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A total of ten guests were participating in the swing competition, five men and five women. The referee asked everyone to match themselves in a pair consisting of one man and one woman, so all of them were looking for a partner to participate with together. Originally, only women were allowed to participate in this form of swing competition, but in order to enhance the interaction between the guests, the program team designed such a mixed-gender competition method.

So here came the problem.

The other eight guests were either good friends in private, or they were at the same coffee position[1]. Naturally, no one dared to provoke people like Ji Muye and Jiang Zheng.

As a result, the others quickly matched up and successfully went to the corresponding swing frame, leaving the two of them alone on the venue…

Everyone: “!!!”

Han Yi covered his face; it is true, mudslides come even if you don’t want!

Jing Meini was dumbfounded: How could I forget that there is still this stumble?!

The barrage exploded directly.

# KAKAKA, I want to send a blade to the director, he even maliciously bundled them together for the sake of ratings.

#What kind of treasure program is this? It has such a high-level drama as soon as it started.

#The two fans are torn apart. I didn’t expect that today the two sides will be in the sky like birds flying together on the same string.

#AAAAAAAA Protect my brother, I refuse him being contaminated by the big devil Jiang.

#Your brother is an unborn white lotus, but my sister Zheng is not from the dyeing workshop.

The referee looked at Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye with a smile on his face, “Please get on the No. 5 swing.”

Jiang Zheng turned around tremblingly, as her legs were soft everywhere.

Ji Muye had a calm expression and said thank you to the referee.

He smiled at Jiang Zheng and was about to lift his foot to the swing frame, when he heard Jiang Zheng shouting from behind, “I’ll go first.” She was afraid that she might not even be able to step on the plank after him.

Han Yi: “…” Huh? How did she suddenly become so kind?

Jing Meini; “…” Damn! Jiang Zheng is really striving for the first place everywhere.

Ji Muye wanted to laugh a little, but held back, he stretched out his hand and said, “Teacher Jiang, please!”

Jiang Zheng nodded invisibly and walked slowly (forcibly moved) to the swing frame.

The staff came over to help her fasten her feet, Jiang Zheng clenched the rope tightly with both hands, forget it, there was no big deal in performing a flip for them on the spot, anyway, they couldn’t die anyway… Although if she flipped like that in front of Ji Muye, she was afraid that she would not be able to raise her head in front of him for the rest of her life.

She took a deep breath, stepped on the plank with one foot, followed by the other, and then stood firmly on the plank.

What! There was an inexplicable sense of familiarity in her mind, as if she had stood there many times.

Watching the other female guests, two of them were trembling even when they stood up, and it was feared that they would cry when the swing really swayed.

There was no way, it was a fair draw, whatever game was drawn, even if they were afraid of heights, they had to participate.

#My sister Zheng hired coaches for all 12 competitions in order to participate in this show. Her professionalism is the first in the entertainment industry. Ji Muye, please don’t drag us back.

#Is there a mistake, my brother Mu hasn’t disliked you yet, but you have disliked us?

Variety shows like sports meet couldn’t be won by being cute and chatting. Winning is winning and losing is losing.

#I don’t understand why the big devil Jiang wants to participate in this kind of show? Is she short of money?

#You guys in front really underestimate the pattern of my sister Zheng. She only participated in this show to promote the national sports cause, and she doesn’t care about money!

#Swinging on the swing is a popular sport among many ethnic groups such as the Han, Korean, Hani, Tujia and other folks. “Star Games” adopts a mixed competition system with the touch of the bell. Swinging a swing to a height of ten meters requires skill and guts.

At this moment, Jiang Zheng clutched the rope tightly and looked up at Ji Muye who was walking towards her.

Wow! Natural clothes rack, walking hormone!

Just after such a barrage came out in her mind, suddenly her feet sank with the plank as Ji Muye had stepped on the same plank with her. His facial features suddenly became enlarged, his beautiful and slender hands were close at hand, and the tip of her nose almost touched his chest. It was all to her taste… Whatever, what was a swing, she could go up to the sky and stand side by side with the sun now.

“Teacher Jiang.” Ji Muye’s low, magnetic voice sounded.

Jiang Zheng grabbed the rope and forced herself not to look up. Relying on calling me Teacher Jiang every time, was he trying to make me roll over every time?

Ji Muye looked at the indifferent profile of the woman in front of him and felt a little hurt. Did she hate him so much?

Suddenly Jiang Zheng said coldly: “Don’t talk! Stand firm!”

Ji Muye; “…Oh.”

The next second, gunshots sounded, and the two of them squatted to their knees at the same time.

Jiang Zheng looked at the ground that was getting farther and farther below, and couldn’t help screaming inwardly, ah ah ah ah, how would I know when to squat and when to stand? Terrible Terrible Terrible!

Ji Muye had never looked at Jiang Zheng so carefully. Or maybe he didn’t have a chance to look at her from such a close distance at all. There was a sudden rise of trembling in her eyelashes, and there was a sneer in the eyes that was never seen at ordinary times. She was obviously scared, but her posture was steady and not flustered. This guy was…a little bit crazy.

The swing swayed slightly in the air, and when it rushed to the highest point, Jiang Zheng squatted down slowly, Ji Muye kept a standing position, and after passing the lowest point, it turned around, Ji Muye bent his knees and Jiang Zheng stood up straight, you squat and I stand, they interacted very tacitly with each other.

The shouts from the stands broke the whole sky, and the host’s voice became excited, “The postures of No. 1 player Jiang Zheng and No. 9 player Ji Muye are very standard. Swinging requires controlling the body’s gravity to realize potential energy and mechanical energy and the conversion between them. Netizens who are good at physics can explain it to everyone on the barrage.”

#Aahahah they are amazing!

#If I stand up, it is estimated that I will only make a uniform pendulum. Harmful!

#zhengzheng is really too powerful, there seems to be nothing she can’t do. My little spicy chicken can only be envied by others.

#I don’t know why, I suddenly feel that the pose of man and woman on the swing is a bit dirty!

#Hahahaha I found it too. For a while you will send me to the high (G) point, and for a while I will send you to the high (G) point. What! So dirty!

Han Yi: Tsk tsk. I don’t know if Zhengzheng is more excited or more afraid?

Jing Meini: Huh. I can’t see how the two of them work so well together!

When it swung the second time, Jiang Zheng was like a flying arrow, rushing higher.

The wind whistled past her ears, and she looked at the last ten centimeters left for her to reach the bell. Their group was the group with the highest altitude among the five groups of players.

When they reached the highest point for the third time, Ji Muye suddenly said: “Teacher Jiang, if you are afraid, you can call out.”

Jiang Zheng bit her lip, and said, “Who said I am afraid? If you are afraid, you can call out.”

The swing went to the top, and Ji Muye almost touched Jiang Zheng’s earlobe, “Teacher Jiang is right, I’m afraid. Then please protect me, Teacher Jiang.”

With a swish, the swing rushed towards the highest point. The speed was faster than the previous round, Jiang Zheng’s face instantly became whiter, “…” Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Ji Muye chuckled lightly, and the laughter was blown away by the wind disturbed by the swing.

#jiangzheng and ji muye are indeed big bosses, they can still chat in such an exciting game. Just can’t hear what they’re saying?

#jiangzheng: Don’t make the old lady suffer! Ji Muye: That’s fine. I will push you off.

#jiangzheng: Thank you for sending me up here. Ji Muye: This is due to the inertia of the swing, you think I want to work with you!

#jiangzheng: I will kill the director after a while. Ji Muye: Protect our director.

On the barrage, a bunch of people guessed what the two bosses were talking about in a race against time.

Jiang Zheng felt that Ji Muye was in a good mood, and the source might be the fear that she couldn’t hide. She felt a little hurt instantly, so she closed her eyes and pretended to be dead.

At this moment, a crisp bell sounded in her ears, and before Jiang Zheng could react, the swing came roaring down.

Ji Muye smiled and said, “Oh, Teacher Jiang is still very good. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have the ability to ring such a high bell.”

Jiang Zheng pursed her lips and snorted from her nostrils, “No thanks needed!”

Obviously, it was because of him controlling gravity all the way that they could play so well.

Sure enough, chasing stars gives you fan filters.

Why didn’t I realize that this person was a little… bad?

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[1] Position in the entertainment industry.

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