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As for what happened in the morning, Yu Ziqi’s fans felt wronged for their idol, but Yin Zhefei didn’t have a social platform, they just wanted to scold and vent, but there was no platform, so they had to stay under Yu Ziqi’s Weibo to comfort her.

The original matter passed like this, but who knew that Yu Ziqi did not cooperate and posted a new post with only one word: Alas…

The “fish balls”[1] were immediately fried. This was obviously because Ziqi had been wronged. Originally, she was praising Yin Zhefei with good intentions, but she was so badly beaten that no one could stand it!

“Fish balls” couldn’t find Yin Zhefei as a target to vent, so they vented their anger below Yin Xiaomei’s Weibo.

[What a strong desire for monopoly, I hate a woman like you the most, you can start a relationship with your brother from childhood to adulthood, what a lack of men!]

[Deliberately showing off that she can speak French and German, and she still has a dance championship in her childhood. What did she say?]

[In my opinion, you are trying to sow discord, third party, go back to your country!]

[Is it picked up? You have no ethics and morality to speak of. You can’t even compare to the little toe of the goddess during her childhood period.]

Since her debut, Yin Xiaomei had tens of millions of fans, and the TV series she was starring in was legendary, so even before Bai Lu could start PR to combat this situation, the “beautiful gods”[2] who had always been good-natured couldn’t hold back their anger anymore, and directly slaughtered Yu Ziqi’s fan group. Clicking on the homepage, it was full of “Posting a fat-headed fish that blows up with anger, their skills are not as good as other people’s looks, it’s too ugly.”

There were also dedicated fans who slammed all the stories about Yu Ziqi since her debut, turning her face unrecognizable, and finally concluded: From the editing of the first two episodes of the program group, I can’t see Yin Zhefei’s concern for Ziqi at all. What kind of feelings do they have, people have said that who they like is their childhood sweetheart sister, and he went on the show to protect her, and I don’t know if these fish balls are also filled with fish balls, so they could see sparks between them. Now they are slapped in the face, and are jumping up and down to blame Fiona, full of foul language, really a case of a dog acting like its owner.

As soon as this long Weibo came out, it was reposted by “beautiful gods” more than 70,000 times, with 300,000 likes, and the fish balls were dissed to pieces. It was unequivocal:

[They blame others for tearing down the CP and bringing down their goddess, but none of the rich and handsome people in the show paid any attention to her]

[Either she just wants to create a goddess image, or she just want to climb high branches, but she didn’t expect that Yin Zhefei would not care at all, hahaha, he turned a blind eye to her performance]

[How dare you talk about her dance championship? I also won the Mathematical Olympiad championship in my second year, but it broke me badly]

[What’s wrong with dancing? Do you just split a fork on TV if you disagree? Hahahaha]

[The face is too big, but they’re not too embarrassed to say that Yin Zhefei is not as rich as your fat head fish. Friend, have you heard of Tiantian Group? Do you know who the sponsor of this show is?]

[As a passerby, I can’t bear to see Yu Ziqi’s fans being so ignorant]

[Acting innocently, but talking about Fiona’s life experience in front of the camera, isn’t it good to use these acting skills in your work? Disgusting]

Bai Lu sighed as she watched the overwhelming melee on the Internet.

This was the strength of a first-line actor, not a traffic star, and if there was a problem, it was a hundred times better than being a traffic star. In particular, the Weibo of the real star was really full of fans’ support, while many of the fish balls that were not firm had lost their powder[3].

Seeing this, Bai Lu was also happy as she saved on public relations expense, and she quickly released a wave of interviews that Lai Wangming and Yin Xiaomei participated in together, which successfully redirected everyone’s attention to the TV series itself, causing fans to scream again and again.

[Fiona is really my goddess, and she has achieved so much at such a young age, but she is not impetuous at all]

[He is sincerely thanking Fiona for helping him to get into the show, and it can be seen that they are also good friends in private]

[My Small koi and small bamboo pole, I hope you will get better and better, and I will cherish your CP for a hundred years]

The small screen may not be able to get money faster than the big screen, but it aired for a long time and had a wider audience. Naturally, it had its advantages. In particular, the popularity of this TV series had even surpassed that of “Xin Bai” and “Returning Pearl”. The most important thing for Bai Lu at the moment was to win a higher-end endorsement for Yin Xiaomei and arrange for her to participate in major award shows as soon as possible. After all these things were very important to actresses.

As for Yu Ziqi’s thoughts, Bai Lu couldn’t understand it too well, and it seemed to outsiders that she had been trying to steal a chicken but had also lost the rice being used to lure it in[4]. But who could be sure this wasn’t one of her plans? In the first two episodes of “World in Love”, the hot spots and cute spots were all contracted by Yin Xiaomei alone. If she didn’t make any news, she could only wait for the cold. If this happened at this time, it would make sense, and there was no doubt that her popularity had increased a lot, and her sense of existence had also improved.

In Bai Lu’s heart, she naturally preferred the latter explanation.

Judging from her past experience of cooperating with Yu Ziqi, the other party was still the same as before, doing whatever it took to become famous.

And Lai Wangming was also a niche actor Bai Lu was currently striving to sign. Cai Xiaokun had signed with Jiaqi Media early, which was a good company. Jiaqi also threw an olive branch to Lai Wangming, but he was hesitant.

Bai Lu still remembered Yin Xiaomei’s evaluation of him. He had vision, good acting skills, was handsome and smart, and would definitely become popular in the future. In fact, there was no need to wait, he was now the third on the list of the most handsome male artists, second only to two senior high-quality actors, this starting point was too high even for him.

Lai Wangming was not unwilling to sign but was waiting for the best opportunity.

Bai Lu really wanted to win this opportunity. Although Yin Xiaomei was of high quality, she was not her full-time agent, but only for her promotion in China, however Lai Wangming was different. As long as he was willing to act well, plus with the help of Yin Xiaomei, he would definitely become a trump card in her hands in the future!

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[1] Yu Ziqi’s fan group name. Yu means fish and it is derived from her name.

[2] Xiaomei’s fan group name. Mei means beautiful so the title is derived from her name.

[3] They stopped being fans.

[4] Having high aims but suffering a complete failure.

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