RCFS Ch. 111: Summer Movie 4

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The old man of the Di family had turned a blind eye to the filming, but this poster deeply stimulated his three views.

This, this, what was this?

Simply immoral!

The old man called his grandson in a rage, but unfortunately, no one answered.

Thinking about it again, Di Junxie seemed to have said that he would not come back for the summer vacation, and when he came back, that girl will also come to live at home.

He now regretted it a little bit. Although fighting with the little girl killed his boredom, he suddenly felt that he might not be able to deal with that little girl.

Okay, now he would open one eye and close the other, and when that little girl moved in, he would definitely let her retreat!

The old man stared at the poster angrily and snorted coldly.

Although Di Junxie’s name was not there on the poster, it was inevitable that some people would recognize him.

This poster was like a bomb, blasting among the senior families of the Imperial Sword.

“Young Master Di is actually filming!”

“He is still showing his flesh and betraying his looks?!”

“Oh my God!”

Some people were shocked, and some people who were bored and had no good things to do ran to the side of the set to watch, to put it bluntly, they came on purpose to disgust others.

Just imagine that the heir of the first family did not go to inherit the family business properly and came to film, he was really not doing the right job and ruining the family style!

But these people didn’t dare to come out clearly, so they simply invited some people to go to the studio to make trouble.

“Where is the emperor? Why can’t I see him?”

“Hahaha, when I thought that the emperor would not hesitate to sell meat, I came without stopping. I really want to see what expression the number one emperor in the empire will use to film, right? Can he still hold up his aloof mask?”

“Doesn’t the emperor’s family just have superficial beauty? Is the emperor so poor that he wants to come to such a three-no-show crew to make extra money?”

“Haha, it’s possible!”

Mo Yuxiang was half-dead with anger when he heard the laughing voices, and it was Ye Yunxi’s fault. Was it possible for his young master to be ridiculed like this, if not for her!

“Give it all to me!”

“Haha, you’re right? Come on, let Young Master Di show us some meat! Show two hairs at a time!”

“Damn, call your master over here, we don’t have to care about dogs!”

Mo Yuxiang was in a hurry, he rolled up his sleeves subconsciously, he had been following Young Master Emperor for so many years, this was the first time someone dared to make such a blatant provocation!

Just tired of living!

There was no discussion about it!

But before he could do it, a figure was already standing in front of him.

With a slender back and long hair that danced slightly, Ye Yunxi stood there with an indifferent expression, her beautiful eyes were as cold as ice, and swept the audience coldly with terrifying power.

The troublemaker shuddered subconsciously, and for some reason, they became a little timid in front of this girl.

Finally, someone dared to say, “Who are you, what are you doing?”

Ye Yunxi smiled, her fingers ran through her jet-black hair, her delicate skin was as white and tender as jade, and she looked straight into the eyes of the group of men.

“The mistresses have come to the door, why should my fiancée, show up?”

“What, what mistresses?”

A group of men were stunned, what was this girl talking about?

“The man who came to snatch from me Ye Yunxi, what is it, if not a mistress? Still want to see my man show his flesh? You don’t want your eyeballs anymore?”

The men were going crazy!

You are gay, your whole family is gay!

In the shadows under the corridor, there was a figure who couldn’t hold back after all, he let out a chuckle, and by the way contributed 20 Peach Blossom Points to Ye Yunxi.

Glancing at this group of people’s expression like eating shit, Di Junxie’s face became even more smiling.

How could this little thing be so rare!

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