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As the opening film of the film festival, “Dead Place” was obviously of high quality. Correspondingly, the word-of-mouth had exploded before it was released across the board.

The media and film critics gave it overwhelming praise, and the stars who watched the premiere also called out for “Dead Place” one after another. Impatient netizens were whetted, and under the official blog, they shouted that the film should be released earlier.

Among them, there were also other shortlisted films or filmmakers of theatrical films released in the same period who were touting “Dead Place”, but both Bu Guanqing and Yan Haiqing were very calm and confident in their film.

The two also enlightened Yu Siyang and let him put his mind down on his gains and losses. It was good to be able to win the Cloud Award, but even if he did not win this time, it did not mean that his acting skills were not good, and he could do his best next time.

Yu Siyang, who was enlightened, was embarrassed, and wanted to say that he actually didn’t care that much about the Cloud award. He was more nervous about the entrance exam than winning the award.

With less than half a year left, Yu Siyang was very worried about whether he would be admitted to Yunzhong Normal University.

What if I don’t pass the exam?

– Then I’m just a scumbag?!

Yu Siyang, who was flustered by the assumption that he might be a scumbag, became even more anxious.

Although he still attended various red carpets, premieres, and receptions of the film festival with a smile on his face, and hid his anxiety well, he was still discovered by Xue Chengxiu.

In fact, the reason was very simple – Mr. Xue found that the lunch or dinner on the table these days was extraordinarily rich.

Happy or unhappy, nervous or anxious, Yu Siyang would vent his emotions in the kitchen. Therefore, as long as he saw a particularly rich meal on a certain day, and then carefully observed the expressions, he would be able to grasp the emotions of his lover with all certainty.

However, because there was an actor trophy in front of him, Mr. Xue also stumbled, thinking that the little boyfriend was worried about whether he would win the award, and said some comforting words such as “you are still young, you should respect the old”, which left Yu Siyang confused.

“But everyone else went to college at the age of eighteen. I’ll be twenty-one after the new year. I’m the one who should be respected, right?!”

Mr. Xue was also confused.

Yu Siyang was frustrated: “I’m not sure if I can be respected by those children, what if I can’t get into university?”

Xue Chengxiu: “…”

Xue Chengxiu sighed: “It’s okay, we have money, we will donate to the school then. What are you worrying about, just take a shortcut.”

Yu Siyang refused righteously: “No, if that’s the case, it would prove that I’m really a scum student!”

Xue Chengxiu choked on the sip of tea in his throat – the daring kid was worried that he might be a scum student?!

Feeling more and more like a scumbag in his head, Yu Siyang got up and walked to the kitchen, “Would you like to eat sweet and garlic crispy yellow croaker today? Aunt Wang bought a big yellow croaker.”

“…Okay. “Mr. Xue said helplessly.

The film festival ushered in the highlight of Yu Siyang’s trance-like anxiety, the closing ceremony and awards.

In the industry, film festivals would focus on resources such as film critics or special small-budget literary films released in the week, or new directors, screenwriters, or excellent technical teams.

But for the melon eaters of all colors in the global village, one of their concerns was the opening ceremony red carpet and opening film, and the other was the award ceremony on the closing day.

The attention of the awards ceremony was far greater than the opening red carpet.

The dress for Yu Siyang’s award ceremony was designed by Philip Hill himself. When the shortlist was announced, the costume design genius planned to design a dress to make Yu Siyang look gorgeous.

Yu Siyang declined to comment on Philip Hill’s Mandarin level.

What the hell was he doing calling him like this when he was such a big man? He was not a female star!

When Philip Hill unfolded the dress he designed in front of him, Yu Siyang had to admit that this dress was low-key and luxurious with connotations – but it was definitely glamorous.

The dark blue three-piece suit was inlaid with shining sapphire cufflinks, the scarf of the same color was secretly embroidered with a complex pattern of silver and blue, and a collar made of dozens of broken diamonds arched with a blue diamond was placed on the buckles and even the buttons of the suit were inlaid with small sapphires, making Yu Siyang look like a prince from a fairy tale.

Men’s dresses were generally simple and basic if they did not deliberately pursue exaggeration, but the details of the treatment could clearly showcase the designer’s skill, adding a point of exaggeration and reducing a point of indifference, Yu Siyang’s dress was indeed really worthy of being called tailor-made, these four words.

“Good-looking. I really am a genius.” Philip Hill was so satisfied with his design that he praised himself without hesitation.

Luo Peng smiled and said, “Is it good-looking because of the clothes or because of the good-looking person?”

Philip Hill said, “Both are good-looking. Don’t you Chinese people have a saying, people rely on clothes and horses rely on saddles.”

“Yo, you even know this.” Luo Peng was exaggeratedly surprised, “Shouldn’t this sentence be, people depend on clothes and Buddha depend on gold clothes.”

Philip Hill was sluggish, and muttered: “Am I remembering wrong?”

Luo Peng smiled and asked the makeup artist to come over quickly to make over Yu Siyang.

The newcomer who followed Luo Peng to join in the fun was shocked – who would tell me that this agent who tricked foreigners is not my serious agent?!

Soon it was time for the red carpet, and Yu Siyang’s car was still the Bentley from the year before.

Like the opening ceremony, he was arranged to enter in the middle end, the difference was that this time he did not go with the crew.

The company originally wanted to arrange a female star to be his female companion. First, let him lead the company’s female artist. Second, if he didn’t win the award, there would still be other topics to stir up, so as not to let him be maliciously trampled on by marketing accounts and sunspots.

However, as soon as the high-level agreement came out, it was drowned out by Wei Xiaofeng with a basin of cold water.

Wei Xiaofeng commented on this: The veteran will be hanged.

When Yu Siyang stepped on the red carpet and was blinded by the flashing lights, his anxiety during this period of time suddenly disappeared, and his whole person calmed down.

He thought, it didn’t matter even if he didn’t get into college, he could take the exam again or he could donate something to get through the back door.

He didn’t even care if he could get a highly anticipated trophy like Best Actor… Well, it was not that he didn’t care about Best Actor, but he didn’t have much hope, so there was nothing to worry about.

That being the case, it didn’t matter if he could get into college or not.

Although he would be depressed, but what if he didn’t get the Best Actor or didn’t get into university?

Life always goes on.

Yu Siyang put on a perfect smile… Uh, he still walked quickly across the red carpet, fortunately this time, the person in front of him was not a magic needle on the carpet, and there was no embarrassing situation where he reached the signature wall before the person in front.

In this position, Mr. Xue abused his power again and moved him to the front. He did not sit with the crew and was surrounded by well-known investors at home and abroad. After he entered the venue, he was greeted by Mr. Xue.

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