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In one sentence, the faces of the two people present changed. Xia Fei was only thirty-three years old this year, and she was only two or three years older than Han Yi. She was only twenty-five years old when she married Han Zhengshan. At that time, Han Zhengshan was almost fifty, and he was old enough to be her father.

Speaking of Xia Fei and Han Zhengshan, it was a big joke in the upper circles of the capital.

Han Yi’s mother came from a famous family. Although the family was not from the capital, in Xinnan City, Han Yi’s mother’s family was also very famous.

When Han Zhengshan was studying abroad, he met Han Yi’s mother. The two had been in love for a long time, and their family backgrounds were similar. After returning from studying abroad, both families had no objections, and a grand wedding was held soon.

The love story between Han Zhengshan and Han Yi’s mother was also a good story back then. Han Yi’s mother was born tall, so her upbringing was naturally not bad. As for her appearance, one could tell from Han Yi that she must also have been a beauty.

Han Zhengshan also really loved his wife, and had an enviable loving life with Han Yi’s mother, but after the passion lapsed, the rest of the love was only plain.

When Han Yi was in his mother’s womb, because his mother’s body did not absorb enough nutrients, he was born weak and sickly. Han Yi’s mother naturally shifted most of her attention to her son, and she inevitably neglected her husband.

No matter how beautiful the delicate flowers at home were, every husband would experience aesthetic fatigue after looking at them for a long time. Coupled with the temptation from the outside, Han Zhengshan’s thoughts were gradually not at home. By the time Han Yi’s mother realized something was wrong, Han Zhengshan was already fluttering colourful flags outside, but this wife was his favourite after all. So the matter did not reach Han Yi’s mother’s ears.

Han Yi’s mother got to know because on going out to a party, her friend told her. At first, she didn’t believe it at all. After all, her husband had always loved her very much. It was only when her friend took out photos, all of which were Han Zhengshan’s intimate photos with different women, facing the hard facts, she couldn’t help but not believe it.

She went home and questioned Han Zhengshan, Han Zhengshan refused to admit it at first, made all kinds of sophistry, even lost his temper and said she was talking nonsense, until Han Yi’s mother brought out the photos in front of Han Zhengshan, then Han Zhengshan had to admit. He admitted his mistake, and apologized again and again, promising that there would never be a next time.

Han Yi was only ten years old that year. Because of his mother’s meticulous care over the years, his body had long been no different from that of an ordinary child. Han Yi’s mother gradually turned her attention back to her husband, and only then did she realize that something was wrong.

Han Yi’s mother didn’t believe that Han Zhengshan would return like a prodigal son[1], but she loved this man, and under Han Zhengshan’s pleading, she naturally agreed to give him another chance.

But it didn’t take long before Han Zhengshan reverted to his old ways. This time, he didn’t even hide it. The matter was brought to Han Yi’s mother’s natal family in Xinnan City. Only then did Mr. Han, who had been training in other places for many years, got to know what a good thing his son had done. He hurried back and used economic sanctions to force Han Zhengshan to calm down. Fortunately, although Han Zhengshan was messing around outside, he didn’t cause any deaths.

His child was always only Han Yi. In fact, there should have been another child, but that child never came to this world. He left his mother’s womb when he was only two months old. Han Yi’s mother was seriously injured, and she has been lingering on the sick bed ever since.

After a few years of this kind of life, Han Zhengshan had been going to and from work honestly, and there were no rumours outside, and he was even more concerned about his sick wife. In the eyes of most people, it was still good, but those most people did not include Han Yi.

Just when everyone thought that Han Zhengshan was a real prodigal son, news broke that he was in love with his secretary Xia Fei, and the Han family became the talk of the people of the capital once again.

This time, the incident was full of disturbances, because Han Zhengshan threatened to divorce Han Yi’s mother outside and marry Xia Fei, and it was useless even for Mr. Han to come forward.

Han Yi’s mother was already in poor health at that time, and she had to stay in the hospital for a few days from time to time. As a result, when Han Yi’s mother was hospitalized, Xia Fei found the hospital and showed Han Yi’s mother some photos and Han Yi’s mother vomited blood out of anger on the spot, passed out in a coma, never waking up again.

When Han Yi rushed back from abroad, he didn’t even get to see his mother for the last time, and he almost killed Xia Fei at that time. If Mr. Han hadn’t stopped him, Han Yi might have faced a lawsuit.

Han Zhengshan didn’t expect that things would turn out like this, and he said in his heart that it was impossible not to blame Xia Fei, but he still registered his marriage with Xia Fei less than three months after Han Yi’s mother died. He already had his child in her belly, and he couldn’t let his child bear the reputation of being an illegitimate child.

Han Yi was devastated by his mother’s death, but when he heard the news that his father was remarried, and he had married the woman who killed his mother. He rushed out of the room and just met Xia Fei. Seeing her, Han Yi stretched out his hand and pushed her. Xia Fei fell from the stairs on the third floor, and her child died on the spot, and because of the serious injury, it was impossible for her to have another child in this life.

The members of the Xia family naturally wanted to sue Han Yi. Even Han Zhengshan threatened to sever the father-son relationship with Han Yi. In the end, Mr. Han stepped forward to suppress the matter and paid the Xia family a large sum of money to save the case.

It was just that Han Zhengshan’s actions completely irritated Mr. Han, and because of the sudden death of his daughter-in-law, Han Yi’s mother’s family would naturally not let it go, and Mr. Han was exhausted to deal with it. As a result, because he didn’t take care of his family for a while, Han Zhengshan registered his marriage with someone else, even because of that woman, his grandson did such an irrational thing, Mr. Han was naturally furious, and he fired Han Zhengshan the position of president of the Han Group on the spot. Han Yi’s mother’s natal family also showed their support for Han Yi, using it as a means to teach a lesson to Han Zhengshan.

Han Zhengshan didn’t care at first, his father was old after all, and he only had such a son, even if he could manage the company, for how many years, the company was not for him in the end.

It was just that Han Zhengshan never expected that Mr. Han would bypass him and directly transfer the rights of the company to his son Han Yi, and even transferred all the shares under his own name to Han Yi, making Han Yi a legitimate member, Chairman and President of the Han Group.

Han Yi was only twenty-five years old that year, and in the same year, Mr. Han passed away due to illness, and Han Yi officially entered the Han Group.

Because of the death of Mr. Han, Han Zhengshan ordered Han Yi to hand over the ownership of the company as his father, but Han Yi refused. Han Zhengshan and even the shareholders of the joint company collectively oppressed Han Yi. Then he started layoffs and kicked out some people in the company who disobeyed him.

It could be said that the Han Group was bloody and rainy that year, and naturally its vitality was greatly damaged. If it wasn’t for Han Yi’s efforts to turn the tide, and the secret assistance of Shen Junyu, Jiang Chenxi and others, the Han Group would have been acquired by others.

In recent years, the Han Group had developed better and bigger, and Han Yi’s position in the group had become more and more stable. Even if Han Zhengshan wanted to fight for power, he didn’t have the ability. Naturally, Han Yi was not pleasing to his eye.

They were clearly father and son, but they were more like enemies.

Han Yi sneered, “Because I’m in a good mood today, you’d better not mess with me, or you will lose your comfortable life now.”

Han Zhengshan’s face became livid, and he pointed at Han Yi with trembling hands, “Han Yi, this is my house, get out of here.”

Han Yi stretched out a finger and shook it, “You are wrong, this is my house, do I need to show you the real estate certificate to see whose name is written on it? You probably forgot, your house has already been lost by your “true love” and there is nothing left.”

Although Mr. Han said that the power of the group was handed over to his grandson before his death, he also left his son Han Zhengshan a lot of money, which was enough for him to live comfortably for the rest of his life, but he never thought that shortly after Mr. Han passed away, Xia Fei would go to Macau to gamble. She owed a lot of gambling debts, forcing Han Zhengshan to sell all his real estate to pay off the debts for her.

Han Zhengshan had no money, so he could only come back to look for Han Yi, after all, he was his biological father, if Han Yi didn’t want to bear the stigma of being unfilial, he couldn’t ignore Han Zhengshan, and his group was getting bigger and bigger, he was naturally at the helm. He couldn’t bear such a reputation.

Han Zhengshan and Xia Fei returned to the old house of the Han family, but they had no money with them, only the monthly living expenses given by Han Yi, and they seemed to live comfortably in front of outsiders, but only they could understood the bitterness of it.

It’s funny to say that Mr. Han was also a powerful figure back then, but his son Han Zhengshan didn’t have any talent for business. A typical tiger father and dog son. If it weren’t for Han Yi, the Han family’s business would’ve been tossed away by Han Zhengshan by now, perhaps because of this, Mr. Han handed over the group to his grandson in the first place.

When the past was mentioned, Xia Fei’s expression was very ugly, but she dared not speak. After all, she had no capital to challenge Han Yi now.

“Han Yi, I am your father. Even if I do something wrong, I am still your father. I gave birth to you and raised you.” Han Zhengshan roared, his chest heaved violently, obviously angry.

Han Yi still had a smile on his face, “I didn’t say that you are not my father, so I am taking care of you. I am doing my duty to support the elderly.”

Han Zhengshan stopped talking, and he couldn’t say anything else. Because it was true that they were being supported by Han Yi now. Although Han Yi’s monthly living expenses for them were not too much, but it was definitely not too little.

Han Zhengshan stopped talking, and Xia Fei naturally didn’t dare to say anything. She knew that she was a character who could be cut to death in Han Yi’s heart. If it wasn’t for Han Zhengshan’s protection, she might have been kicked out of the house by Han Yi long ago.

Han Yi glanced at the two people who were not talking, smiled coldly, and was about to go upstairs, when Han Zhengshan hurriedly called him, “Han Yi, wait.”

Han Yi paused, looked at Han Zhengshan, “There is still something to do?” His tone was slightly cold, showing impatience.

“I want to start my own business, you give me a start-up capital.” Han Zhengshan said it as a matter of course, in an ordering tone. This was also the reason why he stayed up so late at home waiting for Han Yi.

Han Yi seldom came home, but as his mother’s death day was approaching, he would definitely come back.

Han Yi smiled, turned around, sat down on the sofa, crossed his legs, and looked at Han Zhengshan with a playful look, “How much do you want this time?”

“Not much, fifty million.”

“Hehe,” Han Yi laughed lightly, “it’s really not much.” To him, 50 million was really a small amount, and maybe he might have donated more than that for a charity event.

“I’ve recently taken a fancy to an investment. I’m sure I’ll make a steady profit without losing money. I’ll pay you back the 50 million yuan I borrowed from you.” Han Zhengshan also knew that his relationship with his son was not good. That was why he said the word borrow.

Han Yi shook his legs and smiled charmingly. Even Xia Fei, who was used to seeing Han Yi’s appearance, was dazzled by the smile on Han Yi’s face.

She felt a little regretful in her heart. It would have been better if Han Yi had been her partner. Even if Han Yi was famous, he was still powerless in front of Han Zhengshan back then. He wasted money but had no money and no figure. It was just that money was hard to come by, and if only she knew it earlier. Who knew that brat would pull his father off the horse back then?

“I am rich, and I am not short of fifty million, but my money is earned by me, not by the strong wind. When you were still kissing with your little lover, I was working overtime in the company, you need 50 million yuan just by opening your mouth now, do you think I am an ATM machine? I have to work and support you at the same time, and I am also very tired.” Han Yi said that he was tired, but there was no tired look on his face.

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[1] A person who leaves home to lead a prodigal life but later makes a repentant return.

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