YXBG Ch. 62: Secrets

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Since what happened that morning, the team’s atmosphere had changed.

After Yu Ziqi was pulled out by Yin Xiaomei’s fans and three layers of her skin were brushed off, she became a lot more honest, no longer pestering Yin Zhefei, and instead launched an attack on Li Peifang, which made Li Peifang know for the first time what it meant to be targeted by a “hard to eliminate beauty”.

Sun Sha and He Jiayang also became a lot more enthusiastic because they found out that they were from the same city during a conversation, but neither of them wanted to form a CP, they just thought it would be good to be friends.

The one who surprised Yin Xiaomei the most was Gao Yu, she had not offended him, but since they went to the art museum that day, he didn’t talk much anymore. But Yin Xiaomei was obviously not a person who liked to waste time on strangers, so it was only regarded as an artist’s eccentric temper by her. The only constant was Yin Zhefei, who had fully fulfilled his promise to “give Yin Xiaomei time to think about it” without mentioning the past at all.

The last stop of the journey was the Bernese Oberland. After the tour, they would stay in Interlaken, climb the Jungfrau Mountain in the next morning, and then end the journey there.

The Bernese Oberland was as beautiful as a fairyland, with green grass and blue sky. At night, the hotel specially built a bonfire for them, and a group of people sat around the bonfire, and it was like the last party.

In this kind of parting atmosphere, even if there were no deep feelings between everyone, it was inevitable that some parting pangs would arise, so Yin Xiaomei suggested that everyone tell a secret of their own, or something that has never been told to others.

Speaking of secrets, even if it was not a particularly important secret, it sounded interesting. So, after a while, everyone except Yu Ziqi agreed.

“I’ll go first!” He Jiayang raised his hand and said shyly, “I… Fiona, I’m actually your fan!”

“Cut!” Li Peifang and Sun Sha both expressed their disgust, and Li Peifang said, “Please, please. What kind of secret is this, we already knew it!”

“Really?” He Jiayang was stunned.

“Change it!” Sun Sha shouted with a smile.

“Uh…” He thought for a while, and then said, “Don’t look at me as a big and three-dimensional person. In fact, I am very timid, afraid of the dark, and afraid of ghosts. I watched “The Grudge” at 25, and I was scared enough to cry… This, forget it…”

“Forget it!” Yin Xiaomei thought it was very funny when she imagined that scene, and nodded again and again, “This is a good deal.”

“Then I’ll go next!” Li Peifang also stood up, “Actually, I’m quite jealous of my brother, he has been very good since he was a child, and later even went to MIT. I was like a lost dog at home. So… Brother, I always said bad things about you in front of your girlfriend. The reason for her dumping you was because I told her that you were too uptight, I lied to you.” Here he jumped on the spot twice, suppressing and screaming, “I finally said it! If you don’t see me when we go back, well, then I might have been silenced by my brother!”

Everyone burst into laughter, and even Yu Ziqi’s expression softened a lot, showing a smile.

Sun Sha stood up holding the beer bottle: “Women’s secrets are often related to men, but mine is not.” She lowered her voice suddenly, “When I wrote the book ‘The Herb Fair’, I wrote it completely naked.”

“Wow!” Everyone exclaimed, Li Peifang even whistled, expecting that this “The Herb Market” would see a big increase in sale after today.

“Yin Zhefei, you say one too.” He Jiayang urged.

“Undoubtedly, it must be about Fiona.” Sun Sha snapped.

“Well…” Yin Zhefei raised his head and looked at Yin Xiaomei, “there is one… Although she was a nasty child when she was young, but before she went to England, I really wanted to reconcile with her, so I bought a pink cotton bunny bag for her. But who knew that she would sneak into the men’s locker room dressed as a boy and steal all my clothes. Well, anyway, she left me a pair of pants, and then stole that bag too. That’s it. She had the face to ask me a while ago if that cotton rabbit bag was to be given to my girlfriend.”

“Wow, I didn’t expect Fiona to be so bad when she was a child!” Sun Sha joked.

He Jiayang clapped his hands and said, “If Fiona becomes your girlfriend, then it’s not a slap in the face!”

“That’s right!”

Yin Xiaomei gave Yin Zhefei a vicious look, but there was a smile on her face.

“Ziqi, you can also say one.” Sun Sha said to the stunned Ziqi.

“I…” Yu Ziqi held the bottle of wine and said without enthusiasm: “My secret is about men. I liked a man, and I really liked him, but maybe nothing in this business is true or false, so no one believes it, I can only believe it myself.”

“Hey, why are you so sad! There will always be other good men.” Sun Sha comforted her and said to Gao Yu, “What about you, great painter, let me guess, is it the trouble of having so much money that you don’t know how to spend it?”

Gao Yu also laughed amidst everyone’s teasing, and he combed his hair with his fingers uncomfortably: “My secret is, I have a person I like.”

“Wow! Who is it!”

“Is this the rhythm of confessing on TV?”

Gao Yu waited for them to calm down a bit before continuing, “When I was a primary school student, I didn’t study the courses in school well. My grades were always at the back end, and I was often ridiculed by teachers and classmates. But at that time, one of my classmates helped me, she was probably the cutest person in the world. When my schoolbag was thrown downstairs by classmates, she would help me pick it up, and she also visited my mother to make her believe that I was having a good time at school, and secretly gave snacks to me. When I was disappointed, if I hadn’t been thinking about her, I even felt that I might not be able to live anymore…”

Like a flash of lightning across the night sky, Yin Xiaomei’s memories that she had never been able to pick up surged out at this moment, and she suddenly screamed: “Gao Yu?!”

Gao Yu looked at her with a gentle smile.

“You are Gao Yu! You are Gao Yu!” Yin Xiaomei shouted and danced.

Yin Zhefei said angrily, “He is Gao Yu, of course, and it’s not the first day you know him.”

“No! You forgot! At that time, in our class, he was the last one in the exam, and I was the second last in the exam! He was my classmate! Once he was sick, so I took the last position in the exam, and you had to pretend to be my father to attend the parent-teacher conference for me!”

Yin Zhefei’s head was full of black lines, thinking there was no need to expose this kind of shameful thing in front of the camera…

Just thinking about Yin Xiaomei’s horrific transcripts back then, he felt his head starting to hurt again.

Pretending to be Yin Xiaomei’s father to attend a parent-teacher meeting for her was also one of his secrets…

“There is such a coincidence in the world, so Fiona must know who Gao Yu is talking about?” Sun Sha asked with interest.

“Of course, I know!” Yin Xiaomei was so excited that she jumped up, “It’s my good friend, her name is Lin Diyi!”

Yin Zhefei saw Gao Yu’s smile stiffen on his face.

And Yin Xiaomei, still unconscious, said to the camera: “Diyi, Diyi, have you heard, Gao Yu has confessed to you, haven’t you not met for many years! Oh my God, this is really an incredible fate! He still remembers you!”

Yin Zhefei sighed secretly, sometimes he was really grateful to God for creating Yin Xiaomei so slow in matters of the heart.

At this time, Xiao Jin suddenly rushed over and said with a smile: “Fiona, who do you think is here?”

She turned around and saw Sean standing with his arms open: “Sweetheart, surprise!”

“Ah—! Sean!” She pounced on him and hugged him tightly, and then she asked, “Why are you here! So, this is your surprise!”

“Jin sent me your itinerary early in the morning. I planned to meet you here and return to China with you!” Sean kissed her on the face, “I missed you soooo much!”

This night, everyone was laughing and talking happily around the bonfire, only Gao Yu’s smile was full of loneliness that could not be hidden.


After returning to City B, Yin Xiaomei didn’t care about her scandals or participating in award ceremonies. The first thing she did after getting off the plane was to go straight to her apartment to find her mother.

“What’s the matter, mom is not at home!” Yin Xiaomei turned around a few times, but Chang Mei was nowhere to be seen.

Yin Zhefei shook the phone calmly: “Mom said she was taken back to the old house, let’s go there in a while.”

“Let me see!” She rushed over to confirm it again and again, and said unwillingly, “Mom is still partial, why didn’t she tell me?”

“You talk to her on the phone every day, isn’t it enough! She must have wanted to tell told you but forgot,” Yin Zhefei said, “Let’s rest before you go, I’m exhausted.”

Yin Zhefei walked into Yin Xiaomei’s bedroom and fell headfirst on her soft little bed, the familiar fragrance of the girl surrounded him in an instant, making him feel so comfortable that he wanted to sigh: “I swear this is the last time I will participate in a reality show in my life. What a hell of a show,” he said vaguely, “I’m almost tired to death.”

Yin Xiaomei also threw herself on the bed and murmured, “I’m tired too, but I really want to take a shower first… Tangled…”

Yin Zhefei raised his head and saw Yin Xiaomei’s jade-like eyes beside him, blanking out absent-mindedly.

“What’s your secret?” he asked suddenly.

“Huh?” Yin Xiaomei blinked innocently, “Xiaomei has no secrets.”

“Heh…you’re a liar! You’ve had a bad stomach since you were young. You fooled others that day, and now there’s no one, so you can tell me.”

“Xiaomei has no secrets,” she emphasized.

“Are you going to tell the truth?” Yin Zhefei stood up.

“There is no secret in the first place, not to mention the secret you said is nothing at all!”

“My biggest secret has already been told to you.” Yin Zhefei said solemnly.

Yin Xiaomei naturally understood what he was talking about, and was silent for a while before saying, “Then, I have a little secret.” She lay flat and looked at the ceiling, “When I was in England, I tried to matchmake my mother and uncle…”

“It didn’t seem to be successful…”

“Yeah, who knew that my uncle who was so handsome when he was young, started to bald when he was just over 35! Hey, British men’s baldness is an incurable disease! So, I had to give up, you must never tell Dad.”

“Okay,” Yin Zhefei naturally knew that she wasn’t telling the truth, but he looked at this small face so close at hand, but he rejected the thought of cross-examining her. He suddenly approached her, “How did you think about that matter before?”

“I… still need to think about it…” Her mouth had become strangely dry.

“I think, with your head, it’s 80% sure that what you can think about is ugly.” He smiled lowly, “I have a good suggestion.”

“Well… Can you also have any good suggestions.” Yin Xiaomei was very vigilant.

“You kiss me again, if you like it, it means that you like me too.”

“You are so shameless! You want to lie to me and kiss me, there is no such good deal in this world!”

“You are so hungry and thirsty, that you couldn’t wait to trick me into the house that day.”

Yin Xiaomei’s round green eyes were so irritated that she was about to burst into flames: “I didn’t!”

“Liar.” He approached her, “Do I need to take off my clothes? Would you think about it again then?”

“It’s useless even if you peel off your skin!” She said nasty words.

“You’re really tough, my lovely sister, okay, then I’ll listen to you.” He suddenly got up, took off his shirt, and revealed his sturdy body.

Yin Xiaomei kept her eyes open and swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

“Well, you can still touch it.” He lay beside her, forcibly grabbed her hand and placed it on his chest.

“You’re so shameless…” After Yin Xiaomei said this, she realized that her tone was actually charming. Damn, it was all his fault, he felt so good!

“Fortunately, our teacher is not in the same school anymore.”

“I don’t want to touch it!” She protested in a low voice, her originally fair little face blushed almost catching up the red of a sunset at this time.

But Yin Zhefei had already placed her hands on both sides of her head one step ahead of her, covering her warm body, and her full lips were covered to seal her protests in time.

He couldn’t bear it anymore, he was about to be tortured mad by this bad woman.

He knew early on that Yin Xiaomei was a sweet and lovely beauty, but he never thought that her charm would be so great. Those men looked at her everywhere, and the admiration of those fellow male guests was like a knife cutting into his heart. He really wanted to dig out their eyes or lock her up where only he could look at her.

Only now did he understand his father’s feelings back then. Not only did he not allow others to interfere with his beloved baby, but even if they took one more look at her, he would be jealous.

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