APY Ch. 176.2: What do you want to do?

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Shen Qinglan stood on the spot, with her head bowed slightly and a speechless expression.

“Fu Hengyi, are you still up?” Shen Qinglan said lightly.

Fu Hengyi, who was sleeping with his eyes closed, immediately opened his eyes with a smile in his eyes, “How did you know I was awake?”

Shen Qinglan glanced at him lightly. Maybe when Shen Xitong first came in, Fu Hengyi didn’t notice because he was drunk. But the movement in the room was so loud that if he hadn’t woken up, he would be sorry towards his rank.

Fu Hengyi sat up from the bed and walked barefoot to Shen Qinglan’s side.

Shen Qinglan’s face was still cold, and there was no reaction when she saw him.

Fu Hengyi chuckled, “Why are you getting angry, she’s just an irrelevant woman, even if you didn’t come, I won’t let her take advantage of me.”

Shen Qinglan still didn’t respond, she bowed her head slightly and didn’t look at Fu Hengyi, Fu Hengyi couldn’t see her expression clearly, but there was an inexplicable emotion on her body, which made Fu Hengyi’s heart ache.

He stretched out his hand and lifted Shen Qinglan’s chin, forcing her to look at him, but he couldn’t help but be startled when he saw the emotions that disappeared so quickly in her eyes.

“Qinglan, what’s wrong with you?”

Shen Qinglan’s eyes were cold, like a pool of still water.

“Fu Hengyi, I’m not a good person.” She said lightly, her tone alienated, she really wanted to kill Shen Xitong just now.

Fu Hengyi looked at her cold eyebrows seriously, and sighed slightly in his heart, this fool.

He held Shen Qinglan’s face with both hands instead, “Qinglan, you are my wife, my only wife, and the mother of my children in the future. This will never change. And I know your heart has always been soft and full of kindness.” Otherwise, she would not have been willing to be a hostage in order to save the pregnant woman when she was in the mall.

His Qinglan just used coldness and alienation to cover up her soft heart and put a hard shell on herself.

Shen Qinglan wanted to shake her head and tell him, no, Fu Hengyi, you are wrong, I am not a good person, I am even a cold-blooded killer who kills without blinking and is full of the scent of blood.

But Fu Hengyi’s eyes were too warm, and the tenderness in them was so deep, so heavy, so… fascinating, she… couldn’t bear it.

Fu Hengyi, whether you blame me or whatever, I don’t want to let go now, I want to stay by your side all the time, with you… until you grow old.

Shen Qinglan slowly reached out and hugged Fu Hengyi’s waist.

Fu Hengyi hugged her back, and in the corner she didn’t see, his eyes were full of chills. This woman, Shen Xitong, had been bouncing around for too long.

Fu Hengyi was almost awake, and he couldn’t fall asleep anyway, so he simply went downstairs, greeted everyone, and took Shen Qinglan back to Fu’s house.

When they went downstairs, they didn’t see Shen Xitong in the living room, and they thought about it, how would she dare to appear in front of Shen Qinglan now, the way Shen Qinglan looked just now had really scared her.

“Auntie, where are you going?” Pei Hao ran over and hugged Shen Qinglan’s leg.

Shen Qinglan squatted down, “Auntie is going home.”

“Isn’t this Auntie’s house?”

“Yes, this is also Auntie’s house, but Auntie also has another home, the one she shares with your uncle.”

Pei hao seemed to understand, but tilted his head, “Auntie, where can I go to play with you in the future?” He was still thinking about playing with Shen Qinglan.

“It’s all right. If Hao Hao wants to come, you can call aunt and I’ll pick you up. Your mother knows your aunt’s phone number.”

From where Fu Hengyi was standing, he suddenly found that Shen Qinglan was not only patient with the old man, but also patient with the child. The corners of his mouth was slightly hooked, silly girl, and she said that she was not kind, maybe she didn’t know it herself, but she was so kind.

Pei Hao stretched out a finger, “Auntie, then let’s pull the hook.”

Shen Qinglan looked at the tender little hand in front of her, smiled and stretched out her pinky finger, “Okay. Auntie will call Hao Hao.”

Pei Hao looked reluctant, “Auntie, I will definitely come to play with you.”

“Okay, your aunt doesn’t live far, just next door.” Pei Yining couldn’t stand it anymore, and came over and took Pei Hao away, signalling Shen Qinglan and Fu Hengyi to leave quickly.

Shen Qinglan smiled and walked out of Shen family house with Fu Hengyi.

“Qinglan, wait a minute.” Chu Yunrong chased after her.

Shen Qinglan stopped and looked at her, “Mom, is something wrong?”

Chu Yunrong took out a card from her pocket and handed it to Shen Qinglan, “You are one year older, and mother has nothing to give you. Yes, so take this card and treat it as pocket money from your mother.”

Chu Yunrong actually gave them three their red envelopes yesterday, and now she was giving her this card, but looking at Chu Yunrong’s expression, Shen Xitong and her elder brother should not have it, it should be given to her alone?

Shen Qinglan looked at the card in front of her, but didn’t answer, “Mom, I have money.” Her money was definitely more than Chu Yunrong’s private money.

Her daughter didn’t accept her card. Chu Yunrong was a little embarrassed and sad at the same time. She just wanted to do something for Shen Qinglan, but every time she saw this child, her heart hurt. How could she understand. She knew that she was partial to her adopted daughter, but she also had her own last resort. This was the treasure she once held in her hands, how could they understand her pain?

Her husband said to let her face her heart and be brave. She tried it. She had been working hard, but Qinglan’s footsteps were too fast, and she couldn’t keep up.

She knew that money couldn’t make up for anything, especially for people like them, money couldn’t represent anything, but it was more or less her own mind.

Shen Qinglan didn’t plan to take it. She didn’t lack the money, nor did she lack the pitiful concern of Chu Yunrong, but Fu Hengyi reached out and took it, “Thank you mom.”

Chu Yunrong breathed a sigh of relief. She smiled and said , “Okay, it’s cold outside, go back quickly.”

Shen Qinglan and Fu Hengyi left. On the way, Shen Qinglan glanced at Fu Hengyi and said nothing. Fu Hengyi smiled and said, “It is bestowed by the elders, you’re not allowed to refuse it.”

Fu Hengyi held Shen Qinglan’s hand in his palm, her hand was still cold, even after holding it for so long, there was no heat.

“Why are your hands always so cold, why don’t I take you to see an old Chinese doctor for some conditioning?” Fu Hengyi said.

Shen Qinglan’s eyes flickered, her body’s cold was caused by the devil’s base when she was a child, and she even had many large and small scars on her body. Before she returned to Shen family home, in order to conform to her identity, she covered up the past, but for several months before that, she had undergone various scar removal and skin grafting operations, and it took several months to restore her flawless skin.

The training at the Devil’s Base was very inhumane, and her body suffered from a lot of problems. Although Eden was there, it didn’t leave too many sequelae, but the coldness of the body…

“Okay.” Shen Qinglan did not object. She remembered that someone said that girls whose body were cold did not have it easy when getting pregnant, and she wanted to have a child that belonged to her and Fu Hengyi in the future, so it was best to look for a doctor, so that she could have a child who would look like Fu Hengyi and even his character should be completely his replica, she thought that she would love that child very much.

And when one day in the future, after baby Fu was born, as Miss Shen said, she loved him like a treasure, and seeing this, Master Fu gritted his teeth and he wanted to stuff a certain stinky boy back into Miss Shen’s stomach and recreate it.

In the evening, after Fu Hengyi went into the bathroom to take a shower, Shen Qinglan went to the balcony to call Jin Enxi, and this time, the call got through.

“Ann.” Kim Eun-hee’s voice sounded a little tired.

Shen Qinglan’s eyes narrowed, “Where are you?”

“I’m in country Y.”

“What are you doing? Why does your voice sound so tired?”

Jin Enxi paused after hearing this and looked at a man in the room. The man shook his head, Jin Enxi smiled, “Yesterday I met a very interesting person, very skilled, he was about to catch up with me, I fought with him for a long time before I beat him. So I haven’t had time to rest yet.”

Shen Qinglan looked at the time, it should be morning in country Y, it seemed that Jin Enxi was up all night last night, “Who was it, do we know?”

“I don’t know, this person is very cunning, I originally wanted to find his nest, but he escaped at the last moment, I was so angry that I almost threw my beloved husband.”

Jin Enxi saw that Shen Qinglan had no doubts about her and her great eloquence. There was something serious, but she didn’t dare to say too much. Shen Qinglan was too smart. If she talked too much, she would reveal the truth. After changing the subject, she asked, “Ann, is there something wrong, why are you calling me now?”

Shen Qinglan’s intuition told her that Jin Enxi was not telling the truth, at least not the whole truth. She said a lot today, but she didn’t break her facade. She just said, “You left in such a hurry last time, and I couldn’t get in touch, so I was a little worried.”

Sure enough, she asked this, Kim Eun-hee secretly complained, hesitating, “This, um, at that time, a friend in country Y said that he needed me do a favour, and the matter was urgent, so I rushed over, and I didn’t have time to tell you.”

“You be fine.” Shen Qinglan said, with a gentle and calm voice, “No matter what you’re doing, you must protect yourself and don’t get hurt.”

“Okay.” The smile on Jin Enxi’s face was very warm, Ann had always been such a warm hearted person.

“Enxi, please help me find someone.”


“Shen Xitong, the adopted daughter of the Shen family, I want to know who her biological parents are, whether they are still alive, where they are now, or what other relatives she has in her family, preferably some top-quality ones.” Shen Qinglan said lightly, her eyes shining with a cold light. Shen Xitong, since the life of the eldest Miss Shen has made you forget your original origin, then I will come to help you recall your memories.

Jin Enxi agreed, “No problem, give me three days, and I promise to find out for you.”

“It’s not that urgent, you can take your time.” Shen Qinglan said.

“Ann, don’t worry about my work. It should be the New Year over there. I wish you a happy New Year.”

Shen Qinglan smiled slightly, “Thank you.”

After hanging up the phone, Shen Qinglan felt a touch of unease in her heart, and she always felt that something was wrong. What had happened, but before she could figure it out, Fu Hengyi came out. She put aside her thoughts and went into the bedroom.

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