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But it was obviously too late, Xie Lin had already pulled him in. After being seated, Fu Yuanzhou was sweating all over. He never imagined that he would one day watch such a movie…

His hands were shaking while holding the popcorn bucket, especially since he and Xie Lin were sitting in a couple seat. The difference from other seats was that it was a two-person seat with no armrests in the middle, which made it convenient for couples to snuggle and hug each other, and his thighs were also sticking to Xie Lin’s legs.

This was so terrible that Fu Yuanzhou wanted to run for his life. When he saw that there was no one in the seat next to him, he planned to sit there quietly. But Xie Lin held his hand, looked at him and said, “Don’t go.”

“…” After staring at him for a few seconds, Fu Yuanzhou sat down in frustration, but Xie Lin didn’t take his hand back, and it was Fu Yuanzhou who lost.

After the film started, Fu Yuanzhou found that it was not quite the same as he imagined. Just now, he unconsciously forgot that people here had more genders, and according to the current concept, this film was not a same-sex theme. One of the two protagonists was a Beta and the other an Alpha.

The background of the story was that decades ago, when the times were turbulent, full of tension and anxiety, in the bustling city, there was still singing, dancing and feasting at night. As a young Beta, the protagonist was a waiter in a dance hall. Because of his handsome appearance, he specialized in serving his guests, pouring drinks and lighting cigarettes.

One night, he was entangled by a guest and was rescued by a high-ranking officer. The officer was handsome and an Alpha. His status was prominent, but his attitude was very gentle. The protagonist fell in love with him at first sight.

But he was just an ordinary Beta, which was very different from the status of an officer. He did not dare to express his love, not to mention that the officer was a romantic person, and there was no shortage of beauties around him. After that, he often visited the dance hall and he attended him every time. He always came with different people, and they were all coquettish Omegas, each of which were enough to make the protagonist feel ashamed.

However, he couldn’t restrain his feeling of liking the officer. The love in his eyes became more and more obvious day by day. The officer noticed his thoughts and did not avoid him. Instead, he allowed the protagonist to get close to him with an ambiguous attitude, which made the protagonist’s heart sink even more.

One night, the officer came again. This time, he was the only one who came. He was a little drunk. He asked the protagonist to help him to rest and hugged him.

“Haven’t you been peeking at me for a long time?” the officer asked him with a smile on his face and dragged him into the room forcefully. After closing the door, the two began to kiss passionately. It was a passion scene.

Fu Yuanzhou: “…”

The scene playing on the screen made him feel embarrassed even upto his hair. He was sitting on pins and needles and couldn’t help covering his ears and looking away, but when he turned his head, what caught his eye was Xie Lin’s profile.

Xie Lin had no expression and looked very calm. He seemed to sense Fu Yuanzhou’s restlessness, and turned to look at him, his thin lips slightly parted and he asked softly, “What’s wrong?”

What else could he do!

Fu Yuanzhou blushed and handed the popcorn bucket to Xie Lin, while under the pretext that he had to go to the bathroom, he ran out, and dared not come back until after the scene was over.

The officer was dressed neatly, and the protagonist sorted the folds on his uniform for him. The officer seemed very satisfied with their first time, and gave the protagonist a generous sum of money, saying that he would come to him again in the future.

But after receiving the money, the protagonist’s expression, which was still shy and happy, instantly froze. He lowered his head and remained silent and held the money tightly in his hand.

After that, the officer always came to the protagonist, and there was no one else by his side. At first, the protagonist was very happy, thinking that he was the officer’s only lover, but later he found out that the officer still had many lovers, but he didn’t bring them to this dance hall. Well, he was never his only.

The protagonist was very sad. He was a devoted person and hoped that his other half could also be devoted, but the reality was that he was in love with a man who was both passionate and ruthless.

He couldn’t help thinking, it would be great if he was a beautiful Omega, so that he would still have the capital to capture the hearts of the officer, but the reality was cruel, he was just an ordinary Beta, and the person he liked was high above and out of his reach. He had to admit embarrassingly that he was lucky to even be an officer’s lover.

If he was an Omega…

The protagonist in the movie looked stunned, Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t watch it anymore, he didn’t understand what was so good about being an Omega, the last thing he wanted to be was an Omega, an Alpha was the best, a Beta was also fine, in fact, he envied the protagonist of the movie.

But he did have one thing in common with the protagonist, they were both struggling with their gender.

Fu Yuanzhou was a little lost, and his eyes drifted to Xie Lin again inadvertently.

He couldn’t help thinking that although Xie Lin said that he liked him regardless of gender, the reality was that Xie Lin had no feelings for him in his previous life, and nor did Ran Shutang and Yuan Ye, only Xiaofei was different, as he had always liked him…

Fu Yuanzhou suddenly felt some kind of inexplicable feeling in his heart, he found that he might be a little concerned about this matter.

In the movie, the protagonist went to a lot of trouble for a time. In order to make the officer like him more, he did a lot of things that he thought was incredible, including buying a bottle of perfume at a sky-high price.

This bottle of perfume could simulate the pheromone of an Omega. After spraying it on, the protagonist Beta smelled the same as an Omega. For this, he spent all his savings, but he thought it was worth it, because if even a Beta like him could smell it, the officer would surely love it.

That night, the officer came to him again. The protagonist sprayed a little perfume after bathing and walked out shyly, but the officer didn’t seem to be interested in the smell. When dressing, he said to the protagonist.

“Don’t wear this perfume next time, it’s not for you.”

“You’re a Beta, not an Omega, you’re yourself.”

The protagonist’s body stiffened, and he felt that the officer was telling him sarcastically not to forget his identity. Yes, a Beta was Beta, no matter what method he used, he would not become an Omega, and the heart of the officer would never belong to him.

He suddenly woke up, ashamed of what he had done, and soon he quit his job in the dance hall and fled back to his hometown, but he couldn’t bear to throw away the bottle of perfume, so he took it back with him.

Fu Yuanzhou became more and more depressed as he watched the movie. He also felt that the protagonist should wake up. He couldn’t see anything good about this officer.

He glanced at Xie Lin subconsciously and found that Xie Lin was also looking at him. Suddenly Fu Yuanzhou began to feel awkward again. He had no basis to compare Xie Lin with the movie character, there was no comparison at all.

Xie Lin tilted the popcorn bucket to his side, asking him if he wanted to eat it, Fu Yuanzhou reached for it, but Xie Lin didn’t let him touch it, but picked one up and brought it to Fu Yuanzhou’s lips.

The ring was put on Xie Lin’s hand, and Fu Yuanzhou’s ears burned when he saw the faint light of the ring, so he couldn’t avoid it. He had to eat the popcorn with Xie Lin’s hand, and his lips were not careful. When his lips touched Xie Lin’s fingertips, he pressed them lightly.

Fu Yuanzhou wanted to bite, but after thinking that doing so might make Xie Lin happier, he had to give up.

He didn’t dare to eat popcorn anymore and wanted to continue watching the movie, but Xie Lin put the bucket in his arms again, took his finger, pressed it on his lips, and said in a low voice, “Come here. Feed me.”

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