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When Zhai Xingchen returned to the room, he saw that Pei Xu was blowing his hair. He was only wearing basketball shorts, and his upper body was naked. Because he was on the side, the lines of his chest and abdominal muscles were obvious, and he looked tall and strong.

He was the type who looked thin when dressed and muscled when undressed, it really was the standard setting for Jinjiang’s male lead.

“Brother Pei, your breakfast is set in the kitchen for you.” Zhai Xingchen said.

Hearing this, Pei Xu looked back at him, turned off the hair dryer and asked, “What?”

“Your breakfast is set in the kitchen for you, on the counter.” Zhai Xingchen said.

Pei Xu let out a “hmm” and came out of the bathroom directly.


He had a good-looking figure, wide shoulders and narrow waist, he seemed to be a walking clothes hanger.

The guests in the red cottage were blessed.

After Zhai Xingchen returned to his room, he took out his textbooks while he was free.

Regardless of whether it was the previous life or the present life, his cultural lessons were very average.

But he didn’t just take the culture class. Most of their final exams were the basic training of classical dance, as well as body rhyme, basic training of Han and Tang Dynasties, Dunhuang dance and some performances. He put the bench on the desk, set it up to a person’s height, and then lifted his right leg, and directly put it on it.

After all, he had dance skills before, and he had been studying and practicing hard since he transmigrated, so it was very easy to do this movement. He reached for the textbook and memorized knowledge points while stretching his legs.

Pei Xu put on his clothes and came out. When he passed by the door of Zhai Xingchen’s room, through the half-closed door, he saw Zhai Xingchen standing there in a strange posture.

Zhai Xingchen’s two legs were almost spread in 180 degrees, and he was standing by the table with one leg placed on it.

Zhai Xingchen was holding the textbook, still chanting words.

Probably becoming aware of someone behind him, Zhai Xingchen glanced back, saw him, and smiled brightly.

“Are you practicing?”

“I’m reciting, and I’m doing stretching along the way.” Zhai Xingchen said.

Pei Xu said: “Ooh…”, although he knew that he was very flexible in dancing, but he was still a little surprised to see it with his own eyes, so after breakfast, Zhai Xingchen’s posture still appeared in his mind from time to time.

“What is Xingchen doing?” Huo Cheng said, going to see him.

“Don’t bother him,” Pei Xu said, “he’s studying.”

Zhai Xingchen was most satisfied with his body now.

It stood to reason that the dancers were prone to various injuries, but now he really didn’t have any injuries at all, he could take every step with ease, and he could go over his shoulders with a slight lift of his legs without any resistance.

After reciting the book, he did a few more basic moves. At exactly ten o’clock, the program team reminded him to get ready to go out.

Of course, the scenes of him practicing basic skills in the room were also filmed by the program crew.

Everyone was praising his figure.

“As expected of a dancer, his figure is really good.”

“The proportion of his legs is sky-high, his shoulders are wide and his waist is thin. I think he has a better figure than Pei Xu.”

“I think we can really look forward to a red red love line this season.”


“But I don’t think he will accept it at all, red and blue love is also possible.”

“I heard that last night the screenwriter team added three red and blue lines for him overnight, plus the original four red-blue lines. Now he has the most CP lines.”

“He won’t be the hottest person in this show, would he? I remember thinking at the beginning that he was just here for embellishment, right?”

“Pei Xu and the others have long been famous. If an amateur comes along, then our show will really be a hit.”

“A variety show that hits big has to have a dark horse!”

As a romance show that focused on wealthy second-generation elements, both Zhai Xingchen and Wen Nuo were recruited by the show team for embellishment, thus their expectations for these two people were also very low, just don’t stretch your hips, and make a beautiful background board.

Everyone thought that their innovation this season was the love between the rich, handsome and wealthy. After all, the guests they had recruited this season were definitely the ceiling of romance.

But in just one day, Zhai Xingchen had become the most concerned person in their program group.

At half past ten, everyone gathered at the beach.

The weather was warm today and the sky was clear, so everyone was wearing cool and casual clothes, it looked like a row of flowers, overflowing with beauty, only Pei Xu was still in black T-shirt and black shorts, looking thinner and more straight than before, and Yan Zhi, was in pants and white shirt, keeping his manly character.

The most revealing one was Hu Ying, his pink vest couldn’t cover anything, he had a bun in his head, his makeup was as delicate as peach blossoms in March, and his beauty at this time was even more indisputable.

This morning was also their live broadcast time, because it was the weekend, the number of viewers was more than double that of weekdays.

During the live broadcast yesterday, Yan Zhi hadn’t appeared on stage yet, but as soon as the live broadcast started today, the barrage was occupied by Yan Zhi’s fans.

Every time the camera swept over Yan Zhi, the screen was full of groundhogs.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…, brother six is so handsome!

I thought I could see Brother Yan topless when he got to the beach, but it seems I was overthinking it.

I think except for his partner, no one can see what he looks like without clothes.

I’m really curious what it would be like for Yan Zhi to fall in love. I always thought he was the boring type!

In addition to Yan Zhi, the most discussed person by passers-by was Hu Ying.

There was no way, he was dressed too conspicuously today, and looked flamboyant and arrogant.

Standing behind the camera team, Guo Bing said with a loudspeaker: “Our sea sports today include parasailing, jet boats, jet skis, and flyboarding. The eight people are divided into groups of two. There are four groups in total.”

“Isn’t it so exciting?” Hu Ying asked.

“I’ve never played before…” Wen Nuo looked nervously at Zhai Xingchen, and said, “What can I do?”

“You can play the first two, but you can listen to the staff for the other two, no skills are required.” Huo Cheng said.

Duan Yihua asked: “Then how do we divide? Free combination, or the game determines the winner?”

Guo Bing showed a meaningful smile: “You discuss the grouping yourself.”

The program team wanted to see the emotional trends of the guests, right??

Zhai Xingchen immediately looked at the other guests.

“Then Yan Zhi and I will be a couple!” Hu Ying shouted immediately.

As expected of a queen, take the initiative to attack and don’t give others the slightest chance!

Yan Zhi smiled and pursed his lips, people were unable to tell whether it was with joy or disappointment.

The remaining three red party guests were more restrained. Now that Yan Zhi had been selected, they all looked at Huo Cheng and Pei Xu.

Zhai Xingchen was going to let them choose first.

At this moment, Huo Cheng suddenly said: “Zhai Xingchen, let’s be a team.”


I’m coming, I’m coming, last time he looked at Zhai Xingchen in the car, he was a little lewd!

I can tell from his face that he, like Hu Ying, belongs to the type who can hit straight balls!


Looks like this season is really about to give birth to red-red, double 1 lovers are very exciting!

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