YXBG Ch. 63: Disappointment

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He really regretted his participation in this show. Not only did he have to endure his monstrous jealousy, but he also had to pretend to be indifferent so that he would not expose himself. He had to endure too hard! If it wasn’t for the sense of crisis being too serious, he wouldn’t have confessed to Yin Xiaomei so quickly because of Yu Ziqi.

However, Yin Xiaomei, this mentally retarded person, actually considered the issue of gains and losses between the two when she confessed. When he thought about it, his brain hurt.

Almost immediately, Yin Xiaomei noticed that his kiss was different from the previous one. Instead of being gentle and probing, he was extremely domineering and firm, and even his breathing was more rapid than before. Only at this moment did she realize Yin Zhefei’s obsession with her feelings, which made her a little scared. She reached out and tried to push him away, but when she touched his warm skin and hard muscles, it seemed like she was stroking him.

“Well…” Yin Zhefei let out a low moan and hurriedly held her restless hand. There was nothing in this world that could make someone more out of control than the caress of a loved one, especially when her curves were still clinging to his body.

“Xiaomei, you like me, don’t you?” His dark eyes were like a night sky, trying to hypnotize her and guide her to say what she was thinking.

“Uh…” Yin Xiaomei was kissed so badly, she could only look at him in confusion.

Yin Zhefei mistakenly thought she was still hesitating, and continued to tempt her: “Don’t you like to pat my body? If you are with me, you can not only pat, touch, but even bite me every day, do you want to try?”

Yin Xiaomei stared at his collarbone, yes, it really looked delicious there. She couldn’t help but raise her head and lick his collarbone- it’s strange, she only licked a little, why was Yin Zhefei’s pants in her ear so painful and depressing?


She felt Yin Zhefei’s warm palm digging into her sweater, hovering around her waist.

“You like me, right?”

Something extremely hard was pressing on her lower abdomen, Yin Xiaomei thought, it should be a gun, if I don’t agree to him, he will definitely kill me.

“I…” She opened her mouth hoarsely, “I like brother…”

In Yin Zhefei’s eyes, it was as if a star had suddenly released its brilliance in the dark night, and Yin Xiaomei suddenly understood what it meant to have “a masculine instinct attacking her” at this moment.

He kissed her red lips again to prevent her from saying anything unpleasant after this confession.

Yin Xiaomei rubbed her body against his unconsciously like a kitten, and a novel longing took over her. Naturally, she knew what it was, but she was a little nervous. Did she really want to be like this with him at this time…

Fortunately, Yin Zhefei stopped even though it was difficult for him, then he said to Yin Xiaomei unsteadily: “We have to go back to the old house to eat…”

“Well…” She didn’t listen to what he was saying at all, only felt that his breath was so scorching hot, and his lips had become rosier because of the kiss, and the skin that was originally fair and vampire-like now had a touch of red, even on his body! She really didn’t want his temperature to leave her!

“Xiaomei?” He saw her absent-mindedness and stroked her face gently, “We…it’s time to go…”

“Don’t go…” She took the initiative to kiss his lips reluctantly. There was a faint sense of guilt in her heart, but as soon as she kissed his lips, that guilt disappeared. It was her brother who seduced her, and she did nothing wrong. It was him who made her always want to stay by his side and get close to him. In the end, it was her brother’s fault.

She suddenly became impatient and bit Yin Zhefei’s lips.

“Hmm…” Yin Zhefei let out a painful grunt but didn’t dodge.

“Does it hurt?” Yin Xiaomei came back to her senses and asked timidly.

“It hurts, but I like it very much…” He endured, “Today…not today, we have to go see our parents, you should take a shower and change your clothes.”

“When can we do that?” she asked with hazy eyes.

Damn it! He was on the verge of falling.

“When you really think about it…” His reason waved at him, dispelling the desires that were nostalgic and unwilling to leave, forcing him to let go of the delicious beauty.

The confused Yin Xiaomei was taken into the bathroom by him, not until the warm water fell on her face, did she realize that she was already in the shower. Yin Zhefei hid outside the room for a long time as he refused to go beyond the rules at all.

It was only then that she realized that she had said that.

She had admitted that she liked him!

Yin Xiaomei held her hot cheeks and couldn’t help but burst into joy. She always thought that she was lacking that instinct. Even in the face of a beautiful man like Lai Wangming, she couldn’t be moved, but it turned out that she did have this string, but the string had long been plucked and could no longer play songs for anyone else.

No matter how annoying this guy Yin Zhefei was, she couldn’t deny that his body had a fatal attraction to her.

After taking a shower, Yin Xiaomei carefully put on light makeup, dried her hair, put on clean clothes, and then walked out. Outside, Yin Zhefei had already finished taking a shower in another bathroom and was waiting for her.

“Brother…” After her confession, as if by magic, she wanted to get closer and closer to him.

“Now that our parents are not here, you can call me by my name.” He hugged her dotingly.

“No, I’m going to call you brother, it sounds like we are indulging in a forbidden love!”

Yin Zhefei rubbed her hair dumbfoundedly: “You, what are you thinking about…”

When the two arrived at the old house, it was seven o’clock, and A-Chun had prepared a table of dishes, and since two of them were late, it was obvious that they had been idle for a while. After the meal, Yin Xiaomei acted coquettishly with Chang Mei and said, “Mom, I’m back, why isn’t my father here?”

“He had something to do and will be back later, so let’s eat first.” Chang Mei hugged her daughter and explained gently.

“Then why did mother come back to the old house? Don’t you want to divorce your father? Don’t you want to leave?”

“You, you are really worried every day. If you have time to care about me, why don’t you care about yourself? Do you want to learn from your brother, who has always been alone??” Chang Mei said, glancing at her son. This time it was really not her being overly concerned; it seemed her son indeed blushed when he heard this.

“Mom actually encouraged me to fall in love!” Yin Xiaomei suddenly sat up, “Is she trying to marry away Xiaomei, so that mother can get rid of her burden?”

“Xiaomei! You unconscionable child!” Chang Mei laughed angrily.

Yin Zhefei turned on the TV awkwardly, intending to change the topic.

But he didn’t expect that as soon as the TV was turned on, it was the news about Yin Xiaomei –

“…filial piety is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, and Fiona, as a public figure, lives in a luxury house and drives a luxury car, but she is not very fond of her own father. Letting him live in such a dilapidated house is really chilling, let’s interview her biological father, hello Mr. Meng…”

Yin Xiaomei was stunned, the person on the TV, wasn’t it Meng Ke?

She hurriedly opened Weibo, which had already been lively for a long time. Obviously, this news was sent out a long time before, but she couldn’t see it on the return flight.

Although her fans all knew that she grew up in an orphanage, in the traditional concept of many people, parents were never at fault, the grace of childbirth was greater than the sky, and filial piety was the first virtue, and nothing could violate human ethics.

Yin Xiaomei suddenly came back to her senses: “Dad won’t have gone to help me with this matter?”

Chang Mei was stunned when she saw the news: “I, I don’t know either. Actually, Meng Ke came to look for me when you were away.”

“What?!” Yin Xiaomei was furious, “What did he do with you!”

“It’s just that he wants money… Said that you and Zhefei are going to get married and he wanted some advance on the dowry money…”

Yin Xiaomei’s face was “roasted” so red that there was almost smoke coming out of her: “We were lying to him! Playing with him! It’s not true!”

Yin Zhefei got up at this time and said, “It doesn’t matter, mom, don’t worry, I have a way, I’m going to deliver something to Dad. Xiaomei, please tell Sean and Bai Lu not to rashly publish a statement, this matter should be fermented, and we can finish it once and for all so as to not let him cause trouble in the future.”

He went back to the house and prepared the good stuff he had kept for a long time, then he drove to Skyline Group to find Yin Ruoji.

Although she didn’t know what he would do, Yin Xiaomei obediently sent a message to Sean and asked him to convey the message to Bai Lu as well, telling them to wait and see for a day.

In Yin Ruoji’s office, two lawyers were preparing documents to sue Meng Ke. After all, the matter about Yin Xiaomei was old and it was difficult to obtain evidence, so their starting point was that Meng Ke’s statement about Yin Ruoji endangered their group’s reputation. He looked at the recording pen in his son’s hand and said, “What is this?”

“When I met Meng Ke with Xiaomei before, because I was afraid that he would do something unnecessary, I brought a recording pen and I made two copies. This is the original unedited recording, you should be able to use it.”

Yin Ruo immediately took it and clicked to play, and it turned out to be Meng Ke’s voice.

When the two lawyers heard this, they couldn’t help but sneer: “This Meng Ke is really not a thing, just based on this, you can sue him until he has lost even his bottoms!”

Yin Ruoji nodded, secretly admiring his son’s meticulousness, then the lawyers continued to listen to the recording, while he got up and said to his son, “Zhefei come with me.”

He took his son to the next room and poured him a glass of red wine: “Xiaomei saw the news?”

“Well,” Yin Zhefei took the wine, “she was very angry, afraid that mother would be sad. She had her own plans and wanted to teach him a lesson, but she didn’t expect Meng Ke to be so impatient. It’s only been a few days, and he made such a big mess.”

“The recording you brought is very useful, and we will teach him a lesson. It’s just that when Meng Ke came to us, he talked about your marriage with Xiaomei… Can you explain it to me?”

Yin Zhefei blushed again, but his tone was still calm: “That was to tease him. That Meng Ke was ignorant, and he also killed Xiaomei’s biological mother. I was afraid that she would fight him if she got angry.”

“Zhefei, I know my son, although you don’t like talking to me, but you like Xiaomei, I can see that.”

Yin Zhefei took a sip of wine, hesitating how to explain this to his father.

“Aren’t you going to tell the truth?”

“Dad… Actually, when we told Meng Ke about this, we really wanted to tease him, but,” Yin Zhefei seemed to have made up his mind, “you are right, I like Xiaomei, and want to marry her.”

“Well,” Yin Ruoji immediately laughed, “you have a good eye. What does Xiaomei think?”

“Xiaomei…she likes me too. It’s just that it’s too early for her to talk about marriage, I don’t want to force her, I still want to give her some time and space to think clearly.”

His words seemed to touch on Yin Ruoji’s long-standing memory, he was a little lost for a while, and then smiled: “My son is really much better than me…”

“A tiger father has no dog sons[1].” Yin Zhefei rarely spoke to his father so intimately. After Chang Mei told him that Yin Ruoji had never betrayed their marriage, his feelings for his father had changed from resistance to guilt, and the relationship between the two eased a lot.

“In my opinion, green is better than blue[2]…” Yin Ruoji stood up straight, with a sad expression, “Zhefei, if I was half as smart as you back then, your mother wouldn’t have left me for so long…” He patted his son on the shoulder, “Go back to accompany them early, I’ll leave later.”

Yin Zhefei stared at his father’s back full of depression and loneliness, in a daze.

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[1] Like father, like son.

[2] Mixing cyan (greenish-blue) with magenta (purplish-red) gives blue, he is trying to say that the product is better than the components, i.e. YZ is better than him despite being his son.

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