IHSB Ch. 66: Dog Gu

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It seemed that Nuan Nuan had received his gift.

“Big Brother~”

As soon as the connection was made, Gu Nan heard the sweet voice of Nuan Nuan into his ears, Gu Nan calmly hummed, but the corners of his mouth raised a small arc, visible to the naked eye. Yes, his aura also became much softer.

The people around became stupid, this… was Boss drinking doctored coffee or were they finally going crazy.

The matter was not over yet, because then they heard their boss who was strict and fair to everyone, always unsmiling and prudent, said a lot of words which were obviously a few degrees gentler.

In the studio, everyone pricked up their ears and listened more seriously than working, trying to get more information and get to know who the person calling on the other side was.

Then they heard the word Nuan Nuan from the mouth of the boss.

Everyone in the studio was numb and shocked, and looked at the person sitting at the head with their eyes protruding.

Good guy! Their boss turned out to be using public reosurces for personal gain!

After Gu Nan hung up the phone, he was already surrounded by several pairs of questioning eyes.

“Master… Boss…”

“Who was that just now?”

“We seem to have heard Nuan Nuan…”

A group of elders stared at Gu Nan with ‘hungry’ eyes.

Gu Nan put his ten fingers on the computer and continued to work, and only said a word.

“My sister.”

Then the people in the studio exploded…

On the other side, Nuan Nuan was taken out to play by her fourth brother after talking on the phone with the big brother, and the little brother was also with her.

Mother Gu waved them away, “Come back early and protect your sister…”

Nuan Nuan lay on the car window, revealing a small furry head, and waved.

“Where do you want to go?”

Nuan Nuan obediently shook her head to express that she didn’t know, her eyes were blank, and she really didn’t know where the fun was, anyway, just follow the brothers~

“Go skateboarding!”


“Game City Arcade.”

Gu Mingli rubbed his chin and thought for a second, “Then go skateboarding first!”

Nuan Nuan didn’t know what a skateboard was, so she just nodded obediently.

She would listen to her brothers!

When they came to the venue dedicated to skateboarding, Nuan Nuan held a brother in one hand, and watched those hip-hop and cool teenagers doing tricks on small skateboards, as several of them flew in the U-shaped ring and then spun around in the air and came down again.

It was the first time Nuan Nuan saw such a thing, her small mouth opened wide and she let out an exclamation sound, her big eyes very bright.

As soon as Gu Mingli and the others arrived, three teenagers ran over.

“Brother Ming!”

“Nuan Nuan, I missed you so much, did you miss Brother Tang Le…”

As soon as Tang Le ran over, he picked up little Nuan Nuan, and approached her with a big face. The little girl’s face was pressed against his, and Gu Mingli’s fist hardened instantly, and he punched him with a raised fist.

A scream came, Tang Le held his chin and looked at his good buddy with resentful eyes.

“Where are the things?”

Lu Xingzhi came over with skateboards, one for Gu Mingli and one for Gu An. Finally, under Nuan Nuan’s expectant eyes, he took out a… children’s scooter with a pole in front, the kind that one could sit and stand on and also had multiple functions.

Nuan Nuan: “…”

Tang Le forgot the pain just now, and smiled and leaned over to hug Nuan Nuan onto the scooter.

“Come on, Nuan Nuan, try this, this one can also slide very fast.”

Nuan Nuan stood on the scooter, holding the steering handle with her two small hands, and tried to pedal under their expectant eyes. At that moment, colourful streamers emanated from the scooter under her feet, it was also quite eye-catching during the day.

The most important thing was that Nuan Nuan was not mentally prepared to be frightened by the streamer, and pressed a button on the handle with a trembling hand.

“Two tigers are running fast, one has no ears and the other has no tail, it’s strange, really strange…”

For a moment, the eyes of everyone present basically fell on Nuan Nuan, and she instantly became the focus of everybody on the field.

Nuan Nuan: “…”

Gu Mingli and others: “…”

On this day, when she was five years old, Nuan Nuan experienced for the first time what was called a large-scale community death scene.

The loud nursery rhymes brainwashed everyone present twice before being shut down by Nuan Nuan who was busy covering her red face. She ran off the scooter and jumped into the fourth brother’s arms with a pounce. Her little face was buried on the fourth brother’s body and she refused to come out for a long time.

Gu Mingli hugged the limp little one in his arms, and gave the three of them a vicious look.

“What did you buy!”

Lu Xingzhi and Wu Kuang pointed to Tang Le in the middle together, Tang Le looked around, crossed his arms in grief and pointed at the two disloyal guys.

“Tang Le, this scooter is yours!”

Then he snatched Tang Le’s skateboard and planned to teach Nuan Nuan how to do it later.

Tang Le looked at the scooter in front of him, and two mentally disabled tigers kept circulating in his mind.

If you want him to ride this, he would prefer to be dead.

In the end, Nuan Nuan was coaxed by a fluffy cloud candy that Tang Le went to buy. The little girl sat obediently on the side and licked it in small mouthfuls. Her small ears were still a little red, and her clear and bright eyes looked at the boys as they skateboarded happily.

The fourth brother was the best at skateboarding. He could do all kinds of tricks. The young man looked like a leopard when he was in the air.

He just had such a powerful charm, like a flash point exuding a dazzling light, which could attract the attention of many people in an instant. Gu An glanced at Gu Mingli’s with his lips curled, a simple-minded brat with well-developed limbs!

“Come Nuan Nuan, I’ll take you with me!” Gu An stepped on the skateboard and moved towards Nuan Nuan.

But there was a figure who was faster than him, and flew past him like a gust of wind, and then picked up the soft little girl and placed her in front of his skateboard. The young man supported her body with his strong hands, and smoothly controlled the skateboard to drive her.

The speed was kept within a warm and acceptable range, and the wind blew their hair fluttering. Nuan Nuan yelled out, her black and white eyes very bright, as she raised her small face to meet Gu Mingli’s smiling eyes.

“Tell fourth brother if you’re afraid.” Nuan Nuan nodded vigorously, her beautiful eyes were as beautiful as stars, and she didn’t feel scared.

“I’m going to speed up…”


Gu An, who was cut off, “…”

This family couldn’t be stayed in anymore, everyone bullied him because he was young! He was going to run away from home, and he was going to take his sister with him to run away from home! After playing on the skateboard for nearly two hours, Nuan Nuan was taken to the skating rink again, a sport she had never played before.

After putting on the skates, Nuan Nuan just stepped on them and fell into a ball. She couldn’t stand up at all and was finally helped by the fourth brother and his friends to stand up and slowly started to study clumsily. Nuan Nuan felt that the feet were not her own, and they had their own ideas.

Not long after skating, a group of people came to the skating rink in a big way, and they were very arrogant as they tried to clear the place.

“Let’s go, let’s go, Young Master Yang has reserved the place here!”

Gu Mingli’s ears hurt when he heard the voice, and his eyes met a young man with white hair.

“Dog Gu!” The boy blurted out looking at Gu Mingli in an instant.

Tang Le groaned, “How can we meet this idiot anywhere!”

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