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The much-anticipated Lu Tianyi concert was finally here.

His fans span a wide range of ages, ranging from octogenarians to junior high school students. The backbone of the band was the fans who accumulated in the years when the band was the hottest. Most of these fans were already working now, and many people came to see the idol concert this time with their families.

For the same idol, for the dream of the past, the big guys gathered together, it was really no different from a festival.

Jiang Ran and Bai Xuan, led by the staff, went to the VIP seats to sit.

The closest position to the stage allowed them to see the idol clearly, and this position probably had only a few rows.

Bai Xuan whispered: “Actually, I could have come alone. You don’t like noise, so you don’t have to stay with me here.”

Jiang Ran was very satisfied with the VIP seating arrangement, there was no gap between the seats, and he could hold Bai Xuan’s hand as soon as he raised his arm.

“I owe you this.”

Bai Xuan pursed her lower lip and stopped talking.

Jiang Ran took a deep breath. Watching Lu Tianyi’s concert was ranked fourth on Bai Xuan’s wish list, something he had promised her but never realized. In order to make Bai Xuan accept him again, he racked his brains to recall her preferences and what she had said and made a list of fifty wishes. At the beginning, Bai Xuan thought he was just unwilling to leave and was not interested in Jiang Ran’s fifty wish list. Jiang Ran didn’t dare to be in a hurry, and only said that he broke his promise many times back then, which made her disappointed and sad, and even if she didn’t want to accept him anymore, he should let him help her fulfill these wishes.

At that time, his original words were: I am too old to tolerate regrets in life. You just take pity on me.

That’s why she could listen to the concert today.

As soon as the two sat down, Jiang Zheng also came.

Bai Xuan was a little embarrassed when she saw Jiang Zheng.

Jiang Zheng smiled at her with a calm face, “Hello, Sister Xuan.”

Jiang Ran turned and asked, “Didn’t you say you won’t come? Where’s Han Yi?”

“He went out looking handsome, and then returned the ticket to me, saying that he would not go.” Jiang Zheng shrugged.

For such a rare opportunity, she couldn’t bear to lose her ticket, so she had to come alone.

“Who did he give the other ticket to?”

Jiang Zheng smiled ambiguously, “Jing Meini.”

It was a pity that Jing Meini would be disappointed when she saw her later, right?

Probably, Han Yi was afraid that Jing Meini would misunderstand that the ticket he gave her was… chasing her in disguise?

Jiang Ran didn’t care, “Anyone can come. As long as you don’t waste the ticket.”

At this moment, Ms. Jing Meini was holding the ticket and waiting to enter.

As a person in the industry, it was rare for her to pursue a star sincerely, so she had dressed up very beautifully today.

She had just handed the ticket to the staff when the phone in her pocket rang.

When she saw that it was Ji Muye, she quickly took the ticket back, walked aside and said, “The big things have to be postponed. Today is my dream day.”

Ji Muye smiled and said, “Have you arrived at the gymnasium?”

Listening to the sound of the hot field inside, Jing Meini felt itchy for a long time, “Yes!” Brother, can you not delay my time?

“Lu Tianyi is more important, or am I?”

Jing Meini was taken aback, “Huh?”

“I knew I was more important than Lu Tianyi in your mind.” Ji Muye answered himself and asked with a smile: “I am on the road by the side. Give me the ticket.”

Jing Meini just turned the corner, what does this guy want??

“Ten days of annual leave, plus a 20% salary increase.”

“It’s not too much to exchange a ticket for you.”

Jing Meini said angrily: “You are not his fan, why are you here to listen?”

Ji Muye: “Who said I came to listen to music?”

Jing Meini: “???”

As expected of Lu Tianwang, you will know he was there as soon as he appeared on the stage. The fans shouted one wave after another.

Jiang Ran sat between two crazy female fans, picked out his ears, and watched them go crazy with a blank expression.

Bai Xuan: “My God, he actually sang my favorite song as soon as I came here.”

Jiang Zheng: “Mine too. I also love this song so much.”

The two passed Jiang Ran and saw the excited expressions on each other’s faces. The consonance between fans was instantly connected at this moment.

After the first song was sung, Lu Tianyi shouted “I love you” on the stage.

Just as Bai Xuan was about to open her mouth to say I love you too, Jiang Ran grabbed her hand.

“You can’t talk nonsense.”

Bai Xuan: “…”

Jiang Zheng was fearless, holding up the glow stick in her hand, she shouted: “Brother Lu, come on!”

Just as she finished speaking, a faint voice came from beside her, “You, how many good brothers do you have?”

Jiang Zheng’s back stiffened, and she turned around slowly, only to see Ji Muye wearing a luminous headband, with the word Tian and the word Yi standing beside her, cutely.

His face was hidden in the dim light, and his expression could not be seen clearly. The only thing that could be confirmed was the corners of his slightly raised lips. It seemed that he was still waiting for her answer.

Jiang Ran turned his head when he heard the sound, and his face immediately sank.

Ji Muye smiled and said, “Jing Meini couldn’t come because she had something to do. Anyway, I didn’t have anything to do tonight, so I came over to cheer for Teacher Lu.” He raised the ticket in his hand, “Brother Ran, thank you.”

Jiang Ran: ” …” Sometimes what should be wasted still had to be wasted. How can you know who will get the ticket in the end.

“I remember that you are half a year older than me, I can’t bear this brother.” Jiang Ran flicked his trouser legs and said coldly.

Ji Muye looked humble, “I’m wasting my years, I’m not like Brother Ran.”

Jiang Ran ranted over every sentence, as if hitting a ball of cotton, and was resolved by Ji Muye’s extremely humble words.

Jiang Ran laughed, “There are always people who don’t have three hundred taels of silver here[1].” He circled around his house every day.

Ji Muye pretended not to understand, “In the future, I will ask Brother Ran for advice.”

Jiang Ran: “I don’t dare give you advice. Teacher Ji doesn’t have to be so self-effacing.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Jiang Zheng and Bai Xuan raised their hands at the same time, “Hush! Don’t affect my listening to the song.”

The author has something to say: Brother Ji: I am shamelessly admitting relatives here, but my wife is sincerely chasing stars.

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[1] He’s basically saying that he was giving away things out of charity.

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