PPM Ch. 82: Would he be happy if she lost?

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Yes, I hate you, you are a lunatic, a pervert!

You never consider other people’s feelings, and you never care what others want to say!

You only care about your own thoughts and you can do whatever you want!

You trample on the hearts of others and are always domineering and aloof!

Of course I hate you! Why can’t I hate you!




Besides hating him, couldn’t she have other feelings for him?

Was he a lunatic? Was he perverted and crazy? Why didn’t she ask him why did he become insane, perverted and crazy?

He didn’t care about other people’s feelings, why should he care about other people’s feelings? Did she care about his feelings?

He only cared about his own thoughts, if that was the case, he would have killed her tens of thousands of times uptil now!

He trampled on the hearts of others and was domineering and aloof? She praised him too much. A heart that could be trampled on meant that the heart was thinking about that someone.

In terms of trampling people’s hearts, who could beat Li Shengxia? In terms of domineeringness, who could compare to Li Shengxia? Who the hell could compare to Li Shengxia!

How many years had he chased after her, how many years had he waited for her, how many times had he changed for her, but every time she had only turned a blind eye! All she did was hate him, hate him.

He also hated himself, why did he like this kind of woman!

If there were other women in this world who had the ability to make him fall in love, he definitely wouldn’t have chased after Li Shengxia!

How could he be so disdainful, falling in love with this kind of woman, how could he be so consumed with loving her that he could no longer love others!?

Was he crazy? Stupid? Was his brain flooded? To actually do these things for her, to go to her in a lowly manner, to be scolded so badly, and to still feel so painful for her, so painful, so painful.

Damn childhood sweetheart, damn love at first sight!!!

He had already told himself that he could walk a hundred steps toward her, as long as she stood where she was and didn’t step back.

He didn’t need her to apologize, he didn’t need her to run over and hug him, just standing there and shouting his name was enough.

It was enough for him to forgive her…

He had already compromised to this point, why did he end up like this?

He knew she hated him!

She didn’t have to say it so many times!

He also didn’t want to do things that made her hate him, but when one person hated another, was it that no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t be recognized?

Why was she always able to stab him with the look of a victim?

He had been trying to change himself, what did he get?

Still hatred it in the end!


A woman who was entangled with her ex-boyfriend could still hate him with such a natural attitude?

Li Shengxia! Li Shengxia! There was only one Li Shengxia in this world who dared to treat him like this! But damn he could handle the whole world, why couldn’t he handle her!

Thinking of her standing up for Yin Tangyi just now, thinking of every word Yin Tangyi said just now, thinking of what she said to him, Mo Nianchen’s face became more and more gloomy, as if the world was frozen because of his arrival. It felt bitterly cold.

After Mo Nianchen came back from the lounge, his whole person was murderous.

Ouyang and the others were shocked when they saw the breath emanating from Mo Nianchen.

Jiang Youxi pulled Ouyang and said, “A Chen looks so scary. Is it because we helped Shengxia and made him unhappy?”

Ouyang was very depressed. If they didn’t help Shengxia, it was estimated that A Chen would also be unhappy, right? The Prince was the Prince, he was really hard to serve!

Mo Nianchen started drinking like crazy again.

Jiang Youxi and others were talking far away from Mo Nianchen.

“I don’t understand? Didn’t Li Shengxia win? Why is he unhappy again!”

“Could it be that he is happy when she loses?” Cheng Zheng was also speechless.

Ouyang said: “But, when he saw that Li Shengxia was going to lose just now, his face was uglier than anything else! It seemed that he could crush all the people who voted for Gina to death.”

“Will he be in a bad mood this time? Because of Li Shengxia?” Jiang Youxi speculated.

“From childhood to adulthood, when has his bad mood have nothing to do with Li Shengxia? Don’t guess blindly.”

Cheng Zheng said suddenly: “When you mentioned Gina, I suddenly remembered. Do you think Gina looks very similar to a person?”

“Who?” Ling Tian, who had not spoken, also looked at Cheng Zheng subconsciously.

Several people thought about it carefully, and then said in unison, “Li Shengxia!” After the same name was uttered by different people, it had a very magical power.

It’s her, it’s really her, everyone thought so too!

Cheng Zheng said, “When they were standing on the same stage tonight, I felt that there was a bit of similarity.”

“Speaking of this, have you noticed? A Chen has gotten better since she left. And has been with a lot of women. Now, when I think about it, weren’t they all a bit like Li Shengxia?” When Ouyang said this, he didn’t know what to say to Mo Nianchen.

Ling Tian said with certainty: “It’s true when you say it! The one he’s been with the longest, for a week, was the most similar to Li Shengxia! Sometimes I even felt that he liked her because of his action!”

“It seems that none of his partners have spent the night with him at all! They didn’t seem to have even touched his hands. Do you remember? Last time we played a game, we asked him to kiss the beautiful woman next to him, but he didn’t do it!”

“Yes, yes, I remember this too! I thought he was in a mood at the time. I thought he didn’t like to play these things, so I never dared to play them again. Now that I think about it, he shouldn’t have even lost his first kiss, right?? Is this science? So many beauties passed by him, and he didn’t get involved with any of them? Isn’t that sexual incompetence?”

“And none of his exes have been with him for more than a week! Often he walks them through the scene, gets them graded and then goodbye. The breakup fee must be to stop them from revealing the news that he can’t do it!”

“Could it be that Li Shengxia ran away because she knew that A Chen couldn’t do that?”

“Don’t speculate, didn’t he force a kiss on her in public? Haven’t they been so hot together? Could it be that after the kiss, he became cold?”

“I’m going, I always thought that he had become a beast after being abandoned. It turns out that he is not as good as a beast at all! After going around for so many years, he is still a beast. He is still waiting for Li Shengxia! Do you think it is suitable for him to play the affectionate male lead? He doesn’t look like a good person.”

“Now that I think about it, he must have been looking for Shengxia after all.”

“But others are others, she is her, it can’t be the same.”

“About Chen’s IQ, I have nothing to say, it is very high! But his emotional quotient… it’s really too, too low.”

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