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Ji Rang was a bit tanned, his eyebrows were sharper, and he was wildly handsome. When he was not smiling, he looked unkind and indifferent. At first glance, he looked the type of person with a bad temper, impatient, and troublesome.

So even though just now many people were watching him, but no one dared to come forward and start a conversation.

Until the boy laughed, raised the little girl in his arms to the front and kissed her.

What was the cracking sounds all around? What! It was the hearts of them onlookers!

With her arms around Ji Rang, Qi Ying felt the scorching eyes around her. She retracted her little hand embarrassedly, lowered her head, and said softly, “Let me come down quickly.”

As a result, she felt that the arm around her waist became tighter. And Ji Rang said, laughing: “No, you haven’t kissed back yet.”

She stammered with a tinge of embarrassment in her words: “Change…change the place to kiss again.”

Ji Rang was almost killed by her cuteness, he smiled and rubbed the tip of her nose, and finally put her down, then he took her hand and held it in his palm.

He looked up and saw the three girls with uncontrollable expressions behind Qi Ying. He guessed their identities based on the information she had sent before. He smiled politely and said, “Hello.”

Qi Ying turned around and introduced him with a flushed face: “This is my boyfriend; his name is Ji Rang.”

“Hello handsome! I am Ouyang Bi, and I have long admired your name.”

“Hello, senior.”

“Are all the police academy brothers in such a good shape! Please introduce me, please take me off the single market! Ah yes, I am Xia Xiao!”

Qi Ying said before that she would invite her roommates to dinner after her boyfriend’s military training was over. After a few people discussed their tastes, they decided to go to a Chinese restaurant near the school.

When they finally saw this legendary boyfriend, the roommates were as excited as Qi Ying, and Xia Xiao leaned in her ear and secretly said: “Those people must be ashamed, Yingying! This should tell those people who were saying that you have poor eyesight! Your boyfriend is so arrogant!”

She still remembered the rumors before, which Qi Ying had found so funny.

During the meal, Ji Rang made a call, and after a while, a man in a suit brought up three gift bags. The logo of a certain luxury item on it simply blinded Xia Xiao.

Ji Rang gave them gifts: “Thank you for helping me take care of Yingying during this time. I hope you can continue to get along well in the future.”

Three roommates: “…!”

No, envy, jealousy and hatred were no longer enough to describe their feelings at the moment.

Now they looked at Qi Ying like a Buddha.

Was this in love? This was like raising a daughter!

After eating, the three roommates returned to the dormitory with gifts. They ate fast, as they knew that they must leave the rest of the time to this little couple who had been apart for many days!

Xia Xiao had different aspirations: “You can go, Yingying! It doesn’t matter if you don’t come back tonight, we will help you cover at bedtime!”

She could be covered for, but Ji Rang couldn’t be covered.

The police academy was strictly managed, and all dorms were required to check in every day.

It was about an hour’s drive from here to the academy. It was almost evening, and they couldn’t go to other places. So, Qi Ying took him to visit her school.

She took his hand and wanted to show him everything. Where she usually attended classes, where she ate, and where she reviewed, she wanted to share all her life with him.

Ji Rang didn’t listen much.

He was thinking, if he took the little girl to the hotel now and kissed her on the bed for half an hour, before rushing back to school, it would not be too late.

Qi Ying asked him something. Seeing that he didn’t respond, she stopped and turned to look at him curiously: “What are you thinking?”

Ji Rang blurted out, “I want to kiss you.”

On the campus in the evening, many people were walking around. There were still people sitting and reading English texts in the lawn.

The little girl was dumbfounded by his words, and after a long time she asked in a daze, “Do you want to do it here?”

Ji Rang almost laughed to death at her reaction and deliberately pulled her forward and circled her within his arms: “Yes, here it is. I want to kiss my girlfriend wherever I want, can’t I?”

Qi Ying pushed his chest with her hand: “It’s not possible here, many people are watching.”

The girl had a shy look on her face, her eyes were wet, her lips were moist, and her body was full of fragrance. Who could stand it?

Anyway, Ji Rang couldn’t stand it. He said, “I’m going to kiss.”

Then he lowered his head, kissed her first on her left cheek, then kissed her on her right cheek, kissed her forehead, and kissed the tip of her nose. Qi Ying couldn’t help but hide, and hid her face into his arms, pulling the clothes on his chest with both hands, and refused to look up.

Ji Rang’s mouth trembled with a smile: “When did the little fool’s face become so thin?”

Qi Ying was so angry that she wanted to bite him: “There are so many classmates from my class over there!”

Ji Rang said, “Then let’s go over and say hello. “

Qi Ying: “?”

This person, who she hadn’t seen for a month, had become so bad!

The little girl was so angry that she decided to bite him to show that she was really angry!

She buried her head in his chest, and bit him with her mouth open.

In fact, she couldn’t bear to really use force, so the upper and lower teeth lightly bit onto his chest.

Then she felt that the boy in front of her went instantly stiff, like a stone, then he gritted his teeth and asked her: “Where did you bite?!”

Qi Ying: “!”

She didn’t mean to…

Who knew where she had buried her face?

She was wondering why she was able to bite so easily.

Ah ah ah, in broad daylight, and the sky is bright, it was too shameful!

Qi Ying raised her head cautiously and saw that the blue veins on the young man’s arm around her were violently visible, and she did not dare to look at his face, so she pushed him away, and ran from him.

Ji Rang yelled at her: “Stop!”

Qi Ying ran faster and didn’t dare to look back. The most urgent thing to do now was not to slow down! She ran up the steps: “I’m going to the toilet upstairs! You wait for me here!”

Ji Rang laughed angrily.

With long legs and better physical strength, he climbed up the steps in a few moves and caught up with her at the entrance of the hallway of the teaching building.

Qi Ying didn’t expect that he would catch up. She was still leaning against the wall and panting. Suddenly a shadow was cast on her side. Before she could react, she was pressed against the wall.

Ji Rang pulled her in his arms and said viciously: “You ran away again.”

Qi Ying began to act like a baby and shook the corners of his clothes with her little hand, softly saying, “I didn’t mean it.”

Ji Rang said: “Oh.”

Then his palms pinched her waist, forcing her to straighten her chest and he bowed his head to kiss her.

With the intensity of the missing due to not seeing her for a month, her whole body was pressed down, and she could hardly breathe.

Although school was over, there were still good students reviewing in the classroom in the teaching building. Qi Ying was suffering from hypoxia[1], but she was worried that someone would suddenly appear. Her mouth was blocked so she could only hum quietly and push him with her hands.

The more she hummed, the more vigorous he was, passing a thin layer of cloth against her body, and spreading his hot body temperature.

Suddenly footsteps sounded from the stairs next to them.

Someone was coming downstairs.

Qi Ying suddenly became anxious, desperately pushing him.

Ji Rang grabbed her two wrists, lifted them up, and pressed them against the wall.

They stood in a very shameful posture.

The footsteps were getting closer, and Qi Ying blushed blood-red, and stepped on his feet in a hurry. He finally got lighter, let go of her hand, left her body, smiled mischievously, and then pulled her back and hid in the next classroom.

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[1] Lack of air.

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