5BKCM Ch. 16: Son, Beat Him Up!!!!

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Ji Qisen shielded Gu Yuan behind him, staring at Nie Yu with a cold look as if wanting to kill him: “Nie Yu, what are you doing?”

Nie Yu raised his chin and evoked a mocking smile: “Nothing, just teasing your little relative.”

When he said that, the five finger prints on his left cheek burnt as bright as fire, while looking shocking.

Ji Qisen sneered, stepped forward, raised his fist directly, and the punch was fierce.

Nie Yu was caught off guard and couldn’t dodge. He was punched down while the corner of his mouth was bleeding. He licked the salty blood on the corner of his mouth: “Ji Qisen, you lunatic!”

After speaking, Nie Yu raised his fist to fight back.

They both had all learned Sanda, and had worshipped under the same world Sanda champion, so the two young men quickly started brawling, and they were on par with each other.

Gu Yuan was still hiding behind her son at the beginning. When Ji Qisen punched Nie Yu, she secretly applauded, but later, when the two started fighting together, she became anxious.

Only her own son could beat the other party, but the other party couldn’t beat her son!

Yes, she was so short-sighted!

Gu Yuan looked at the two young men fighting in a ball and shouted, “Don’t hit my son, I will fight with you!”

After saying that, she picked up a bamboo stick next to her and rushed towards Nie Yu. Seeing the right time, she slammed Nie Yu on the arm.

Nie Yu and Ji Qisen were fighting hard, when Gu Yuan hit him so hard on the arm that he suddenly felt numb in pain, Ji Qisen was already in position at this time, so he directly pressed him on the arm there, then he raised his hand and gave him a few punches.

Nie Yu was beaten so hard that he roared.

At this time, several of Nie Yu’s good brothers heard the movement, and finally came over, and all of a sudden, they all gathered around.

“Brother Yu, are you okay?”

“Ji Qisen, you beat my brother Yu, see if I won’t beat you to death!”

In an instant, Ji Qisen and Gu Yuan were surrounded by the several brothers of Nie Yu.

Gu Yuan saw that there were many people in the other party, fearing that her son would suffer, she hurriedly grabbed her son’s arm: “They are many, we will definitely suffer, let’s go!”

Ji Qisen was not afraid, he raised his eyebrows and sneered: “You want a wheel battle? I’ll accompany you.”

Since such a huge commotion happened, the waiter and security naturally arrived quickly. When they saw the situation, they were very frightened. Both people involved were princes of top groups. After getting beaten, how good it would be, so the manager of the clubhouse came, and the boss came, and waited on them one by one, then they respectfully persuaded Ji Qisen and Nie Yu to go to the hospital.

However, Nie Yu didn’t agree to go. He stared at Ji Qisen, and all his original laughter had disappeared: “Tell me, what are you crazy about?”

Ji Qisen’s face was solemn, and there was a ruthless expression between his eyebrows and eyes: “I said, don’t hit on her. Nie Yu, remember, if you dare to provoke her again, I’ll beat you every time I see you.”

Nie Yu sneered: “She’s just a little girl, what a treasure!”

However, as soon as these words came out of his mouth, Ji Qisen threw another ruthless punch, and with a posture that he could not wait to beat Nie Yu into a pound of flesh.

The group of people behind him, Nie Yu’s brothers, the manager, the waiter and the club security, all rushed over, causing chaos on the scene.

Sitting in that long car of unknown brand, Gu Yuan lowered her head helplessly, occasionally glancing at her son quietly.

Fortunately, even after that fierce battle, there were no scars left on her son’s handsome face. Instead, it was the bully Nie Yu who was slapped on the face by her and punched a few times by her son. He even got a hit on his arm, thinking about it, he had still earned it.

Still, fighting was wrong.

Gu Yuan looked carefully at her son’s stern face that seemed to be covered with ice, and sighed softly: “Son, it’s actually not a big deal, you can’t make such a big issue, he wanted to bully me and I slapped him, of course I won’t let him bully me so casually, I’m not stupid!”

Ji Qisen looked forward indifferently, his chin tightened but he didn’t move.

Gu Yuan couldn’t help it, so she started persuading him in a low voice again: “Besides, we beat him today, he was beaten, and we taught him a lesson!”

She really didn’t understand, what the hell was her son angry about?

Was this the legendary generation gap?

Gu Yuan sighed: “Son, if you have something to say, just tell Mama, don’t be alone in your heart…”

Ji Qisen still had a cold face.

Gu Yuan was completely helpless, holding her chin with a frown and sighing: “Son, Mama is so distressed to see you like this…”

Until the two returned to the villa and got out of the car, Ji Qisen didn’t say a word. Gu Yuan felt that he was in a bad mood.

To say the truth, this son was not born by herself, let alone having been raised by herself, but the son was filial to her and was good to her, so of course she also felt in her heart that this was her own son.

Seeing such a filial son holding his breath, she was also very uncomfortable…

It was so uncomfortable that she really wanted to do something for him to make him happy.

She was so anxious that she almost pulled her hair out, and tried to reflect, what did she do wrong today?

The son had told her, don’t be deceived by that bad guy Nie Yu, she really wasn’t deceived, that Nie Yu wanted to bully her, and she slapped Nie Yu, did she do something wrong?

The silent Ji Qisen glanced at his mother beside him, and of course he saw that she was worried about him and carefully wanted to please him.

Ji Qisen took a deep breath and stood in the courtyard, looking at the sky in the distance: “Nothing.”


Of course Gu Yuan didn’t believe it, with such a stinky face, how cold he was, but he even told her that it was nothing, who was he lying to!

This child, such a twisted temper!

Gu Yuan sighed helplessly in her heart, it really was a generation gap, and there was a serious problem in the communication between mother and child.

“That…” Gu Yuan didn’t know how to comfort her son, so she could only talk about her own experience: “Actually, it’s okay to be in a bad mood, so let’s go eat Michelin dinner and play games!”

“…” Ji Qisen glanced at Gu Yuan with indescribable eyes, was silent for a moment, and then smiled helplessly.

He was naturally cold-faced, as cold as a stone, and he didn’t like to laugh very much. Now, when he smiled, it was the appearance of snow melting in the mountains.

Gu Yuan was a little dumbfounded, her son was so good-looking.

Thinking that her son had half of her genes in his body, her heart was instantly satisfied.

Ji Qisen’s smile slowly subsided, and he said softly, “Mom, take a walk with me.”

Of course Gu Yuan nodded sharply.

Taking a walk was the best time to talk slowly, go deep into the heart of her son, enhance the relationship between mother and son, and at the same time relieve the worries of the son.

The villa occupied a large area, with lawns in the front and back, and several plane trees were planted between the lawns. At this time, the shade of the trees was thick, and in the afterglow in the evening, everything looked quiet and beautiful.

Gu Yuan walked with her son, waiting for her son to speak.

After a long time, Ji Qisen suddenly said, “I’ve known Nie Yu since I was four years old.”

Gu Yuan hurriedly said, “You haven’t gotten along with him since you were young?”

Ji Qisen: “No, we used to play well when I was a child.”

Ji Qisen remembered that he was only four years old when he first met Nie Yu, and his father had a good relationship with Nie Yu’s father, as if there was a strange tacit understanding.

At that time, his father said that he and Nie Yu should get along well and become good friends and brothers.

He had no brothers and was a taciturn child by nature. When he first saw Nie Yu, a naughty and lively child, he yearned for it and liked him in his heart.

Later, the two played well for a time and were good brothers.

Why did it crash later?

Ji Qisen remembered that it was because one weekend, his father took him to see his mother, and when he came back, he told Nie Yu about his mother.

Nie Yu laughed at him at the time and didn’t believe him.

Nie Yu, who was still a little fat dumpling, said that without a mother, there was no mother, and that if he had said that he had no mother, he would not laugh at him. But how could his mother be in a coma? He must be lying!

Of course, Ji Qisen defended himself in front of Nie Yu, but Nie Yu still didn’t believe it.

The little Ji Qisen was annoyed, so he scolded Nie Yu for not having a mother, and so he hoped that others would not have a mother either.

Hearing this, Nie Yu was also annoyed. The more they talked, the angrier they became. They both thought that the other party was not good. Finally, they fought and rolled into a ball.

After this fight, the two became enemies, and did not paid any attention to the other.

Even though their father had intervened to educate them and hoped that they would become friends again, neither of them would bow their heads to the other.

Later, because of their talents, they had entered the same elite youth class, had been taught by the same professors, had travelled to the same Ivy League schools, and even met in some well-known competitions and debates.

At the same age, they were the heirs of the billion-dollar consortiums, and life had given them many opportunities to meet, but they were both always gnashing their teeth at each other, fighting openly and secretly, and refusing to give in to each other.

Ji Qisen looked at the traces left by the birds in the sky, thinking about these old events.

When his eyes retracted, he looked at his mother.

The young mother looked at him with slightly confused eyes, she really wanted to solve his problems, but she didn’t know where to start.

He chuckled inwardly.

Of course, he understood why Nie Yu deliberately teased her, because Nie Yu misunderstood that this was the person he was dating, so he wanted to block him.

He didn’t know what he would look like when he would get to know that this was his mother?

Could he be pissed off alive?

And Gu Yuan, who was ready to have a heart-to-heart conversation with her son, saw her son laugh again inexplicably, and became more and more confused: “Son… Are you in a good mood now, or not?”

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