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“My aunt, why are you still in a daze? The director is urging you to go! Otherwise, you will be accused of playing a big name and occupy the hot search list again.” Han Yi pushed in the door and shouted hurriedly.

Jiang Zheng was standing in front of the mirror wearing traditional Korean clothing, silently and in a daze. The nose and eyes were exactly the same, but they were also unfamiliar.

Deviation, magic, derailment. She lost five years of memory, but she stood in a position that couldn’t be higher. All of this made her feel very strange.

She turned around and said pitifully, “Is it too late for me to quit now?”

Han Yi was about to spit out a mouthful of old blood.

“Why didn’t you tell me yesterday that I still have to participate in competitions today?”

Han Yi clicked his tongue, the girl’s unreasonable appearance was exactly the same as before.

Who was it that when she heard the three words Ji Muye, became so fascinated that she couldn’t remember anything else?

Jiang Zheng sighed softly, “It’s okay. If you lose, you lose. These kinds of games are fun because everyone wants to see me lose. Otherwise, who will come here?”

Han Yi: “…” Fortunately, the director didn’t hear it, otherwise he would have been very moved.

“When you meet Ji Muye, you have to take it easy. Don’t be picked up by his fans again or they will tear you apart.” Han Yi said. There were two competitions today, Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye were drawn at the same time. When this queen sees the king later, he didn’t know what kind of mudslide scene would happen at that time?

Jiang Zheng looked at Han Yi as if she was looking at a fool. She didn’t have time to look at Ji Muye enough, so how could she hate on him?

Han Yi said one word at a time: “Thousands of words can be said, but the human design cannot collapse.”

Jiang Zheng nodded obediently. Han Yi told her not to laugh casually, or to chat casually with people, to keep a cold attitude, to pretend not to see people she didn’t know, and to pretend she didn’t hear any questions she couldn’t answer. Sometimes Han Yi was really more of an older brother than her own brother.

The various support formations in the auditorium of the stands were like skittles overwhelming the sky, the support flags fluttered in the wind, and the support slogans were chanted one after another.

The host’s passionate voice exploded in Jiang Zheng’s ears, “Everyone present, netizens watching the live broadcast, good morning, everyone. Welcome to the “Star Games”, a large-scale national traditional sports competition with large stars. Experiencing the national sports culture and demonstrating the national sportsmanship is the purpose of these Games. I hope our star athletes can unite and cooperate, work tenaciously, achieve good results, and show good demeanor.”

Next, the host began to announce the entry of the star athletes.

“Athlete No. 1 Jiang Zheng is invited to enter the stadium.”

The camera swept over, and Jiang Zheng’s face appeared on the big screen. It was magnified several times, but her delicate facial features could still stand this test.

The fan group shouted wildly, wave after wave, “Jiang Zheng, Jiang Zheng, Zheng Zheng is endless, Jiang Shan[1] your back!”

No matter how well Jiang Zheng thought when she was in the audience, she was frightened by this scene and shivered.

Seeing that Jiang Zheng was still lingering, Han Yi said, “Zheng Zheng, go up on stage. Everyone is calling your name.”

Jiang Zheng wanted to cry. Now she not only had fans occupying half of the stadium stands, but she was also about to stand on a swing that looked like a three-story building. What a godly luck.

Duck was forced to be on the shelves, she was forced to go to heaven[2].

The live broadcast barrage swept across the screen like a hurricane from the moment Jiang Zheng appeared.

#Ah ah ah I finally waited for my zheng!

#Mamma Mia! Zhengzheng is too beautiful.

#True to her being the big devil in the entertainment industry, but she can sing and act in movies, sell out the live broadcast of Zhongneng in seconds, and swing on the swings as well.

#Goddess’s first variety show participation, support and support

#Hahaha I feel the nervousness of other athletes, whoever dares to compete with Jiang Zheng for the first place is afraid that they will not see the sun tomorrow.

#qiaoxi can’t see the sun tomorrow.

#This swing is too high. Twelve meters, three floors, and you have to hit the bell on the opposite side to win.

#I hope the program team will take safety measures well, otherwise it will be too dangerous.

#I have no interest in any competition. To be honest, I just came to see Jiang Zheng.

#Being able to be scolded by Jiang Zheng is their blessing.

The arrow that had been placed on the string had to be fired, but Jiang Zheng, the dizzy arrow, really didn’t want to play.

She tried to tug on Han Yi’s sleeve, but he didn’t respond.

Han Yi pushed her into the competition area, “Come on, come on!”

The waiting area

Ji Muye stared at Jiang Zheng on the big screen, his eyes stayed on the other party for a while, although his hands were applauding, he looked rather worried.

She was really an iron lady. She fainted on the set the day before yesterday, and she was still able to show up at the game on time today.

He asked Jing Meini to inquire privately, but the other party kept the news under wraps, and they did not find out anything. But seeing her standing there well, she must be fine.

Jing Meini hung up the phone and looked back to see this scene and hesitated.

Qiao Xi posted an apology statement on Weibo today. She regretted every word and every line, and she just knelt down and begged for mercy, begging Jiang Zheng to forgive her. Although the apology statement did not mention that Jiang Zheng was injured because of her, basically everyone knew about it.

She didn’t like Jiang Zheng, but as far as the matter was concerned, this time it was indeed Qiao Xi who was in a hurry and had no brains as she tried to rub the big devil Jiang’s heat[3]. The bigwigs in the industry recognized Jiang Zheng’s commercial value very much and would certainly not offend Jiang Zheng for a small newcomer. As long as Jiang Zheng was still on fire, Qiao Xi would not have the chance to turn her fate around.

It’s just, what was the matter with Ji Muye? He had been a little restless from the day before yesterday to today.

“Why did you go to the next studio when you had nothing to do that day?” Jing Meini couldn’t help asking.

“Learn from excellent peers,” Ji Muye shrugged, “you should praise me.”

Jing Meini: “…” I believe you, jerk!

At this moment, the host shouted: “Athlete No. 9, Ji Muye, please go to the swing competition area.”

Jing Meini looked worried, “Be careful to protect yourself!” And don’t be stunned by Jiang Zheng.

Ji Muye hummed, waved to everyone with a smile, and trotted into the arena.

The guests dressed in different national costumes greeted each other and walked towards the swing frame. Jiang Zheng’s face was cold, but she felt so cowardly in her heart that she could only barely pull up the corners of her lips when she saw someone.

Fortunately, everyone had a very deep understanding of Jiang Zheng’s cold and poisonous tongue, so they didn’t take it to heart. As long as they could be in the same frame as Jiang Zheng, they would earn money if they could attract some of her traffic. They didn’t have to worry about these details. Anyway, there were too many people ignored by her.

Jiang Zheng walked to the swing frame and looked up, two giant trees were firmly planted in the ground, two ropes hung down from them, the hanging wood swayed slightly in the air, and a golden bell hung high on the opposite side.[4] Each group had six chances to touch the bell, and the first person to ring the bell would win.

The people around him greeted Ji Muye warmly. Jiang Zheng heard the familiar voice behind her, her whole heart was screaming, and she really wanted to turn around and look at her wall[5], but fortunately her brain controlled her feet and made them nailed to the ground, so she did not turn her head to look at him.

Ji Muye glanced at Jiang Zheng’s back and pretended to pass behind her inadvertently.

Jiang Zheng turned around immediately and looked to the other side. In short, she wanted to poke his back.

Ji Muye: “…” Could it be because he hugged her? But was this out of anger or embarrassment? emmmmmmm it was a little hard to tell.

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[1] Most probably the fan group name of JZ.

[2] She was being forced to do this just like ducks are forcefully put on shelves to be sold.

[3] Leach popularity off her.


Something like this but the plank is wider since it is made for two people and at the top on the other side there is a bell that they have to ring in order to win.

[5] Fans call their idols the wall they are stuck on.

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