was of course very remorseful, but fortunately Yu Fei and he did not have the same personality, so he was only slightly startled, then he quickly laughed and said, “I will listen to Zhou. Since you don’t like him, then there must be something wrong with him. I believe in you more.”

Xie Lin asked, “It’s because of this person that your grades dropped in your first year of high school?”

“That’s right.” He was addicted to chatting with Shen Xigou when he was a freshman in high school, so naturally his grades dropped sharply. This was a fact.

He had to admit that Shen Xigou had some kind of magic on his body, whether it was natural charm or maybe he was good at manipulating people’s hearts, but the time he spent chatting with him passed quickly, and they would always resonate with each other, but that was all a long time ago.

Xie Lin didn’t say anything anymore, but Fu Yuanzhou knew him well and knew that he must think it was a good thing that he was staying away from Shen Xigou, and now even he himself thought so.

“And Ran Shutang?” Xie Lin said again.

“…” Fu Yuanzhou was speechless for a moment, then answered truthfully, “We turned from enemies into friends because I discovered that I had misunderstood him before, and it was I who had made mistakes first.”

He briefly explained the past, and finally concluded: “Recently, I found out that he is pretty good, and he even arranged the information for me. It’s alright for me to be friends with him, right?”

Xie Lin looked at him: “How good is he?”

Fu Yuanzhou: “…he is not as good as you. Well, you are much better than him, Xie Lin!”

Xie Lin did not speak, and shook his hand gently, so Fu Yuanzhou finally let go of his heart that had been in his throat, and found that Yu Fei was also looking at him, looking a little lost, so he used his spare hand to pat the back of Yu Fei’s hand to reassure him: “Xiao Fei is also very good.”

The next second, Fu Yuanzhou felt that his hand was clenched by Xie Lin, and it hurt a little bit. Damn, this person was really difficult to please!

However, Yu Fei smiled slightly, and the reddish mole at the end of his eye looked particularly moving at this moment. He also held Fu Yuanzhou’s hand back: “Don’t worry, I won’t help Lorenzo, and I won’t reveal any of your private information to him. You are the most important thing to me.”

Fu Yuanzhou thanked Yu Fei. When he was about to speak, he almost cried out, and turned his head and glared at Xie Lin: “Don’t pinch!”

Xie Lin let go, then he lightly pressed and kneaded the place he had pinched, and he interlocked their fingers. Fu Yuanzhou wasn’t able to free his hand no matter how much he tried.

With a smile on his face, Yu Fei calmly held Fu Yuanzhou’s hand with both hands, and asked gently, “I heard him call you ‘Seven’, is this your online name?”

Fu Yuanzhou nodded: “Because I like the number ‘7’.”

“You were depressed the other day, also because of Lorenzo?” Yu Fei asked.

Fu Yuanzhou nodded again, but fortunately, after the shock that day, when he saw Shen Xigou again today, he did not act so rude, otherwise he might have been exposed to Shen Xigou on the spot and he would have realized that he was Seven.

Then he asked again: “How did you meet Shen Xigou? I remember that you have never been in the same country, so did you meet online?”

Yu Fei shook his head: “It was at a party, I was friends with the person who held the party, and he acted as an intermediary and introduced the two of us. At that time, Lorenzo was traveling around and happened to pass through my city.”

Hearing his answer, Fu Yuanzhou was relieved, thinking that they barely knew each other. It was a coincidence. As far as he knew, Shen Xigou really liked to travel, and he himself had only met Shen Xigou when he had left him a message about the landscape photos he had clicked and posted on Instagram.

They returned to the villa. Yu Fei and Xie Lin went back. Before leaving, Xie Lin said to him, “Next time you go out, tell me, don’t make me look for you everywhere.”

Fu Yuanzhou nodded obediently. If he didn’t like Xie Lin very much in his last life for taking charge of him, now he rather wanted to thank Xie Lin for taking such good care of him.

After coming back, Fu Yuanzhou had been concentrating on studying, trying to stop himself from thinking about his other troubles, but when he felt like he would vomit if he did anymore questions, his thoughts diverged, and he couldn’t help but think of the past, especially those things related to Shen Xigou.

He and Shen Xigou were really very happy when they became good friends. They had a tacit understanding, had similar ideas, and had the same hobbies. When he was with him, he would always feel that he was happy from the depths of his heart. The relaxation and happiness he felt with him, this was the feeling that few others could bring him.

But then the pain that Shen Xigou brought him was enough to wipe out their friendship of several years.

He hated Shen Xigou, and he also hated himself. Apart from hatred, he was even more afraid. He wanted to escape him more than he wanted to take revenge on him.

In fact, he should have noticed long ago that Shen Xigou was quite an extreme person, otherwise who would tattoo a friend’s name on his body?

It was about two or three years ago. They went swimming together. In the open-air swimming pool, under the night, it was just the two of them. Shen Xigou took off his clothes and bared his strong chest. On his slightly pale skin, Fu Yuanzhou saw the black tattoo on his heart which was an English word.


At that time, Fu Yuanzhou was leaning on the reclining chair and drinking champagne, but when he saw the tattoo, he choked immediately, so while coughing he asked, “What’s the matter with your tattoo?”

“It’s your name.” Shen Xigou smiled at him, walked into the swimming pool and let the water cover his body a little bit, then he raised his hand and stroked the tattooed words, “As proof that we know each other.”

“You are so…” Exaggerated?

Fu Yuanzhou originally wanted to describe it this way, but he felt that the meaning of “exaggeration” was not very good, so he changed his mind and said, “You value me so much”

The drops of water rolled down along his perfect body line as he came over and leaned over to support himself against the back of the reclining chair. This position brought the tattoo very close to his eyeline, as if he wanted Fu Yuanzhou to see it clearly.

The damp water vapor rushed towards his face, he held Fu Yuanzhou’s wrist, and took it to touch the tattoo on his chest and asked with a low smile.

“Does it look good?”

Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t remember how he answered after that. He only remembered that Shen Xigou wanted him to get a tattoo of his name as well, but he refused. He was afraid of the pain, and beisdes, he didn’t even have Xiao Fei’s name tattooed, so of course he couldn’t have a tattoo of Shen Xigou’s name.

Shen Xigou didn’t say anything at the time, but after Fu Yuanzhou was locked up by him, he still ripped off Fu Yuanzhou’s clothes and wrote his name lightly on his chest with a pen, as if to match it with his own tattoo.


Facing the unfinished exercises, Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t write anymore. He went to the bathroom to take a bath. While taking a bath, he unconsciously washed several times on the chest until his skin turned slightly red.

Even after hiding thousand times, he still met Shen Xigou, and his identity might have even been guessed by Shen Xigou, but he couldn’t have recognized him, and now he wouldn’t have any close contact with Shen Xigou anymore.

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