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Today’s filming went very smoothly, except for a few paparazzi who appeared in the middle and were solved by Zhang Nianmeng and the others, everything was proceeding in an orderly manner.

The reason why it was so easy was that Si Huang accepted the invitation of the Star of the Week yesterday. The Star of the Week program group did some publicity in advance, and announced in their Weibo that the invited guest of this week was Si Huang. And Yu Xi and Si Huang also reposted this Weibo, saying that all this was true, and added: The program will be broadcast live at 6 o’clock on Saturday night, don’t forget to watch it.

Fans on Weibo immediately said that this was the first time Si Huang accepted a live interview program, and they would definitely support him by watching it.

Everyone in the media circles knew the nature of the “Star of the Week”. Since Si Huang accepted the interview of the star of the week, there would definitely be questions about Si Zhihan’s accident. Even if they asked Si Huang for the first-hand report two days in advance, with Si Huang’s attitude towards reporters, it may not be possible to dig out some explosive topics, it was better to wait and see how he behaved on the “Star of the Week”.

Because of this, Grandma Yu, who was planning to accompany Si Huang to the show today, was stopped by Tie Lao and was not allowed to come.

The next two days of filming ended successfully, and on Saturday morning, Si Huang, Yu Xi and Yu Ling went to the airport together.

When the three of them arrived at the airport, they were attacked by fans again. There were two security guards at the airport to maintain order, and the fans surrounded Si Huang and the three without getting too close, taking pictures and videos with their mobile phones.

The three of them also expected one thing in this situation – the live broadcast time of “Star of the Week” was released on Weibo, and fans could thus find out where the program group of “Star of the Week” would be by looking it up online. Si Huang had been shooting his micro movie in City H for the past two days, and if he wanted to arrive at Liushui City in City G before 6:00 pm, he would definitely come by plane in the morning.

Judging from the attire and preparations of this group of fans, they could tell that they were specially here to see off the plane, holding Si Huang’s posters and signs, waiting at the airport early, staring at the people coming and going with piercing eyes.

Amidst the cheers of the fans, a shout suddenly overwhelmed all the voices—

“Your Majesty, why are you still carrying the suitcase by yourself? What about the assistant? Why don’t you find an assistant? What do you think of me? I can act cute. I know English and the most important thing is that I have great strength and can do everything!”

The words made the scene quiet for a while, and then the fans realized that Si Huang was indeed lacking assistants. They used to watch other celebrities go out to work, and they would never pull their suitcases by themselves.

“I can handle this little thing by myself.” Si Huang smiled, and at the same time shook her head at Yu Ling who wanted to help her drag the suitcase, expressing that she didn’t need to come.

Yu Xi was already dragging a big suitcase and it was hard to get out, Yu Ling was also carrying a big cosmetic bag, which was not light, so Si Huang would not let her take her own things as well.

“Thank you for coming to see me off today.” Si Huang said without mentioning the assistant, as she didn’t think it was necessary at the moment.

In two sentences, they had already reached the ticket checking place, and the fans could only watch the three of them leave.

Several people in the fan club took out their mobile phones, logged into their Penguin account or Weibo account, and sent messages to various support teams with Si Huang as the main support team.

“Is the team in Liushui City ready? Your Majesty has already entered the airport in City H. If the calculation is correct, the plane should arrive at the Liushui City Airport in three hours at about 8:40 in the morning!”

“Report, received the message, I’m a native of Liushui City! Hahahahaha, I’m shopping for flowers now, and I’ll go to the airport to wait for Your Majesty when I’m done!”

“[Photo] [Photo] Look! Look! Your Majesty at the airport, the phone didn’t take a good enough photo. Okay, His Majesty is better than the photo, so handsome as to have no friends!”    

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Whatever you say today, I have to see His Majesty’s real person with my own eyes!”

“Be careful, don’t scare Your Majesty, and be disciplined!”

All this was going on silently, and when fans from City H began to share the photos they had clicked, the fans in Liushui City got the news and hindered the members of the organization.

It took four and a half hours from entering the terminal to boarding the plane and arriving at Liushui City in Province G. It was almost 12 o’clock when the three of Si Huang arrived.

Yu Xi had contacted the security guards before getting off the plane, and when he arrived at the airport entrance, he was thankful that he had the foresight. The number of people who came to pick them up at Liushui City Airport was no less than the number of fans who dropped them off in H City, and were maybe even more. As soon as they saw Si Huang’s figure, they screamed excitedly, and it could be seen from their reaction and demeanor that they were in a turbulent mood.

Yu Xi figured it out after a little thought.

Si Huang’s home was in H City, and fans in H City also knew that she was studying at Huaxing Art School and had been filming there recently, so it was quite easy to see her in person.

Unlike fans in other places, if they wanted to see the male god they were chasing in their hearts, they had to travel long distances to take a plane to find the right time and find the right place.

Most of the fans in Liushui City had never seen Si Huang with their own eyes, which caused the excitement of meeting Si Huang for the first time to be overwhelmed.

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty, flowers! Flowers!” The female fans crowded in front handed the flowers to Si Huang desperately.

What she wanted to give was a rose, only one, but because she held it too tightly for fear of falling, Si Huang saw her finger was cut by the thorn of the rose root.

“Wait.” Si Huang stopped.

When he stopped, everyone else stopped.

“Everyone, don’t squeeze.” Si Huang continued.

The fans paused their movements instinctively, and then one by one led the other, but no one moved again.

Anyway, Si Huang stopped, so they didn’t have to chase anymore. Among them, the few girls who took the lead remembered their responsibilities, and hurriedly took control of the discipline, “We are from the knight order, we cannot be disrespectful in front of His Majesty!”

Most of them still couldn’t help but take small steps forward, thinking of trying to come in contact with Si Huang.

Si Huang took the flowers from the girl’s hand recently, took out a tissue and gave it to her, “Hand is bleeding.”

The girl froze for a long time without responding to the tissue, with a somewhat bewildered expression on her face.

With all her enthusiasm, she wanted Si Huang to accept her flowers. In fact, she didn’t have much hope, she just wanted to do so, so that Si Huang could pay more attention to her, and it would be good to have him look an extra time at herself. This was completely in line with the mentality of many star-chasing fans-express your love for your favorite idol, don’t ask you to respond to yourself, just be able to notice.

However, His Majesty personally accepted the words from me, handed me a tissue, and talked to me!? The girl couldn’t believe all of this, staring at the delicate face in front of her eyes, her throat was useless.

Other fans were also in a daze.

Si Huang smiled, “Don’t move, let me collect the flowers one by one, okay?”

A group of people looked left and right, then nodded in a daze.

As she said, Si Huang personally took the rose that most people held in their hands, and there were two security guards following her to prevent fans from being uncontrollable and taking excessive actions.

After collecting the roses and holding them in a bouquet, Si Huang said, “Thank you, let’s go back soon.”

The fans watched her leave with different expressions.

“Before Your Majesty, I haven’t seen such a star. How can I say it? He’s so gentle, not the kind of gentleness that is deliberately flattering. When he is gentle, there is still an aura about him. The courage to shake his hand when I wanted to take this opportunity is gone. I always feel it’s wrong to do this…”

“I feel the same way, it’s so strange, but I really like it, Your Majesty is like… like…”

“Like an elegant gentleman and aristocrat.” A slightly mature voice said seriously.

“Ah! That’s right, this is it! It’s not like, it’s just good or not! When he was so gentle to me, I felt that if I took a joking and not serious attitude, it would be a blasphemy to His Majesty, and I wish I could kill myself!”


There was already a scheduled pick-up car outside.

Si Huang and the two of them put away their luggage and sat in it.

The white car started.

Si Huang, who was sitting in the back row, looked at a bouquet of fresh roses in his hand, and how the petals were still stained with water drops.

[Your Majesty, there are quite a few little pinks that have signs of turning into golden glitter, and they are almost there!] Five Treasure’s tangled and expectant voice sounded.

Si Huang took out her mobile phone, pointed the camera at herself, and took a selfie with a click.

The person in the photo was wearing a gray-blue coat, holding a bouquet of bright red roses in his hand, his jaw was slightly drooping, and his lips were more moist and bright than the color of the rose, touching the rose petals faintly, with a soft expression and no smile, but looking at the camera, his eyes were sparkling, full of a reserved sunny smile.

Her skin had no blemishes in the first place, but under the background of roses, it seemed even more colorful and gorgeous, exuding the temptation to make people blush and heartbeat.

Some people said that deliberate coquettishness could never compare with natural demeanor. At this time, Si Huang in the photo was obviously reserved, but because of the inexplicable color exaggerated by the roses, even a slight movement could make people daydream.

Si Huang looked at it twice and posted it on Weibo after feeling that there was no problem.

[Si Huang V: Thank you everyone who came to pick me up today. [Photo]]

This Weibo was posted, and there were no comments for a few seconds, and then a wave of comments came.

“What a great benefit, collect and collect! Boom… I will never say that roses are exclusively for women again! Your Majesty is so beautiful!”

“Don’t ask me what I am doing, you don’t understand the world of idiots!”

“Your Majesty, you are welcome! [Happy] [Happy] It’s great for Your Majesty to come to Liushui City!”

“Please popularize science, what happened? Who is Your Majesty thanking, and who gave you the roses in his hand? Envy, jealousy, and hate.”


This kind of opportunity to show off, as a group of fans who picked up Si Huang today, how could they let it go, and after a while, everyone would know what happened after commenting on Weibo.

[Your Majesty is the best!] Five Treasure’s elated voice proved the repercussions of the Weibo incident.

Yu Xi in the front passenger seat came over, “Do you want me to help?”

“No need.” Si Huang plucked the rose petals lightly.

What he said casually at the Yangcheng Airport at the beginning was remembered by countless fans, no matter whether they met that day or not, each of them held a rose in his hand. This kind of intention, even if they had the mentality of following the trend to join in the fun, was also their intention.

In Si Huang’s mind, the first young girl’s bloody finger cut by a flower branch appeared, and the corner of her mouth curled up slightly.

Whether they really loved her could be seen from Five Treasure’s data.

She couldn’t respond to each of these wishes, but at least she had to take them seriously.

The car stopped at the door of the reserved hotel, and the waiter pushed the luggage cart over to carry the luggage for several people.

Si Huang and the Yu brother and sister got out of the car one after another.

A flash of white light that was not too noticeable during the day appeared.

Si Huang turned her head keenly and found that the person who had just put away the camera not far away was seen by her, and he quickly pulled off the hat he was wearing, turned around and left.

“Si Huang?” Yu Xi followed her gaze and found nothing unusual.

“It’s nothing, let’s go.” Si Huang looked back and walked into the hotel.

Yuan Liang, who was secretly taking photos, turned his head to look cautiously, only to stop when he realized that Si Huang and the others had disappeared.

He pressed his hat again, “I’ve actually been discovered, he’s too sharp.” In the past, he was rarely spotted by celebrities when taking sneak shots, and it could even be said that he was never discovered at all. It was rare that he suffered a disadvantage when it came to Si Huang.

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