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At the interview, Ji Muye talked about going to the mountains in western Hunan for several months, learning from Miao doctors, understanding the customs of the Miao people, and even learning the simple Miao language. The director smiled and said that in order to make himself look like a barefoot doctor in Miao Village, Ji Muye lived alone on the top of the stilted building like a dried fish.

Jiang Zheng had always known that he was a very serious person. Acting like that was not just a talent, it required patiently pondering the life experience and mental journey of the characters, completely forgetting oneself, throwing oneself into the context of the characters, and re-smashing and piecing oneself together.

It was finally showtime. Everyone sat together on the small wooden benches, with the bright moon and stars above their heads, as the frogs and insects sang their own song in the night.

Su Yue felt that it was a pity that Jiang Zheng made a mistake just now and dragged her to sit in the front row.

Ji Muye was sitting not far from the front left.

He was wearing a very low-key dark blue-gray suit today, and his narrow black tie made him look abstinent and sultry. His front profile was already intoxicating, but his side profile was even more seductive.

Jiang Zheng took a peek at him for a while, and on the pretext of going to the bathroom, finally got out of Su Yue’s “clutch” and ran to the last row to change positions with others.

She accepted Su Yue’s kindness, but she really didn’t dare to stay.

Ji Muye played Meng Fan in the movie, a barefoot doctor from Miao Village in “Wangshan”. The film did not use a straightforward plotline to render Meng Fan’s medical ethics spirit of sacrificing his own self to treat the Miao Village villagers in Jiuwanda Mountain. Instead, it used the expression method of narrative in two parallel worlds to see what would happen if a person went left or right. And also, the fate of the character because of his choices.

Working in a big hospital in a big city, he was the best surgeon that everyone complimented as the hard-to-find doctor Meng Da. The him in the parallel world chose a small clinic in Dashanli, and he was the barefoot doctor Meng Yazi, who had to deliver cows in the middle of the night.

On the same time scale and in different parallel worlds, Dr. Meng Da was exhausted from one operation after another, while Meng Yazi broke his leg from going from mountain to mountain just to deliver fever-reducing medicine in time.

The same mission, but because of the deliberate comparison of the film, it presented a fantastic effect. The eye-catching traffic was lively and prosperous but was robbed of the limelight by the bright flowers in the mountains. Medal bonus rewards did not make him as happy as the corn cobs stuffed into his satchel by mountain villagers. One found that gradually, Dr. Meng Da, who could clearly meet the wind and rain, smiled more and more reluctantly, while Meng Yazi became better and better at making fun of hardships, even if he became a mixed-set barefoot doctor who treated both human and animals, he would laugh hard at life and seemed happy.

The first half of the film was slow and rambling, but the second half turned sharply. A patient died on the operating table of Dr. Meng Da, and Meng Yazi fell off the cliff because of walking at night. Dr. Meng Da was tragically suspended, his leaders complained about him, and his colleagues gloated over his misfortune, and he never back on his feet again. Meng Yazi lay under the cliff for two days and was finally carried to the county hospital by dozens of villagers. Even if he could no longer take the mountain road to treat the villagers, the villagers did not give up on him.

At this moment, the parallel spaces accidentally touched. Doctor Meng looked at Meng Yazi, who was clearly only able to move his upper body, but his eyes were full of light and heat, and he was unable to speak for a long time.

And Meng Yazi looked at Dr. Meng Da, who lived exquisitely, and said with a smile, “You are better than me.”

Dr. Meng Da suddenly remembered that when he graduated, his grandfather who had been a barefoot doctor all his life told him that wherever he was, his life should be given to people. There was no shortage of doctors in big hospitals, but he was missing there.

Finally, Meng Yazi took the initiative to reach out and gently touched the fingertips of Dr. Meng Da, who was crying uncontrollably, through the void.

The ending song suddenly started…

Some people walked a path and lost their hearts. Some people walked and walked, but they were held in people’s hearts. So, it was never a question of choice.

Ji Muye played Meng Yazi’s simple humor well, and also played the emptiness of Doctor Meng’s exquisite life vividly. A double role which was not easy to switch between. The audience response was excellent.

Jiang Zheng had tears in her eyes, she was crying not only because of the touching plot, but also for Brother Mu’s explosive acting.

When the ending song played, everyone stood up and applauded. Ji Muye and the other actors and the director came to the stage and bowed to everyone.

Fans desperately shouted Ji Muye’s name with tears.

Jiang Zheng choked, “Brother Mu’s acting skills are amazing! It’s amazing.”

Suddenly she noticed a look from her side.

Turning her face slowly, she saw a man wearing a media card looking at her suspiciously.

Only then did Jiang Zheng realize that she was so excited just now that she revealed her true voice.

She immediately coughed violently at the man, and said in a hoarse voice, “What are you looking at? Haven’t you seen a crazy fan?”

The man who was yelled at instantly dispelled his doubts and moved a few steps to the side to keep his distance from the crazy fans.

The organizer organized everyone to take a group photo on stage. It was a rare opportunity for everyone to rush up. Jiang Zheng hid behind the tree and looked at Su Yue and the others huddled beside Ji Muye.

She pointed her finger pitifully, wanting to go, especially wanting to go.

At this moment, Jiang Zheng found that the reporter who was staring at her just now was staring at her again.

Jiang Zheng coughed twice, and immediately stood up from behind the tree, straightened her waist, and paced forward… She didn’t seem to be in a hurry, but she was actually sweating. Fortunately, everyone was shouting Ji Muye’s name, and they had no time to take care of the side, so she was able to jump to the corner of the last row among the photo crowd at the last moment.

When the reporter saw this scene, he probably regarded her as a fan with mental problems, and immediately lost interest.

The cameraman shouted for the last shot. Everyone strove to put on their most beautiful posture in order to remember this most beautiful moment.

Jiang Zheng was dressed all in black, with black sunglasses, black hat, black mask and black clothes, such that she almost blended into the dark night. If one didn’t look carefully, they would think she was a background board.

After thinking about it, she secretly took off her sunglasses. At least show herself a little. After all, only gods would recognize her.

After the cameraman took the picture, Ji Muye took the selfie stick from Jing Meini and used his mobile phone to take a group selfie with everyone.

Wide-angle shot and panoramic intake.

Just when Ji Muye was trying to draw people from the corners into the camera, he suddenly saw a pair of very familiar bright eyes, and they looked extremely dazzling in the darkness.

Jiang Zheng was unaware of being found out. She interacted enthusiastically with the people next to her and used her fingers to pose carefully.

After the selfie was over, Ji Muye immediately threw the phone to Jing Meini. His eyes closely followed the figure of someone trying to quietly leave.

Jing Meini didn’t know why but suddenly Ji Muye left the industry leaders behind and ran out in a hurry and a panic.

Jiang Zheng lowered her head and walked quickly to the parking lot. Suddenly she heard a commotion behind her, and when she looked back, she saw Ji Muye surrounded by a group of fans in the middle of the road.

He was guarded by several security guards, as he nodded and apologized to fans and squeezed forward.

Suddenly, his eyes lifted, and he stared straight at her…

Jiang Zheng was stunned and ran away.

She was running, panting and whimpering. I have to go! What the hell!

Rushing to the parking lot, in a panic she forgot where her car was parked.

After finally turning around twice, she found her car, but as soon as she opened the door, someone grabbed her left arm.

Jiang Zheng was so frightened that she gasped on the spot. She turned her head slowly and saw Ji Muye staring at her with a half-smile.

She saw his thin lips parting lightly, “Ms. Jiang? What are you running for? Are you running after seeing a ghost?”

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