KHSW Ch. 277

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There was a sweet taste between her lips and teeth.

As if the dessert after dinner made Xu Yizhi want to ~ stop ~ no ~ can’t, it took a long time before they separated.

Ling Xi’s face was faintly rosy, “Mr. Xu, did you commit a foul? Are you not afraid of attracting people to commit crimes?”

“I am looking forward to it.”

Xu Yizhi’s four words once again made Ling Xi want to change the subject, she had to say that Xu Yizhi made her heart~spirited~swaying~ every time, so it was better not to joke around with him.

Coming out of the dessert shop, at some point, snowflakes floated in the sky.

“Wow, the first snow this year, I’m so happy!”

Ling Xi stretched out her hand, and the cold touch of snowflakes falling on her hand made her smile.

With a white plush hat, a bright red scarf, and a pair of low-prescription glasses, no one recognized that it was Ling Xi.

“Husband, I want to take a photo with you.”

Such a beautiful snow scene, it was a pity not to take a photo together, although, because of her face blindness, she couldn’t tell the difference.

Xu Yizhi took Ling Xi’s cell phone, stretched out his arm, and at the moment Xu Yizhi pressed “click”, Ling Xi suddenly stood on tiptoe and pressed her lips to his.

The picture seemed to freeze at this moment…

“Honey, run faster, I’m going to catch up with you!”

Since it was one o’clock in the morning, there were fewer and fewer pedestrians on the street.

Xu Yizhi ran in front, and Ling Xi chased after him. Since she trained on the mountain, her physique had become better and better. If she entered the army camp, among other people, she would definitely pass the physical fitness test. It was just a pity, Master Xuanzhuang, he…

Good time always flew by quickly, on the other hand, Yao Ru searched for all the secrets about Ling Xi like crazy.

“What did you say? Ling Xi’s mother used to be a street sweeper? Is the news reliable? Well, I see.”

After Yao Ru hung up the phone, the corners of her mouth curled up into a cold evil smile, and she said to herself, “Ling Xi, this is the price you have to pay for fighting against me. No one should even think about taking away the character that Yao Ru likes, including the agent I want.”

However, she heard that she seemed to be going to record a variety show recently. During this time, it was a good time to find out more about her.

Not long after being proud, Yao Ru began to twitch all over. She knew that her drug addiction had recurred again, so she immediately took out a small box from under the bed tremblingly…

The night before Ling Xi’s departure.

“Baby, during these two months when Mom is away, you must obediently listen to Dad!”

“Can’t Xiao Nuo go with mother?”

Xiao Nuo asked innocently.

Ling Xi shook her head slowly, “The place where mother is going is called “Blue Dreams”. Baby Xiao Nuo is not allowed to go. If baby Xiao Nuo misses his mother, he can see her on TV.”

Xiao Nuo’s eyes lit up, “Xiao Nuo knows that mother is a star, as long as Xiao Nuo turns on the TV, he can see her.”

“Well, yes.” Ling Xi didn’t want to leave her baby at all, and really wanted to secretly take him with her. Smelling the faint milk fragrance on Xiao Nuo’s body, Ling Xi felt even more attached to him.

“By the way, mom, the mother of my classmate asked Xiao Nuo before, she asked Xiao Nuo’s mother’s occupation.”

Ling Xi paid only a little attention to this, “Then how did Xiao Nuo answer?”

“Xiao Nuo said: Auntie, my mother said that I can’t talk to strangers.”

Hearing Xiao Nuo’s answer, Ling Xi smiled, “Baby is so smart, if you meet that aunt again in the future, Baby Xiao Nuo must never talk to her, understand?”

Xiao Nuo just said this, and Ling Xi guessed that it might be Yao Ru, so it seemed that Yizhi could only help to keep an eye on it…

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