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With just one glance at each other, the atmosphere on both sides suddenly became tense.

There were always some people in the world who couldn’t deal with each other since they were young. Since kindergarten, Gu Mingli and Yang Xingchen had been the kings of the kids. They behaved in the same way around the house and were domineering and ruthless in fights. The result of these two getting together was… Couldn’t stand each other.

It could be said that Yang Xingchen and Gu Mingli fought from kindergarten to high school. Even if they were not in the same high school, they still fought whenever they met. When fighting, it depended on who brought more people at that time.

The current situation was that the number of people on Gu Mingli’s side was obviously on the weak side, and he still had two ‘oil bottles’ – Nuan Nuan and Gu An.

On the other side, not counting the girls, there were at least a dozen of them.

Tang Le quietly moved to Gu Mingli’s side.

“Brother…we can’t do it today!”

Gu Mingli stared at the bright red hair, “Gu An, bring Nuan Nuan to the side.”

Even if there were fewer people, he would not lose his momentum, running away was impossible, he Gu Mingli had no such word in his dictionary!

The opponent wouldn’t even fight children, so this was a war between just them.

“It’s been a few days since you haven’t seen my hair, and your hair has turned grey. In two days, will this young master have to go to your house for dinner?”

Gu Mingli stood with his hands in his pockets, and he looked like a hermaphrodite when he opened his mouth.

After dealing with him for so many years, didn’t Yang Xingchen know about his dung-spitting mouth?

“Same to you, the red-haired pig is not much better!”

Yang Xingchen approached with little flames of anger in his eyes burning vigorously, he and Gu Mingli were originally rivals, but a school belle from their school that he had a crush on yesterday said that she liked Gu Mingli, so where was he going to save his face!

The skaters around saw the situation and had already slipped away, and they didn’t know who would do it first, while the two sides might fight like this.

Nuan Nuan stood far away and saw fourth brother and the others being surrounded and beaten, and was so worried that she was about to cry.

Gu An comforted him, “Don’t be afraid, it’s just a beating, it’s not a big deal.”

But no one noticed that the phone on Nuan Nuan’s neck turn on automatically at this moment.

If the owner’s environment was found to be dangerous, the alarm mode would be activated immediately.

Just hearing this voice, Nuan Nuan just picked up the phone and was connected on the opposite side. “Hello, this is the Lincheng Public Security Bureau. May I ask what help you need? “

Nuan Nuan’s voice was a little anxious, “I…my brother was beaten”, anxious and frightened, the soft and waxy voice of the baby seemed to be crying. The police hurriedly asked where she was, but without Nuan Nuan saying anything, the smart phone gave the address very clearly. Nuan Nuan didn’t realize what was going on until she hung up the phone.

“Fuck! Why doesn’t my phone have such awesome functions.”

“Master, my name is Xiao Ai~”

A smiling face appeared on Nuan Nuan’s phone screen. “Thank you.”

The little girl thanked her while holding her mobile phone. She was very curious about Xiao Ai, but what was making her more nervous now was her fourth brother who was fighting over there. Gu An was envious, wishing he could go up and beat up people too, but he had a more important task now, he had to protect his sister, so he could only stand on the sidelines and make a little noise.

“Hit, beat them to death!”

“Gu Mingli, aren’t you quite capable at home? Kick his ass, pick his belly button!”

Everyone “…” Where did this little scourge come from!

At this moment, Gu Mingli was riding on Yang Xingchen and beating him on the head, and then several people from the other side jumped up and grabbed him and dragged him up. His arms were bound, while Gu Mingli kicked Yang Xingchen’s ass with his long legs.

Yang Xingchen’s eyes went red with anger, he got up from the ground and pressed on Gu Mingli’s body without hesitation, the two of them wrestled together in an instant, and the people around couldn’t get their hands in at all.

The skating rink was in chaos, and when the police arrived, almost everyone had bruised noses and swollen faces. Of course, the situation of Gu Mingli, who was more disadvantaged, was more serious.

Gu Mingli and Lu Xingzhi were very skilled, it was not a problem for them to hit a few, except that they were a little embarrassed, and the injuries on their bodies seemed to be lighter.

But Tang Le and Wu Kuang were completely bruised and swollen. Of course, the other party’s people were not much better.

A group of people were taken to the police station to pat and stand, including Nuan Nuan and Gu An.

It was the first time for the shy kid to enter the police station, and the whole obedient little person was embarrassed.


“Tell me about you, you still have children with you!”

The police uncle looked at the two children. The older boy had a slightly aggressive attitude, and he didn’t care about the current situation like the other teenagers at all.

As for the younger girl, just standing there, she gave off an obedient and soft demeanour, and she was obviously nervous and scared. Her pair of big black and white eyes were watery and pitiful while looking at them.

“Look for yourselves, the child is almost crying.”

Gu Mingli, who had never been panicked after entering the police station many times, finally panicked.

“Nuan Nuan, everything is fine, I’ll ask my mother to bring us all home.”

Nuan Nuan looked at him with tears in his eyes, “We… aren’t we going to jail?”

The immature and soft voice of the little girl was crying and pitiful, but after hearing what she said, the people present: “…”

There is no need, it’s just a fight.

Gu Mingli was a little dumbfounded, the expression on his face was too big and the corners of his mouth were pulled, he clicked his tongue, and pinched the little girl’s soft cheeks.

“Who told you that we were going to jail?”

Nuan Nuan: “TV…that’s how it’s shown on TV, the bad guys caught by the police uncle…all of them will go to prison.”

The police uncle: “…”

The child was frightened, but fortunately a gentle police lady came over and hugged Nuan Nuan lovingly and explained clearly.

Knowing that she would not go to jail, Nuan Nuan stopped crying, and became shy and embarrassed instead.

After this fight, it was indispensable to receive criticism and education. Of course, Nuan Nuan was excluded. The little girl was taken out alone and a lollipop was prepared for her to eat. She sat next to the police uncle and looked at the group of teenagers with bruised noses and swollen faces being educated opposite her.

“It’s not the first time, is it? This time you fought in front of children, you guys are really capable, I’m ashamed for you…”

A group of old fried dough sticks on the opposite side were watched by Nuan Nuan’s clear and clean eyes. What’s the matter, the teenagers who were aggressive before were a little afraid to look at her, as if… this time they were a bit too much.

After the education, the police called the first contact on Nuan Nuan’s mobile phone, and the voice of the person who answered the phone was unusually cold.

Gu Nan never thought that his obedient and soft sister… would get into trouble.

And now, he was going to lead someone.

The young man who got to know what had happened thought indifferently that the other two should stay inside for the New Year, and stop fishing.

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