PPM Ch.70: That Self-Righteous Stupid Woman

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The host couldn’t help but panic, thinking that something went wrong.

The sharp-eyed audience saw the subtle difference, “No, it’s not which we saw just now, there seems to be a little difference…”

“Could it be designed by two people?”

“Two people designed the same clothes? She must have copied it. Plagiarized?”

“Come on! Plagiarism/Plagiarizer/Crazy!” The audience shouted constantly, Li Shengxia was very nervous, but pretended to be strong.

She never thought that one day she would wear her own designs and walk on the ramp in front of so many professionals.

She was more nervous than anyone else! However, she had no other way.

In this situation, no one was willing to help her, so she could only rely on herself!

All public opinion would be on Jian Dan’s side, because no one would believe that a world-class designer would steal the work of an unknown person.

Yes, if it weren’t for the fact that it happened to her, she wouldn’t believe that Jian Dan could actually do it so perfectly!

So perfectly cruelly!

It seemed that Jian Dan really didn’t like her very much, and really wanted to see her get out of the design world.

But ah, designing had always been her only dream. If she had gotten this opportunity, she must do her best, and she would not let go even if she was covered in bruises!

Even if no one would stand by her side, it didn’t matter!

Li Shengxia walked around the stage, receiving constant scolding, but her face was still indifferent, then she suddenly stopped, stood in the middle of the stage, and untied the red thread that had bound her ring finger…

At this moment, a miracle happened…

That red dress, which was as noble and elegant as one fit for a queen, with extraordinary temperament, turned to one fit for a princess who was just beginning to love.

Fresh, natural, beautiful and cheerful, just like an uncut jade.

What the hell was going on?

The audience was stunned!

Gina’s work just now did not show such a detail…

Could it be that there was another problem in the middle?

At first glance, this ‘Ten Mile Red Makeup’ looked almost the same as the one just now, ‘The red thread wrapped around the finger, don’t lose it and forget it’, but the inner soul was completely different.

This unpredictable piece of ‘Ten Mile Red Makeup’ was a hit, and the popularity was beyond imagination!

“Wow, this dress is so amazing, it turned into a tutu skirt in a second!”

“Look at that model, is she a newcomer? She looks so beautiful, whether it’s a short skirt or a long skirt, she can hold it all!”

“Do you think that this model looks a bit like Gina?”

“It seems to be true—”

Mo Nianchen, who was sitting in the auditorium in the distance, had a dumfounded face at this moment, looking at Li Shengxia in front of the stage.

When he saw the scene in front of him, he clenched his hands unconsciously: Li Shengxia, who allowed you to show your shoulders and legs in front of so many people? Did you forget that you are my wife now?

At the same time, Ouyang, who was sitting in the back seat, saw Li Shengxia and couldn’t help but talk to Mo Nianchen.

“A Chen, look at her and Gina…” Ouyang caught a glimpse of his gloomy handsome face, and he couldn’t help but pause what he was about to say, and then asked, “A Chen, why is your face so ugly?”

Mo Nianchen couldn’t take his eyes away, continuously staring at the stage, he said coldly, “Within ten seconds, I want everyone present to not see the stage clearly!”

“What?” Ouyang was taken aback. He suspected that he had heard it wrong. But soon, he looked at the stage and seemed to understand something.

He quickly waved to a staff member and said a few words in his ear.

In no time, there was a cloud of smoke all around the stage.

The thin smoke spread out ethereally, and it was even more beautiful under the illumination of the lights. Li Shengxia, who was walking on the stage, was outlined by the smoke as if she was walking on the clouds.

She and ‘Ten Mile Red Make-up’ were looming on the stage, giving people a feel of the natural beauty, which made people want to get rid of the smoke and take a closer look at the beauty.

The misty smoke was the icing on the cake for her, making the atmosphere even more special.

So beautiful…

Li Shengxia was overjoyed, who was helping her? This kind of smoke made her appear hazy and made her feel less nervous.

Could it be Mo Nianchen? As she thought about it, her heart thumped and jumped. She tried to look for him in the crowd, but she couldn’t see anything.

Soon, she laughed at herself in her heart, was she crazy? Why did she think of him?

They were still arguing! Not only that, he could easily play with the Li Group, without considering her feelings at all.

How could he help her like this?

Li Shengxia’s face paled for a moment when she thought of this. Regardless of whether the person who created the smoke had the intention to help her or had no intention of helping her, she must seize the opportunity to show the work perfectly in front of everyone’s eyes.

At this moment, offstage.

Mo Nianchen was very satisfied with the effect of the smoke on the stage, but his face was still cold.

He thought in his heart: Didn’t she find a model? He had heard that the model she hired was Gina, so he thought that the work on Gina was designed by her.

But now, she actually came out wearing this dress herself, and it was so similar to Gina’s.

Something must have happened in the middle. He once saw her first draft of her design at a charity auction. The original author of this work must be her. So, Gina wore a ‘plagiarized design’ and betrayed Li Shengxia.?

Li Shengxia, this self-righteous stupid woman!

Without him, Mo Nianchen, couldn’t she even handle this? It was even plagiarized, but she was so reckless that she came out in her own clothes.

Did she not want to be in the design world anymore, did she know how many shady things were there?

Who was the designer who copied Li Shengxia’s work and poached Gina as a model? How dared he embarrass Mo Nianchen’s woman so much!

Thinking of this, Mo Nianchen suddenly smiled coldly.

His woman? His woman was anxious to grow wings and fly out of his palm. Why should he be nervous for her?

When this happened, she didn’t even give him a call. He must let her have a good taste of this lesson, let her feel the cruelty of reality, then she will know how lucky she was to be in his arms!

But there was no denying that she was so dazzling, so beautiful, and so smart.

It was as if love could really make her change from a queen to a princess.

So love does not exist because it exists, does it?

She never wanted to be a princess in his arms.

He tossed and turned last night but couldn’t sleep. He had been waiting for her call, but there was no, nothing.

He knew that she had found a hotel to stay in, and someone would report her whereabouts to him at any time, but he couldn’t bring himself to go and see her.

Obviously she was wrong, she left the ring in her ex-boyfriend’s car, she lied to him, why should he compromise? This was absolutely impossible!

But he still came. Came here to see her, without his help, how miserably she would have lost! He wanted to see how she would deal with this complicated and bad situation.

But he couldn’t deny her talent, her dazzling beauty, and the throbbing heart he had when he saw her.

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