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When Yan Zhi was mentioned, someone immediately asked, “By the way, where did Yan Zhi go?”

“He’s been out for a long time.”

It was still raining heavily outside.

Yan Zhi pushed open the glass door, turned around and said, “You wait for a while.”

His cousin Liu Si put on her coat and tied her hair up.

Yan Zhi pressed the glass door with one hand, and opened the umbrella with the other.

When the two came out of the restaurant, Liu Si hugged her arms and said, “It’s so cold.”

This was the south gate of Zhongwu, a pedestrian street, next to the village in the city. As soon as Yan Zhi and Liu Si came out, they attracted the attention of many passers-by.

The man was thin and tall, wearing a shirt and trousers, looking high-end and gentlemanly, while the woman was wearing a knee-length skirt, and was more than 1.7 meters tall. They were a pair of attractive man and woman.

Liu Si applied for off-campus accommodation when she was a sophomore, and rented a two-bedroom apartment in an old community in the city. There were only old houses here. Although there were street lights, it looked very dark when it rained, and there was a lot of water on the road. Yan Zhi asked, “Is it safe for you to live here alone as a girl?”

“Don’t look at the crumbling buildings here, the security is very good, and there are cameras everywhere. And isn’t it close to our school, so it’s convenient to go to class.” Liu Si putting on her coat, said, “By the way, that Zhai Xingchen you mentioned also lives here.”

Yan Zhi immediately turned his head to look at her, his glasses glowing with a gentle and cold light.

“I met him two or three times when I was in school, and once when I came back at night.”

Liu Si said with a sigh: “I wanted to chase him, but luckily I didn’t.”

Yan Zhi with a chuckle, raised his head and looked forward. In the dark rainy night, there was only one street lamp far away. The scattered buildings on both sides leaked speckled lights. It was desolate, and it looked extremely dilapidated in the cold rainy night.

He always thought that Zhai Xingchen’s family had good conditions, even if he was not a rich second generation, but at least he was from a middle-class family.

For those who could learn to dance, the family conditions were generally not too bad. Zhai Xingchen had a sunny temperament, and he looked like he had never been hit by wind and rain.

Suddenly a ridiculous sense of pity rose in his heart, only thinking about a sunny person like Zhai Xingchen, he felt that he deserved the best for everything.

He sent Liu Si to her house, and Liu Si asked, “Do you want to come up and sit down, or do you want to go back?”

“I have to go back quickly,” Yan Zhi said.

Liu Si nodded and said with a smile, “Then I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Don’t make it too obvious then, just treat him as an ordinary friend of mine, and let’s have a meal together.” Yan Zhi told her, “Don’t mess around. Just kidding.”

Liu Si smiled and nodded: “I know, I know, he is just like you, he is a guest from the blue party, he may not like your type, you have to take your time, you have said it 800 times, brother, this is the first time I have seen you like this, I’m not used to it. Is it like this when you’re in a relationship?”

Yan Zhi: “I’m leaving.”

Liu Si smiled and watched Yan Zhi walk away.

Yan Zhi held an umbrella and walked back. When he reached the south gate of Zhongwu, he turned his head and glanced at the road in the community. It was a secluded road, hiding endless darkness, and suddenly there were some ripples in his heart. If he fell in love with Zhai Xingchen, he could walk across this road every day to send him home.

In such a dark, silent street, they might still be able to kiss and hug.

All his fantasies about love could be realized one by one with Zhai Xingchen.

Because it was Zhai Xingchen, this fantasy was even sweeter, and he actually had a reaction, and his face became colder and more handsome in the night rain.

When Yan Zhi returned to the red and blue cottage, Hu Ying was already shivering from the cold.

“Yan Zhi!”

Yan Zhi stopped the car, opened the window and looked at Hu Ying.

Hu Ying came over: “Why did you come back?”

“There’s something wrong.” Yan Zhi said, “I’ll stop the car.”

Hu Ying stepped aside, and a gust of wind blew in, making him shiver again.

He stood outside for too long, and he was completely cold.

Of course he was not such an infatuated person. He had always been a queen figure, and he never wronged himself for men. The reason why he was so infatuated was because of the four offenses. He really liked Yan Zhi the most, and secondly, this was a variety show, a bunch of cameras were shining on him, he would be ashamed if he didn’t show his infatuation.

The headlights were shining finely. Once it rained, Nancheng immediately felt like winter. Hu Ying pretended to be trembling, and followed the car forward.

Seeing that Yan Zhi’s car had turned off, he hurried up to it, and was just about to help Yan Zhi hold up the umbrella, when he saw Yan Zhi coming down with an umbrella.

Before he could speak, Yan Zhi’s umbrella opened; with a “bang”, it hit Hu Ying on the heart.

Hu Ying took back the umbrella he wanted to give away, watched Yan Zhi go around the front of the car, and take a bouquet of flowers from the passenger seat.

“You bought flowers?”


Yan Zhi bought a handful of white baby’s breath and a handful of chamomile.

In the night, coupled with Yan Zhi’s height and appearance, and that abstinent and strict attire, with him carrying flowers, there was an indescribable freshness and elegance.

This kind of tiny flower was very suitable for Yan Zhi.

Yan Zhi stood there holding the flowers, this scene was as beautiful as an idol drama.

In the living room, Huo Cheng and the others were already clearing the dining table, and Huo Cheng was taking off the apron for Zhai Xingchen, when Zhai Xingchen said, “Hey, you’re back.”

Hu Ying’s voice came from the entrance, and they saw Hu Ying come back covered in moisture. It seemed that he was quite cold and his hair was damp.

“Is Yan Zhi back?” Huo Cheng asked with a loud smile.

Hu Ying nodded hastily, sneezed, and saw Yan Zhi walking in from the entrance with flowers in his arms.

“Wow, you bought flowers.” Lin Qingning said.

Yan Zhi smiled and put the flowers on the table next to him.

“Is this for everyone or…”

“You can take whatever you want.” Yan Zhi said, “I don’t think there are any flowers at home. I passed by a flower shop on the way back and bought two bunches.”

“I was thinking about it this morning. We should buy some flowers to decorate, since we don’t have any flowers at home.”

Everyone went to look at Yan Zhi’s flowers, and Lin Qingning said, “You can put a bottle in every room.”

“The flowers Yan Zhi bought are very vegetarian.” Duan Yihua said with a smile.

“It’s the flowers he bought at first glance.” Hu Ying said with a low smile.

“I’ll go back to my room and change.” Yan Zhi said.

As he said, he went to the room, and Zhai Xingchen and Huo Cheng also went to take a look.

Zhai Xingchen said “Wow”, “Gypsophila[1].”

He liked this flower the most. Because of his name, his friends liked to give him stars on his birthday.

“We said just now that this is the flower that Yan Zhi would buy.” Duan Yihua said with a smile.

Really, so plain, the little flower looked fresh and abstinent.

It was indeed a strict style.

Huo Cheng was the most sensitive, and when he saw the stars all over the sky, his smile faded away, thinking in his heart whether he was a big bastard, or if someone was strict when engaging in romance.

Why didn’t he think of buying flowers?

He also bought Gypsophila, wow, this was too good.

He even admired Yan Zhi.

But he saw that everyone didn’t seem to see the deep meaning, and they were still there.

“Let’s eat first.” Huo Cheng said as he walked towards the dining table, seeing Pei Xu serving fish soup by himself.

When he saw that Pei Xu was directly using his hands, he quickly shouted: “Be careful of burning!”

When he shouted, Zhai Xingchen and the others all looked at Pei Xu.

Pei Xu said blankly, “It’s okay.”

He still brought the pot of fish soup to the dining table.

“A mat is needed for the bottom.” Huo Cheng said and brought the mat. Seeing Pei Xu’s expressionless face just now, he thought the basin was not too hot, so he was about to pick it up. Before he reached it, he heard Pei Xu say: “It’s a bit hot.”

Huo Cheng was stunned for a moment, seeing Pei Xu sitting there coolly, rubbing his fingers, his seven or eight out of the ten fingers had turned red.

Huo Cheng was stunned for a moment, and then he laughed sullenly, only to realize that Pei Xu was acting brave just now, and it seemed that the pot was very hot.

Pei Xu’s ears turned red, he thrust his hands into his trouser pockets, and pursed his thin lips.

Huo Cheng knew that he wanted face, so he didn’t expose him, he just smiled and went to get the gloves, and put the cushion under the pot.

Huo Cheng felt rivalry towards Yan Zhi.

But he didn’t treat Pei Xu like that.

Pei Xu made it clear that he was not interested in romance at all.

It seemed that no one could get into his eyes.

Since he was not his rival in love and the other party was the son of a wealthy family, Huo Cheng was very polite to Pei Xu.

He and Pei Xu had always had a good relationship.

It was like being good brothers.

He couldn’t help but said to Pei Xu, “Do you know what flowers Yan Zhi bought?”

“I saw,” Pei Xu said.

“Stars all over the sky.” Huo Cheng said with a chuckle, “Damn it, you said if I…”

He didn’t say anything more as they saw Lin Qingning walking over with a bottle of flowers.

Lin Qingning placed the vase of flowers in the middle of the dining table. The small white baby’s breath was surrounded by golden and white chamomiles. The petals had probably gotten wet from the rain. A chandelier hanging from above cast lights on it. Pei Xu and Huo Cheng sat on chairs and glanced at the vase of flowers.

That vase of flowers was no longer a vase of flowers, but Yan Zhi’s secret confession, like a fragrance, like something that was still there, before it was clear, only the rival in love knew it best.

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[1] Baby’s Breath is also known as Gypsophila. Gypsophila in Chinese is Mǎn tiān xīng which literally means starry sky.

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