TBVSR Ch. 6.2: The First Kiss P. 2

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Qiu Li looked back at Jiang Yu with a hint of interest in his eyes.

Jiang Yu raised her hand to Qiu Li: “Hey, it’s such a coincidence, we meet again.”

Qiu Li held the ice cream stick in his mouth and said casually: “Unfortunately, you deliberately followed me.”


She rubbed her head: “I didn’t do it on purpose.”

“Is something wrong?”

“I just want to get to know you, my name is Jiang Yu.” She stretched out her hand to him and said, “You are Qiu Li, nice to meet you.

Qiu Li ‘s beautiful peach eyes landed on her frivolously, and he sneered: “Tell me, what’s there to be happy about?”


This was so direct that it almost angered her to death.

Jiang Yu looked at the sullen young man in front of her. She knew that she had to be very careful when speaking in his presence.

“I just want to be friends with you.” Jiang Yu tried to emanate kindness as much as possible, hoping that he would let his guard down.

However, Qiu Li only murmured one word- “Go away.”

After he finished speaking, he walked lazily forward with his hands in his pockets.

Jiang Yu looked at his slender back and said in her heart that it was indeed a task worthy of 300 million reward.

But she couldn’t give up.

If she accepted the task and didn’t complete it, not only would the money be deducted, but her life would also be threatened.

Either way, she did not have a death wish, and she was not going to die.

Jiang Yu caught up with Qiu Li and said, “Where are you going now, are you going home? Would you like me to invite you to dinner?”

Qiu Li stopped, turned around and held her by her hair, which caught Jiang Yu off guard.

She looked at his black eyes up close and instinctively felt a dangerous breath from him, her heart was about to jump out of her chest, she desperately wanted to break free, but his hand was clasping her tightly, and her scalp hurt where he had grabbed her hair.

He asked coldly, “What do you want from me?”

“No…nothing.” Jiang Yu was so nervous that her voice changed: “Want to know you.”

He seemed to have heard a joke, and the corners of his mouth hooked up: “Want to get to know me?”

Jiang Yu knew that if she didn’t make up a reasonable excuse, it would be even more difficult to get close to him.

How to say it, she couldn’t tell him that: the future you let me save you, don’t be a murderer!

Qiu Li’s hand pinched her chin and asked, “After thinking about it for so long, did you think of a good reason?”

Jiang Yu felt the roughness of his fingertips, and then thought of what had happened by the river that night. With a sigh of relief, she said angrily, “You big villain, you stole my first kiss!”

Qiu Li: ?

She glared at him, gritted her teeth and said, “Won’t you be responsible for me!”

Qiu Li: …

This was really what he didn’t expect.

After Jiang Yu said this, she faced the cold man in front of her. A gust of cool breeze passed by, and she felt the cold sweat on her back.

There was no other way, she could only use the reason that she had fallen in love with him and wanted to rely on him to get close to him, Jiang Yu really couldn’t think of a better reason.

Qiu Li seemed to have heard a big joke, the corners of his mouth curled up, and he smiled coldly: “Are you a primary school student?”


“Do you know the difference between artificial respiration and kissing?”

“I know.”

The boy suddenly pulled her closer to him, the two of them were face to face, their breaths intertwined.

“I don’t think you are very clear.” His dark eyes were filled with a dangerous sullenness: “If I really wanted to be responsible for you, do you dare to accept it?”

Jiang Yu watched as his thin lips were about to touch her, she turned her head desperately to one side, stunned.

She was wrong, really wrong!

She was such a rookie, she shouldn’t have flirted with such a big guy…

She couldn’t control the situation anymore, so she wanted to turn around and run, then she would stay far away from him in this life and never be entangled with him again!

Qiu Li saw the little girl’s slender furrowed eyebrows, and fear flashing in her eyes, so he let go of her.

Jiang Yu was so frightened that she quickly ducked, hiding behind a camphor tree, looking at him defensively like a deer.

He put his hands in his pockets and left.

Jiang Yu kept a safe distance from him, but still unwilling, she shouted at him: “Of course I know the difference between artificial respiration and kissing!”

Qiu Li looked back, the little girl was still hiding behind a tree more than ten meters away, and saying this to him: “You don’t need to stick your tongue out for artificial respiration, you rascal! You don’t even admit it.”

“When did I stick out my tongue? …”

Before he finished speaking, the people around looked at him in unison.

Qiu Li was too lazy to explain, and cursed in his heart.

Jiang Yu had already run far away, he tore off the Band-Aid on his forehead, looked at it, and carefully recalled the situation of that night in his mind.

Stuck out my tongue, it should be… not.

After Jiang Yu returned home, she checked the fund account on the [Knowledge] app and found that the five hundred deducted before had finally been refunded. She was finally relieved.

She had thought before that although she took over Qiu Li’s business, but even if she was sluggish and stayed far away from him and couldn’t earn the 300 million remuneration, there would be no threat to her personal safety.

Now it seemed…the task must be done if it was received.

It was reasonable when she thought about it, after all, people were waiting eagerly in the future, and if she slacked at work here, it was more or less unreasonable.

Jiang Yu asked Chen Wei to ask for Qiu Li’s WeChat from Class 3 and sent him a friend request.

Five consecutive friend requests were rejected by him.

Jiang Yu had never faced so much rejection in the hands of a boy in her life. In the past, whether in school or in the dance class, all the boys took the initiative to ask her for her WeChat.

This guy, Qiu Li, was quite arrogant.

But on second thought, how could a business worth 300 million be so easy to do.

Jiang Yu continued to send him WeChat requests while doing her homework.

Finally, after being rejected for the 18th time, Qiu Li accepted her friend request on the 19th time.

She yawned, picked up her phone, and sent a “hello” cat meme.

Qiu Li: “What do you want?”

Jiang Yu: “I want to know you.”

Qiu Li: “I’m not interested in you.”

Jiang Yu: “It can’t be so absolute.”

Qiu Li: …

After a long time, he sent a message: “It was my first time doing artificial respiration, I’m not very good at it, you don’t have to think too much.”

Jiang Yu almost laughed out loud when she saw the message.

Thinking about this, that guy Qiu Li really began to think about whether he stuck his tongue out that night.

She actually thought this guy was a little cute.

Jiang Yu: “No matter what, that was my first kiss.”

Qiu Li: “Is it so important?”

Jiang Yu: “Of course!”

After a long time, Qiu Li sent a message: “What do you want?”

Looking at the text message, Jiang Yu laughed, she knew that her initiative had already taken hold.

Jiang Yu: “No need to think too much, as long as I get to know you, I will be very happy.”

Qiu Li: …

Imagining the disgusted expression on the big man’s face, Jiang Yu felt inexplicably happy.

In fact, thinking about it, young Qiu Li was not so scary.

Their relationship finally made initial progress. Jiang Yu was in a good mood. She stood on tiptoe, made a circle with her hands, and walked around the room several times.

At this moment, the unique system prompt of the 【Knowing】app came: “Ding, new order, whether to accept it or not.”

Jiang Yu quickly picked up the mobile phone and looked at the task information sent from the service number: 20,000 remuneration.

She thought of the first entrustment of [Mei Zai], which was also a remuneration of more than 20,000. The difficulty of the task and the amount of the reward must be equivalent.

The new commission this time should not be too difficult.

Jiang Yu also has to work hard to raise the tuition fee of Esmera Art Center, so she accepted the task without hesitation.

Soon, a girl with the nickname [Leaf] added Jiang Yu as a friend.

Jiang Yu: Hello, how can I help you?

Ye Zi: “Please, you must save me! Save me!”

She sent a voice message. When Jiang Yu heard her voice, her mood fluctuated greatly, and she seemed to be out of control.

Jiang Yu: “You calm down first, if you need my help, I will do my best.”

Ye Zi: “Please help me and tell the past me that at 9 pm on September 23, after the evening class is over, I shouldn’t leave the way I leave school on week days!”

Jiang Yu glanced at the electronic alarm clock on the table, it was now 7:15 pm on September 23, and there were less than two hours left.

It was rough.

Could these clients speak a day or two in advance!

“You have to pinch time to complete tasks, right?”

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