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“Where’s my candy? Only for her and not for me?”

Fu Yuanzhou felt sorry for the girl, but he didn’t feel that way about Yuan Ye, so he said angrily, “It’s in my schoolbag, take it yourself.”

Yuan Ye shrugged and really went for it.

The onlookers were a little disappointed. They didn’t expect the show to end so quickly. Two A, One O and one O were more exciting. They didn’t see enough. Were Yuan Ye and Yu Fei making trouble with their friends or were they interested in Fu Yuanzhou? Get the fuck out of it!

It was a pity that they didn’t know the truth for the time being. Yu Fei smiled at Fu Yuanzhou and said, “I should go too. I’ll train elsewhere. We’ll see you when it’s over.”

“You were not here?” Fu Yuanzhou was a little surprised, he thought it was just that he didn’t see Yu Fei just now, but he didn’t expect Yu Fei to have come there on purpose. It seemed that the water delivery was just a coincidence.

“Well, I came to see you. Your body will recover soon. I’m worried that you are not suitable for strenuous exercise, but I asked Dr. Sun just now, and it should be fine.” Yu Fei lowered his eyebrows: “I’m sorry, Zhou. Dr. Sun told me that you triggered your estrus ahead of time because you inhaled alpha pheromones, right?”

“It’s not your problem.” Fu Yuanzhou reassured him, Yu Fei had a sensory disorder, and he couldn’t use an inhibitor. It was not his fault.

“I never intended to trigger your estrus… Dr. Sun said, it’s just that my pheromones are not enough to trigger an estrus. Have you smelled other alpha pheromones? Is it my brother, or someone else?”

Fu Yuanzhou’s expression was not very natural. Speaking of pheromones, he had smelled several people’s, Xie Lin’s, Yuan Ye’s and Yu Fei’s were not less, and one person alone would not cause estrus in advance, but it was still three people.

“Zhou, you must be careful not to be taken advantage of by other Alphas.” Yu Fei said slowly.

“Thank you, Xiao Fei, I will pay attention.” Fu Yuanzhou responded, suddenly feeling that Yu Fei’s words seemed a bit wrong, “Other Alphas”? Why specifically? Wasn’t it okay to just say Alpha?

But he didn’t care too much, Yu Fei bid him farewell, Yuan Ye came back after eating the candy, while still holding a handful of candy in his hand: “Can I get these for me?”

“You like this kind of candy so much? Okay, you can take as many as you like.”

Fu Yuanzhou was stunned, this fruit candy was brought by him to supplement his stamina, but he didn’t care, even if it was all given to Yuan Ye, Yuan Ye also gave him chocolate anyway.

“I took all the peach-flavored ones.” Yuan Ye smiled, “Including the largest one,” he said, and touched Fu Yuanzhou’s hair, “I will not leave one for others.”

Fu Yuanzhou was expressionless: “Return the candy to me.”    

Yuan Ye: “No, it’s mine, it’s mine, it’s all mine.”

Fu Yuanzhou: “Damn, you’re gone!”

He reached out and grabbed the peach-flavored candy Yuan Ye had taken away, Yuan Ye hid it from him, and the two started fighting. Suddenly, at a certain moment, Yuan Ye hugged Fu Yuanzhou from behind and said with a smile in his ear.

“I’m very happy that you didn’t accept that girl’s water. In fact, you don’t necessarily have to find a girl O to fall in love with, isn’t finding a good man also fine?”

“Not unless I’m crazy.”

Fu Yuanzhou’s tone was indifferent, as he was trying to break free, his eyes swept forward inadvertently, but suddenly stopped.

A handsome man in a white suit held a mobile phone, the corners of his lips raised slightly, and as if he was enjoying the scenery, he slowly took a picture of the surroundings.

At the moment he recognized this man, Fu Yuanzhou’s pupils shrank suddenly, he dripped with cold sweat, and he turned around and plunged into Yuan Ye’s arms, preventing the man from seeing his face.

How did he come, why did he come, how did he get here?

After the rebirth, Fu Yuanzhou had blocked all the contact information of the other party. At this time, they didn’t have a deep relationship. He thought they would never meet again, but he actually saw that face again, those blue eyes, the ghost had appeared in front of him.

He had really come…

Just the thoughts that came to Fu Yuanzhou’s mind was enough for him to tremble all over. Yuan Ye realized that his state was not right, and his sloppy expression instantly disappeared. He frowned and hugged him and asked, “What’s wrong with your body? Uncomfortable?”

Fu Yuanzhou was speechless, still trembling, Yuan Ye became anxious, and immediately said, “I’ll take you to the infirmary.”

He was about to bend over and hug Fu Yuanzhou, but Fu Yuanzhou stopped him, his voice very weak as he said: “Don’t let that person see me…”

Yuan Ye immediately realized that he was talking about that strange man, as he was the only one who appeared there abruptly, out of tune with the surroundings, whether it was his identity as an outsider or his unique aura, it could make people perceive him immediately.

Yuan Ye didn’t ask anything. He asked someone to bring his schoolbag, took out his school uniform jacket, put it on top of Fu Yuanzhou’s head, and helped him to walk in the opposite direction. From beginning to end, his eyes were cold and sharp.

To make Fu Yuanzhou react like this, that man…

Their departure was one among the many students on the playground, and it was not conspicuous, nor did it attract too much attention from the young man. He was still recording videos, taking pictures, and walking across the playground, recording each student in the camera.

After taking a lot of photos, the young man finally stopped, and he had taken photos of almost all the students.

His dazzling appearance and peculiar behavior aroused the attention of most people, but he didn’t care, and browsed the photos one by one. The strange thing was that most of the photos were of students’ backs.

Until he saw the last one, he still didn’t find what he was looking for, he raised the corners of his lips, shook his head lightly and smiled, deleted all these photos, and opened an album on his phone.

The name of the album was “Seven”, and there was only one photo in it. It was a back view under the sunset. The boy was standing on the seashore, barefoot, with his back to the camera, leaving only a back view full of reverie, as the shadows stretched long on the wet beach.

He had seen this photo countless times. When browsing other photos, he could see the difference in the backs without even needing to compare it, and this was the only “Seven” photo he had.

The man put away the phone, turned around and left.

He would find his “Seven”.


Fu Yuanzhou didn’t wait for Xie Lin to leave school, and he was sent home by Yuan Ye.

Yuan Ye called a car and accompanied Fu Yuanzhou to the door. In the car, he did not behave like usual, stayed by Fu Yuanzhou’s side without saying a word, and lent his shoulder to Fu Yuanzhou to lean on. He didn’t ask anything, just when he was getting off the car, he touched Fu Yuanzhou’s hair and told him to rest early.

Fu Yuanzhou came home exhausted and fell on the bed in the bedroom. Yu Fei and Xie Lin had called him on his phone at school. Yuan Ye answered the phone at the time. He told them that Fu Yuanzhou was not feeling well, so he went home first, and the two rushed back in order to see Fu Yuanzhou first.

“Is it a sequelae from the estrus?” Yu Fei stood outside the door, but did not dare to go in, because he was afraid that his pheromones would affect Fu Yuanzhou, and his expression was full of anxiety, “Yuan, are you feeling bad?”

Xie Lin walked into the room, he leaned over and said to Fu Yuanzhou, “Dr. Sun will be here soon, can you persist? If not, I’ll take you to the hospital.”

Fu Yuanzhou didn’t speak, Xie Lin frowned, also worried about him: “I’ll ask the driver to drive you to the hospital.”

He was about to turn to leave, but suddenly Fu Yuanzhou gently pulled the hem of his clothes.

“Don’t leave me…”

Fu Yuanzhou raised his head and looked at Xie Lin with red eyes.

“Don’t leave me alone…”

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