RCFS Ch. 244

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Ming Siye frowned, the excitement of the scene made people feel very uncomfortable.

He had to say that this Ye Yunxi was very good at choosing.

Dance, especially cool modern dance, was more attractive to young people than drama and the like!

“But she dances well.” Bai Jingchen pushed his glasses with a sincere look.

“Then will she be chosen by Huangjue for dancing modern dance?” Heishui Cheng couldn’t help asking.

“How is it possible? IS it a a performing arts school for are a prince? It’s a military university for nobles!” Ming Siye snorted coldly, then turned to look at the second floor, where the atmosphere was so hot below, above it was as quiet as water.

He was worthy of being a noble man!

The quality was really high!

“But the show is over here, right?”

Bai Jingchen looked towards the stage. Not only did Yehuang’s people not come down, there was another person on the stage, and because of this person’s appearance, the screams of the students once again overturned the roof!

Yan Mubai’s big eyes were full of smiles, and he was wearing the handsome suit from “SEXY GIRL”, and his voice resounded throughout the audience, “I didn’t expect someone to dance better than me, so, Miss Ye Yunxi, dare you dance with me?”

“Do you want to dance with me again?”

Everyone in the auditorium went crazy!

“Yan Mubai!! It’s Yan Mubai!!”

“Oh my God, Yan Mubai himself came here in person!!”

“Really happening or not, really happening or not, who is going to pinch me!”

“Oh my god, Yehuang actually managed to invite Yan Mubai to the town, is Ye Yunxi really a poor ghost?”

Now, everyone was quiet.

They stared blankly at the enchanting and beautiful girl on the stage. Even when facing Yan Mubai, the young prince of modern dance, she was extremely calm, and even lowered her head inadvertently. They didn’t know what she whispered to Yan Mubai, but they could clearly see that they knew each other!

“What should I do, Ye Yunxi seems to know Yan Mubai!”

“Ye Yunxi is so good, she even knows the little prince of modern dance!”

“It feels like they are very familiar!”

“Which shameless person is spreading the word that our Yunxi is a trash who was kicked out of the house? Which trash can know Yan Mubai so well, I’ll cut off her head and kick her like a ball!”

The students were shocked.

Yan Mubai was different from ordinary artists, he only released MVs, and because he danced so well, he was regarded as the little prince of modern dance by fans!

So, was it possible for a poor ghost to know Yan Mubai?

No matter how you think about it, it’s impossible!

Sure enough, Ye Yunxi was not a poor ghost!

The Butler was also real!

She really was the daughter of some family!

The students were going crazy, but Ye Wanru was so angry that she fell on her back.

She obviously told them the truth, why was it that no one believed her?

“Ye Yunxi is my cousin, she is really poor and incompetent!”

Ye Wanru was dying, but unfortunately, no one listened to her.

“Look at her envious and jealous face?”

“That’s right, everyone with the surname Ye in the world is your relative, okay?”

“Hey, don’t talk to her, and continue to watch the little prince dance with the goddess of the night!!”

“Yes…yes…yes…, this is the business!”

The students were so excited that Ye Wanru almost gritted her silver teeth!

She stared bitterly at the figures on the stage, and subconsciously clenched her fists.

Ye Yunxi, sooner or later, your mask will definitely be exposed!

On the stage, Ye Yunxi was still whispering to Yan Mubai, if anyone could hear what they said, they would never think that they had a good relationship.

“Are you here to mess things up?”

“No, no, no, I said, I’ll help you warm up, how about you return the Longtuan Shengxue to me?”

“I refuse.”


“I’ve already drunk it and you obviously won’t want me to spit it out for you, right?”


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