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Although there was no nomination, he was also one of the main actors of the film. Shi Zhen walked the red carpet with the crew and sat together.

“It’s different for different people.” Looking at Yu Siyang, who was brought to meet the investors, Shi Zhen sighed to Su Yewei beside him.

Su Yewei was playing with her mobile phone and without raising her head, she poured poisonous chicken soup on Shi Zhen: “So you have to accept your fate.”

Shi Zhen was poisoned by the poisonous chicken soup, so he wanted to argue with Su Yewei for three hundred rounds, but he turned his head to see that the girl was playing with her mobile phone, and was shocked: “How did you bring your mobile phone in?”

After speaking, he also looked up and down at Su Yewei’s halter dress.

“You’re stupid,” Su Yewei gestured to the hem of her dress. “This dress has pockets. I borrowed it on purpose.”

Shi Zhen admired her so much, such a pure, bold and unpretentious girl was really rare in the entertainment industry.

After a while, Shi Zhen felt even more bored. Teacher Xiang Nan was on his left and he didn’t dare to talk to him, so he had to harass Su Yewei again, “Tell me, can Yu Siyang get the Best Actor?”

As soon as Su Yewei was distracted, the red panda in the game became a wild panda. She ran down the river and it was Game Over.

She put away the phone, and gave Shi Zhen a resentful side look before saying, “Do you think it will affect Yu Siyang if he can get this Best Actor? What if he did not get it? So what, will the resources and contacts in his hands disappear because of a trophy? Besides, he is only 20 years old, so there are many opportunities.”

Su Yewei made a lot of sense, Shi Zhen thought about it. But he could not retort, so he shut up angrily.

Unexpectedly, Su Yewei would not let him go, and was determined to avenge her Game Over. Another bowl of poisonous chicken soup was poured into Shi Zhen’s mouth: “Don’t look at other people smooth sailing on the surface, in fact, they are also smooth sailing behind the scenes.”

Shi Zhen: QaQ

Girl, I was wrong, the awards ceremony has already started, let’s stop talking.

The host of the awards ceremony were still the two famous people from two years ago. The atmosphere at the scene was relaxed by them. The laughter came one after another, and the rhythm of the whole process made everyone feel very good.

Heavyweight awards such as Best Actor and Actress, Best Director, and Best Film were all kept as the finale, and the corresponding guests invited to draw the prize were also heavyweights.

The Best Actor award guests were actually Zhan Heng and Yi Jiaojiao.

As the two were invited out by the host, the atmosphere at the scene reached the first high point.

“Sister Jiaojiao, it seems that this is the first time I’m giving an award with you.” Zhan Heng held a delicate envelope in his hand, but he didn’t rush to open it, instead he chatted with Yi Jiaojiao first.

Yi Jiaojiao pretended to be unhappy, “I said don’t call me sister, am I very old?”

Zhan Heng thought about it and said, “Compared to tonight’s Best Actor nominees, you are older than most people.”

Many people at the scene laughed lowly.

Yi Jiaojiao slammed Zhan Heng’s chest with her small fist, “Don’t say this kind of thing, many media still write that I have a girlish feeling.”

Zhan Heng exaggeratedly clutched his chest and took a step back.

Yi Jiaojiao looked him up and down and said, “Fortunately, with your acting skills, you are not shortlisted for tonight’s Best Actor.”

“Am I bad at acting?” Zhan Heng asked unwillingly.

“Don’t let me tell you what everyone knows,” Yi Jiaojiao said, “I can’t stand you anymore. Let’s announce the list of finalists first.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the big screen on the stage played the finalists and their shortlisted movie clips in sequence.

There was a total of six finalists for the Best Actor, only two from China, and their ages were polarized.

As the youngest finalist, Yu Siyang got most of the attention of the audience.

“Then, we’re going to announce the winners’ name now.” After the video on the big screen was played, Zhan Heng’s voice attracted the attention of everyone at the scene.

They saw him open the envelope, take a card out of the envelope, and hand it to Yi Jiaojiao.

Yi Jiaojiao said into the microphone: “The winner of the Best Actor Award in the main competition unit of the 43rd Cloud International Film Festival is— “

She stretched out the ending, until the background music of the scene became excited and there were tense drumbeats.

“…Who is it?”

“…Who is it?”

Zhan Heng cooperated with Yi Jiaojiao to sell the atmosphere together.

Yu Siyang tilted his head and spoke to Xue Chengxiu: “I wasn’t nervous at first, but I have also gotten nervous after they did this.”

The big screen on the stage was divided into six grids, and each of the six finalists had a dedicated camera showing their emotions to a live audience in real time.

On the big screen, the other five were smiling decently, waiting for the final result, only Yu Siyang turned his head to talk to the people around him, and then… everyone saw it, a slender arm belonging to a man’s hand patted the top of his head.

The award ceremony was not only live, but also broadcasted live on the online platform.

Netizens who were also waiting for the results in front of computers, tablets, and mobile phones went from nervous to calm in an instant, and the barrage of “Ahhhhhh” filled the entire live broadcast screen.

“Whose hand is that?”

“The photographer has a hole in his head, dare to zoom out the camera a little bit.”

“Head-touching, the legendary head-touching kill, no matter what, we need to see the owner of the head-touching kill.”

On the stage, Zhan Heng and Yi Jiaojiao had finally sold it enough, and they shouted out in unison: “Dead Place, Yu Siyang, congratulations—”

Yu Siyang who was still complaining that Mr. Xue had messed up the hairstyle he had spent an hour on, was stunned when he heard his name, looked at the stage stupidly, then went to look at Mr. Xue and asked, “Me?”

Mr. Xue took the opportunity to pat him on the head again, “Yes, hurry up. Accept the award.”

Yu Siyang stood up excitedly and was about to step onto the stage when he suddenly stopped, bent down and hugged Xue Chengxiu hard.

This time, the following camera took Mr. Xue into the image, and there was naturally a burst of “Aahahahah” on the webcast platform.

Yu Siyang walked to the aisle, instead of going directly to the stage, he turned around and hugged and thanked everyone in the crew.

Zhan Heng and Yi Jiaojiao waited for him with smiles on the stage and handed the trophy in the shape of a floating cloud to him.

Yu Siyang stood in the center of the stage, all the spotlights were on him, thousands of lights and honors, at this moment, he was the focus of the audience.

He bowed deeply and said with a smile: “Thank you to the judges for their recognition of me. Well, before I came, my agent wrote me several versions of the acceptance speech. Because I was nervous, I forgot.”

There was good-natured laughter from the crowd.

“I want to thank too many people. There are countless people who have helped me along the way, such as my agent, the boss of my agent, the directors, Master Yan, teacher Xiang Nan who was filming together with me, and many more. The people I have worked with, it is because of you that I am who I am today.”

“There is another person, I have too many words of thanks to say to him, he is my lover,” Yu Siyang turned his eyes in Xue Chengxiu’s direction. In fact, there was no light in the auditorium, he couldn’t see him, but he knew that the person he loved was there, “I want to say, God has blessed me, as he let me use all my luck to meet you, I love you.”

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