RCFS Ch. 112

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“I can’t control who you like, but Di Junxie is already famous, and I advise you to give it up. There are no men in the world that can look on him, the people around you are all good, at least they are all led.”

Ye Yunxi continued to disgust these guys, how dare they come to the studio to find fault?

She worked so hard for this drama, and she didn’t want to ruin this movie and ruin her father’s dream!

“Ghost! Ghosts like men!”

The men were going crazy, and now they didn’t dare to look at each other, they always felt that just one look would make them sick to death!

“Since you’re not here to rob people, then you’re here to apply for a job? My place is full, but I’m short of a few toilet cleaners. The hourly salary is 20 cents. Did you come here with that intention?”

Ye Yunxi hooked her fingers, pink and tender. The moment the fingertips swayed, everyone smelled the smell of being played!

This was obviously to make them run!

How arrogant!

“Bastard, beat her!”

Relying on someone behind him, one of them raised his fist and rushed over. Ye Yunxi didn’t even think about it. After enhancing her physical strength, she turned around and punched him. The man was smashed into the ground and blood splattered on the spot.

Everyone was startled, who would have thought that a weak looking girl could be so ruthless!

However, Ye Yunxi shook her hand like a normal person, and while alleviating the pain, she raised her eyes coolly, her eyes were full of disdain and ridicule: “How dare you come to ask for trouble with this ability? Who gave you the courage?”

The group of men were stunned in an instant!

They came to trouble the emperor, but was smashed by a woman!

They had no face to stay now, let’s go!

Everyone carried the seriously wounded one with all their hands and feet, and left with a guilty conscience, leaving behind 200 Awesomeness XP by the way.

The system just wanted to hehe, bitch, it’s hypocritical!

After everyone left, Di Junxie slowly walked out of the shadows and gave Mo Yuxiang a look.

After a while, of the few people who escaped, one was counted as one, and there was a sneaky shadow behind them all.

You are welcome to come to trouble his Emperor Junxie, but if you offend his woman, you can only be sorry.

At night, rows of battered body bacon were hung all over the box of the south bar, which scared the people who went in to sing half to death.

The bar owner’s face was extremely ugly, but he couldn’t do anything. He could only close the bar in horror, and keep it closed for half a year.

Who would have thought that Young Master Emperor could find him here?

The position of the Chief Sword of Empire was indeed well-deserved!

It seemed that the young master’s plan could only be postponed, not done in advance!

The news of the filming was somehow known by Brother Zhuang, who had tasted enough of the sweetness and brought his brother to Ye Yunxi to report.


Brother Zhuang had a very good impression of Ye Yunxi now. The broken leg was forgotten, and the only thing left in his mind was to work for this eldest lady for a day, earning 10,000 yuan for nothing. Good thing.

Sure enough, remembering to eat or not to fight this kind of thing applied to everyone.

“Why are you here?”

Ye Yunxi’s aura showed a bit of arrogance to these bastards, inexplicably very similar to her in men’s clothing.

Di Junxie just looked at it like this, his slender eyes squinted, showing a smile which was not a smile.

“It’s just that I heard that your movie has started filming. Me and my brothers are wondering if they can help the eldest lady!”

By the way, let’s get some extra money!

“Okay, I just need a few bastard characters, but it’s a small matter. I have something else for you to do. I don’t know if Brother Zhuang can help.”

When Brother Zhuang heard the words, his chest was raised, and he was full of confidence: “Miss, whatever is your order, I’ll go through fire and water, and do whatever you want!”

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